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-Great selection of Houseplants! Four large deliveries of them have come in the last two weeks!
-Great plants from our favorite vendors in Oregon. Many, many choices of Dogwood, Gingkos galore, Daphne and Japanese Maple are now at the nursery!
-New Locally grown selections from Floral Native Nursery and Spring Fever
-We will soon be receiving our large Fall statuary order. We have decided to no longer carry concrete fountains, but there will be a bigger selection than ever on Bird baths and smaller statues

New Magnolia Bulk Soil
It is important for us going ahead to try continue to fine tune our business to challenge industry standards when we think things could be done better.  One of the standards in the nursery business that has always bothered me is the use of plastic bagged soil. Most consumers are not aware of the cost of the plastic bag that holds your soil, but when you calculate materials and man power to bag into the process, you end up paying as much as 40% of the retail cost for that plastic bag that you throw right into the garbage when you are done. In the 25 years I've been a nursery professional soil the cost of soil has doubled, and much like the sizes of cereal boxes at the grocery store, the packaging is shrinking so you're getting less product than ever. The good news is that we think we have a solution for these issues- as of this week we will now be selling our own selection of Magnolia soils. How will we sell it? We have no aspirations of turning into a bulk soil lot with Bobcats zipping around and semi trucks being loaded for delivery. We will be selling our soil by nursery standard 5 and 15 gallon cans. Most bagged soils these days come in a 1.5 cubic foot bag which is the same cubic feet as a 15 gallon nursery can and 5 gallon cans are basically 1/3rd of a bag of soil. To get the best value, we ask the customers to bring their own containers, for the biggest cost for us will be the containers if we ever have to get to the point of buying new ones in. 

The Magnolia Potting Soil we now provide is the type of soil you might spend $15 on if it were in a bag. Here is the breakdown:
40% dark fir bark fines
20% organic compost
10% peat moss
10% coconut coir
10% sand
10% pumice
Plus an organic fertilizer from Hendrikus organics that provides micronutrients and a full spectrum of mycorrhiza bacteria.

We came up with this formulation by basically hybridizing a few of the potting soils we like and adding the mycorrhiza package which we have found to be beneficial to root development and plant vigor as well drought tolerance for plants. Magnolia Potting  soil is nice and spongy- easy to work with, and it holds water quite well. For starts, this is our prototype potting soil that we can fine tune going forward. 

We will also be offering a seasonal soil as well. For the fall, we were interested in a rich soil to used as a mulch in the fall, to add to your top soil to create better success during the next growing season. The perfect time to use this product is right before our first rain into the early wet season. Our hope is that Our Magnolia Fall Boost can be diluted into the soil and provide a richer soil going forward. Here is its breakdown:

30% dark fir bark fines
25% Nitrified sawdust
30% organic compost
10% organic poultry manure
5% organic worm castings

Once again we will value customer feedback on fine tuning this product going forward. Through October we be offering a free gallon of your choice of our soils with purchase. 

Magnolia Soils
With pot per gallon (price for 15 gallons of soil)
Without pot (price for 15 gallons of soil)
Magnolia Potting
$.75 ($11.25)
$.55 ($8.25)
Magnolia fall boost
$.70 ($10.50)
$.40 ($6.00)

New Camellias and Azaleas from Nuccio's Nursery!
We originally published this in February but I thought it was worth a revisit. Working with vendors such as the small family run Nuccio's nursery is one of the great sources of pride for us at Magnolia...

We recently received another great order from Nuccio's Nursery  in Altadena, CA, home of "World famous Azaleas and Camellias."  I recently had the pleasure of visiting Nuccio's for the first time to hand pick our order.
 At Magnolia, we carry plants from all sizes of vendors, but not many of them are as small as Nuccio's, a five acre  wholesale/retail nursery established in the 1940's. Nuccio's is responsible for so many named varieties of Camellias and Azaleas that you probably recognize the name from such camellias as 'Nuccio's Pearl'. 
It's not too often that you drive up to a nursery and the owner himself runs out to the car to greet you, but that's exactly the welcome I received. Jim Nuccio, the second generation owner of the nursery, graciously gave me a wonderful tour of their humble grounds and regaled me with stories of the nursery's golden past, such as Bob Hope and his wife coming to the nursery to peruse through their hybrid seedlings to pick out their namesakes'
Camellia Nuccio's Pearl
Camellia 'Nuccio's Pearl'
camellia- Back in the golden days, many of the Hollywood stars had their favorites.  Their product was immaculate; just about every Azalea in the place was perfectly shaped- not bad for a nursery with just 6 employees. I found it interesting that the only fertilizer they sold for all of their camellias and azaleas was EB Stone organic Cottonseed meal. 
When I am able I like to visit our plant suppliers. I think it's important to make the face to face connection and build a personal relationship whenever I can. 
Needless to say, after this visit our selection of camellias and particularly azaleas is the best it has ever been right now.
-Chris Magnolia Gift and Garden owner 
-The City of Chico's Fall leaf pick up begins on November 1st. If you do not compost yourself, it is a great opportunity to take care of excess leaves and debris from your land. 
-Be prepared for the upcoming frosty temperatures. Do you have frost cloth? Early frost can be the most damaging- most plants much prefer a slower transition to freezing temps. 
-Apply Green All Firmulch or our New Magnolia Fall Boost to poor soils for some winter restoration
-Weeds are still popping up be sure to pull them before they reseed this will save you time in spring
-Spraying Copper helps prevent fungal infections on fruit trees and other desirables in your yard. This product should be applied three times a year. A general way to help remember is to spray around the holidays: Thanksgiving, around the time the tree has lost all leaves and is dormant; Christmas, for the winter application; and finally, close to Valentines day, when buds have formed but are not yet open. 

 Peaches is our beloved nursery cat. She has picked up lots of knowledge while lounging around the nursery.

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