October 2016
  Date:  Tuesday, October 25, 2016  
  Doors Open:  6:00pm
  Location:  The Biltmore Hotel 
    2151 Laurelwood Rd 
Santa Clara, CA 95054 

October Membership Meeting
"Quick Tips and Shortcuts to Save you Time in Microsoft Excel 2016"
Jake Solis    
1+1 Technology  

Jake Solis started his IT career in 1997 at Synnex Corporation in Fremont CA.  Jake supported systems integrators and high performance computing manufactures with supply chain management of server components.  
In 2005 Jake transitioned into the Supercomputing industry with a position at PSSC Labs.  He enjoyed 11 years of designing application specific supercomputers for the world's most demanding environments.  Although he enjoyed selling high end computing solutions to government labs, dna sequencing facilities and internet add tech startups; he realized that all organizations deserve access to enterprise IT.  

He and Co-Founder Joey Tinker set out to develop a platform to deliver enterprise IT solutions and support at a small business price tag.  This is how 1+1 TECHNOLOGY was created.  Partnering with Microsoft as a Cloud Partner and Microsoft Community Connections Partner has been instrumental the success of 1+1 TECHNOLOGY. 


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  • The Benefit of Branching Out 
  • 10 Effective Interview Questions for Accounting and Finance Professionals 

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Edronda Guiriba  
AFWA - Silicon Valley Chapter President
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Another way to support our chapter and to take advantage of your AFWA membership is to attend our membership events. Our meetings are almost always the 4th Tuesday of the month - it's easy to set up a reminder on your calendar.

For our October membership meeting on 10/25/16, Jake Sollis  of 1 + 1 Technology will be presenting "Office 365 Excel: Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts." We will also be giving away a one-year subscription of Microsoft Office home edition as a door prize.

Don't forget to register early, before Sunday, to get the online registration rate. Otherwise the rates go up at the door.  I'll be at the National Conference, so I won't be at this month's meeting, but I hope you take advantage of this great topic!



I'm Just Trying to Help: A Body-Oriented Perspective on Stress Management and Self Care
Posted October 12, 2016 
By Melanie Smithson, LPC, BC-DMT, CHt
You probably don't need to be told again how important self-care is. You likely emphasize this to your friends and family. But I bet, 9 times out of 10, you dismiss your own advice because of a scarcity of time. External self-care activities that take time away from what feels more urgent are postponed, sometimes forever. Stress and sacrificing self (for work, money and others) becomes a way of life.

Stress is not an effective technique for managing life!

You can relieve stress in every moment through body awareness, posture, breath and subtle movement. Caring for yourself is the highest service you can offer the world. How you treat yourself becomes the model for how you treat others and who you are in every interaction.

External stressors are going to happen, like it or not. How you respond to those outside influences is up to you. And, how you respond is largely influenced by your body and your breath.

What if you could relieve stress in 30 seconds or less?  Would you do it?

Whatever field you may be in, the help you offer your clients is (hopefully) well-received most of the time. But we've all experienced times when our skills and wisdom are ignored, even rejected. When that happens, we make a choice; we persist until the client hears us or we give up.

Your body can be seen as your very own helping professional, with you it's only client.  When you reject the messages your body gives you, your body also makes a choice. It gets louder to get your attention, or it shuts down until another day.  But, your body will never completely abandon you until the day you die. Your body is stuck with you, whether you are compliant and cooperative or not.   The only place the ignored communications can go is deeper into your body.  Eventually your body will force you to pay attention.

Your body is your built-in ally! It informs when something is amiss, holds unresolved emotions and also influences how you feel about yourself and the world.  Yet tragically we often intentionally or habitually disregard it. The body is our tool for us to use, at no charge.  Instead of listening to and thanking our body, we too often treat it as the enemy.

Studies say that most communication is non-verbal, and when there is a discrepancy between words and body, look to the body to tell the truth.  The body communicates what it is thinking and feeling to others through gesture, sounds and posture.  In the same way others pick up messages from your body, so do you.  You receive signals from your body constantly which you may ignore or try to interpret.  For example, if we feel tired we may wonder if we are depressed, or think we need more sleep or more exercise, or fear we are sick. But maybe being tired is just the body calling for us to give it some attention.

We can use the wisdom of the body in every moment for self-care and preservation!

We tend to dismiss or ignore most self-care strategies because of a scarcity of time.  External activities that take time away from what feels more urgent are postponed, sometimes perpetually, until doing everything else but those self-care strategies becomes habit. You may feel you have to choose between caring for yourself or caring for something or someone else.

What gets overlooked is the ability to care for yourself in every moment through body awareness, posture, breath and subtle movement.

Your relationship with your body is one of the few things you actually have some control over.  External stressors are going to happen, like it or not.  How you respond to those outside influences is up to you.  And, how you respond is largely influenced by your body and your breath.

Today, commit to developing a relationship with your body with one simple step. At least twice today, stop for 30 seconds and take an inventory of what sensations you are feeling. That's it. Just notice if you are hot or cold, how your feet are touching the floor or furniture, if you are tight in your neck and shoulders. This simple step of noticing can be likened to acknowledging a child when they are speaking to you. And your body will know that you are paying attention. You will be opening the door for a new conversation. One that could save your life someday.

The Benefit of Branching Out 
Posted September 07, 2016
By AFWA National President, Linda Harris, CPA


When was the last time, while reviewing courses at a conference or event, that you glazed over either a technical course you didn't think you needed or a non-technical course you wouldn't earn credit for?  Do you only consider topics that meet your present needs or programs that your employer will pay for? From time to time, we've all fallen victim to this short sightedness. I know I have before.

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10 Effective Interview Questions for Accounting and Finance Professionals
Posted by Robert Half Finance & Accounting,October 18, 2016

Are you looking for effective interview questions to ask accounting and finance job applicants? We've covered the interview process for hiring managers, such as how to ask the right questions to address a  resume gap how to assess an applicant's  soft skills  and how to evaluate  financial analyst  expertise. We've also given interview tips to help you get the most out of your time with candidates.


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