OCTOBER 1, 2020
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Vote for your OCSU Student Representatives
It's that time of the year to vote for your OCSU Student Representatives! Students should be prepared to receive an email on Monday, October 5th with instructions on how to vote online for their favourite candidates. Our polling period will begin Monday at 9:00am and end on Wednesday at 7:00pm.

Check out this year's Student Rep candidates below!
Also, keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more information about our candidates!
Andrea Castro

Hi! My name is Andrea, and I’m a first-year international student from Peru. I’m enrolled on the Associate of Science Program and so far everything at OC has been amazing. I am currently in my home country, but I am really looking forward to this opportunity to be a voice for all of you from a distance. I’m really excited to meet everyone in person next year!
Ashley Robinson

Ashey Robinson is a third year BBA student with a focus in Marketing. She has been continuously involved in the OCSU throughout her entire academic career so far. She hopes to continue the great work she has been doing for students if elected
Claudia Polk

Hi, my name is Claudia Polk and I will be running for re-election this year as a member of the Penticton student council as well as a board member of the OCSU. I really enjoyed the work I did with the union last year and would love the opportunity to continue the work. For example petitioning for open education resources, fairness for international students and helping host events ! Have a great day everyone !

Evan Smith

My name is Evan Smith and I am a 19 year old Accounting student in my second year here at OC. This is the second year in a row I’m running and I was the internal director of OCSU last year. I hope to represent you as students again and improve online life anyway I can!

Indervir Batth

my life isn't about being a feminist but about telling people that life goes smooth when there's no discrimination on the basis of your body.
James Stewart

Hello I'm James (they/them), and I'm taking business administration at the college. I want to join the Student Union so that I can advocate for genderqueer rights and make this place safer for those who have gender outside of the societal binary. I simply want to leave this place better, and more inclusive, then when I first came here.
Janet McLeish

Excellence is never an accident; it is the results of deliberate actions underpinned by dedication. I am making myself available to be your student representative along with my slate running mate Kieran. The better together team intends to advocate for textbook microgrants, more student economic opportunities and better access to student services. Together we aspire together we achieve.

Jennifer Gullins

I hope to rejoin OCSU so that I can help, advocate and make life a little bit more fun for the students here!
Jordyn Battista

I have diplomas in human resources, public relations and now I am working onmy third diploma in environmental science. I am a student and understand the various highs and lows that come with that title. My past leadership roles within various organizations and extensive time spent as a student will allow me to aid and assist current and future students to achieve their goals with ease.
Joseph Welton

Joseph Welton is attending the University Studies program at OC, with a long-term vision to eventually work in law or public policy. With a diverse (and some may say eclectic) career, featuring positions as a tech company director, art dealer and even a comic book talent scout; he’s particularly proud of his experience in co-founding the Kelowna Fan Experience (KFX). Joe is excited to volunteer wherever possible to help students this year.
Kasiya Levison

As a seasonal researcher/entrepreneur Kasiya Levison has spent the last 5 years bringing ideas to the spotlight. He has office administrative skills and having graduated at the University of British Columbia in English; he Is privileged to discuss policy ideas to improve student activities at Okanagan College. He can work through social media, community and Parliament. Today, he is currently studying Political Science (major) at Okanagan College. Make a Politician!
Kieran Knoll

Hey y’all, My name is Kieran Knoll and i'm running for re-election to be your student rep. Last year I wore many hats including Penticton campus chair and External director of the board. Along with my slate running mate Janet, the better together team would like to fight for textbook microgrants, more student economic opportunities and better access to services.
Lorreine Staney

I am a Filipino-Canadian, sports enthusiast, experienced in campaigns working for equality, health, and finance. This year has been of unprecedented circumstance, so many places around the globe have created supplementary aid that did not exist previously. I am here to bring awareness to the aid you have as a student. I hope to make your year go smoothly in your academic endeavors and bring awareness of available PRIZES, BURSARIES, free MONEY. - Best Wishes!
Sunidhi Sobti

My name is Sunidhi Sobti and my friends like to call me Sydney! I’m running to be your OCSU representative. By being one, I want to ensure you make the most of your college life. I want tosupport your education by providing resources and by talking about student costs andpromoting free textbooks. Academics can be stressful and so I want to provide means of unwinding through various events. Bonus: I love The Office.
Tobechukwu Francis

Hey! I’m Tobe ,an international student here at OC and this is my first time vying for a place on the student union . if elected into the OCSU, I will serve with diligence and ensure that every student is heard, and our rights and interests are protected. We all have our wars and individual battles and I know how suffocating they can be, but you don’t have to fight them alone.

Tyanna Paling

My name is Tyanna, I am an education assistant pursuing my Bachelors of Education. The main thing i’m passionate about and would like to make happen is to lower tuitions. Some things I really like to do are camping, hiking and breeding labs with my family!
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Mental Health Support for Post-Secondary Students
As post-secondary students hit the books this fall, the free Here2Talk mental-health counselling and referral service is available 24/7 to provide support to students who need it. Students can access free counselling with a trained counsellor at www.here2talk.ca, download the Here2Talk app, or talk to a counsellor over the phone by calling 1 (877) 857 3397.
Sexual Assault on Campus
Statistics Canada recently released a report on the prevalence of sexual assault in post-secondary culture. The report, released on September 14, 2020, stated that 1 in 10 students who identify as female were sexually assaulted in post-secondary culture. The survey also revealed that 11% of students identifying as female and 4% identifying as male had been sexually assaulted in the last 12 months during their studies. We strongly encourage students to continuously practice consent. Just as a reminder, consent is when when one person voluntarily agrees to the proposal or desires of another. Consent is enthusiastic, mutually agreed upon, cannot be held to a predetermined arrangement, and is best practiced sober. If you are in need of resources as a result of sexual assault, please email info@ocsu.ca. Visit our website to learn more about our Let's Get Consensual Campaign.
Telus Offers Free Cell Phones for Former Youth in Care
Are you between the age of 18-19? Do you have lived experience in the child welfare system? Check out the link below to see if you are eligible to receive a free phone and $0 plan from Telus!
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