Join us for our annual Halloween Party on Thursday, October 24, 6:00-7:30 pm.

  • Carnival-style games
  • Light snacks
  • Merlajean’s Parading Puppets from 6:15-7:15 p.m.
  • Dress in costumes (and yes, even mom and dad can wear a costume if they wish!)
  • Feel free to bring a decorated pumpkin on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning for our pumpkin carving contest. (Families will vote for their favorite pumpkin at the party on Thursday night with prizes awarded!)

In order for the party to start at 6:00 pm, we would appreciate if you could pick up your child by 5:30 pm. Thank you for your help!
Preschoolers will visit Emma Krumbee’s Pumpkin Patch in Belle Plaine on Thursday, October 3. Our bus will leave at 9:00 a.m. with parent volunteers welcome. Each child will choose their own pumpkin, get to jump in a haystack, ride “tractor bikes” and even receive an apple to bring home. It is always a fun day!
All Dolphins and Monkeys will be attending a field trip to Deardorff Apple Orchard in Waconia on Wednesday, October 16. Our bus will leave at 9:00 am and return to the center before lunch. 
Picture Days will be on Thursday, October 24 , and Friday, October 25 , for all ages. Please watch for further details as to the exact picture day for your child’s class. 
 EFC will be closed on Thursday, November 28 , and Friday, November 29 , for the Thanksgiving holiday.
At Especially for Children we have parent-teacher conferences twice a year. The fall conferences will be held beginning in late October and move into November. Sign–up sheets will be located in your child’s classroom closer to the time of that teacher’s week. Each conference lasts about 20 minutes. If you feel you will need more than that, please discuss this with the teacher.

Parent-teacher conferences are the perfect time to talk about your child’s development and progress. During the month of October, we will be giving you more resources regarding our Desired Results Developmental Profile, which we use for both planning classroom as well as individual goals for the children. There are 3-ring binders in the front entrance room with the continuums for both infant/toddler and preschool. 

If you would like to view online:
For infant/toddler:

For preschool:
Last month I had the opportunity to attend a community meeting at which two high school students provided opening statements. I was impressed by their confidence in front of a large group of adults as well as the articulate ways they expressed themselves. In addition, I found it inspiring that they were using their time and talents to contribute to the community around them.

One of the areas of social/emotional development we have written about in the past is resiliency . It is important for children to build skills that help them work through the inevitable challenges of life and not feel defeated by the obstacles they may face. Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, who practices at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and has spent decades studying the topic, has developed a framework called The 7 C’s: The Essential Building Blocks of Resilience . The fifth C is Contribution, which is when children understand the world is a better place because they are in it. Dr. Ginsburg writes:

“Children who understand the importance of personal contribution gain a sense of purpose that can motivate them. They will not only take actions and make choices that improve the world, but they will also enhance their own competence, character, and sense of connection.”

We can begin affecting a child’s sense of Contribution at a young age. Some ideas of Contribution that young children can participate in include:

  • Picking up trash on your next walk to or from a local park.
  • Hosting a Little Free Library—or simply adding books to one.
  • Drawing pictures, making baked goods, or even shoveling the sidewalk for an elderly neighbor.
  • Choosing a favorite charity to which the whole family can contribute.

Does your family have special ways that foster the idea of Contribution? We’d love to hear comments on our blog that we can share.

Finally, Dr. Ginsburg encourages caregivers to think about the following questions as they relate to Contribution:

  • Do I communicate to my child (at appropriate age levels, of course) that many people in the world do not have as much human contact, money, freedom, and security as they need?
  • Do I teach the important value of serving others? Do I model generosity with my time and money?
  • Do I make clear to my child that I believe she can improve the world?
  • Do I create opportunities for each child to contribute in some specific way?
  • Do I search my child’s circle for other adults who might serve as role models who contribute to their communities and the world? Do I use these adults as examples to encourage my child to be the best he can be?

Contribution can be a key ingredient in raising resilient children by empowering them with a sense of purpose and creating connections to others and the world around them.
Angie Williams
EFC Marketing and Finance Director

10/1-11/3   Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular , MN Zoo, Apple Valley
Now-10/20 Circus Abyssinia , Children's Theatre Company
10/12   BT5K Run/WalkSaint Paul
10/12-10/13   Farmer Ken & Jan’s Pumpkin Patch Trolley Ride , Lake Harriet Trolley, Mpls
10/19   Pumpkin Night in the Park , Springbrook Nature Center, Coon Rapids
10/20   Trick ’r Trolley , Lake Harriet Trolley, Mpls
10/25-10/26   Family Halloween Events , Anoka
10/26   Pumpkin Fest , 50 th  & France, Edina
10/26   Haunted Harriet 5k/10k/KIDSK Family Run , Lake Harriet, Mpls

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