October 2016

The 2016 presidential election will soon be upon us, and that got us thinking... Will this have an impact on those of us in the safety space? So we gathered some information that we think will help give you a bigger picture of what lies ahead for you and your workers.

The subject of worker health and safety falls under the Unions and Labor debate, which unfortunately is not a high-ranking issue facing the upcoming presidential election. However, the amount of attention our next president puts towards workers' rights will impact the search for solutions on many key issues still facing workers. In an article from Laborers' Health and Safety Fund of North America (http://www.lhsfna.org/index.cfm/lifelines/august-2016/key-health-safety-issues-heading-into-the-election/ ), the author discusses current and future initiatives that are in the pipeline for completion during the next presidential term.

Current/Unfinished Initiatives Include:
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Combustible Dust
Future Initiatives Include:
  • Workplace Violence
  • Healthcare
  • Preventing Backovers and Runovers
  • Safety for Tunnel Workers
  • Harmful Exposure to Noise
It's hard to say how these initiatives will specifically be influenced by the elections' outcome, but regardless of who is next up in the oval office, let's hope they place strong emphasis on the safety and health of this nation's workers.


It sounds easy, and it is! Our partner SafetySkills has updates to their LMS, including Group Mode and Reporting... and that means some pretty cool changes. 

Group Mode - Here's the Gist
Version 10.0 of SafetySkills' LMS is here and with it, these new functions have been added to make your user experience even easier:
  • Ability to launch courses in "Group Mode"
  • Ability to print tests and answer keys from a session for "Group Mode" training
  • Ability to view course content after it is completed in "Review Mode"
If you are a Super Administrator, Owner, or Learning, these updates could affect you differently, so be sure to contact SafetySkills for more details!

Reporting - Here's the Gist
Since September 30th , new reporting options allows select users to receive summarized real-time data fast and efficiently.
  • Totals will be calculated when grouping by any field for:
    • Number of remaining assignments
    • Number of completed assignments
    • Total training minutes
    • Compliance percentage
  • These totals can be calculated on a per-learner level or by any custom field
  • Saved compliance reports
  • Automatically emailed compliance reports
If you are a SafetySkills LMS user, you should have received a notification email with more information regarding these features as they are launched. In the meantime, you can follow or comment on these features in their Product Roadmap user forums:

Compliance Report Suggestion


That's right, our partner SafetySkills has added 40 titles to their library to help you meet your EH&S training needs. What we like about SafetySkills is that they work hard to develop high-end, competency-based, custom-built e-learning courses to help industries around the globe stay up-to-date and in compliance with environmental and occupational needs.

Visit SafetySkills website for more information!

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