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I'll admit it...I've been delinquent. I didn't mean to be in hiding for so long, but blame Hurricane Irma. The month of September was virtually non-existent between hurricane preparation (my first), hunkering down (my first), and the aftermath. There was little room for anything else. I realized how much of my life is dependent on an internet connection and with my internet down for over a week, every time I turned around, I had to put something on hold because I couldn't access it. HOWEVER, I was lucky to come out of the hurricane virtually unscathed. I hope those of you who had to deal with Hurricane Irma also faired well. I know some did not fair well, and my heart goes out to them.

I don't have many outdoor shows this fall. I'm still deciding on the dates I will participate in the Artists in the Park with the Delray Art League. I am anxious to get back. This is also the season for submitting to outdoor shows for the Winter starting in January, and so those dates are not definite yet either. My schedule will be posted on my website as it becomes known.

Finally, this fall season is filled with holiday craft shows which I am participating in with prints and printed merchandise of my original watercolors. It's a great way to pick up gift items and stocking stuffers. I am not physically at these shows, but my items are among the many seasonal items and gifts. These shows are also posted on my Exhibitions & Festivals web page.

Website. Sigh. I have been updating my product listings with information on what is available for each item. In other words, if there is an original painting available and it's specifications, if there is printed merchandise available, matted prints, etc. I am hoping that providing all this information on each item, will give you options and make it convenient to purchase for certain needs. As a web designer (also), I am sensitive to making the website work well for my visitors...but it is hard for me to be an impartial judge on that, so your feedback would be most welcome. A website is always a work in progress, and I apologize that it may not be complete. Do not hesitate to ask me anything.

This has been a lot of reading, but it has been awhile, so I hope it was informative.


Spiny Conch Shell
Spiny Conch Shell

Shows and Sales
This holiday show includes my small original watercolors and NO prints or printed merchandise.

Other holiday shows I'm participating in include matted prints and printed merchandise. These shows can be viewed on my Exhibits & Festivals page. 

Sampling of Printed Merchandise
available at the Holiday shows and from my website.

Sea Turtle Ceramic
Tile Coaster
Yellow Honeycreekper Keepsake Box
Flamingo Tote Bag
Daisy the Cat Journal

Chickens Three Pouch

Black Cow Matted Print

Prints behind Acrylic Glass
No frame necessary. Various sizes available. Clean, contemporary look. 

40" square and 24"x41
$1050 and $850
Reproductions behind Acrylic

Most of my paintings can be ordered as a print on acrylic sheet, metal, canvas and more, in open (unlimited) edition.
Website and Store

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