Memorial MAP News

October 2022


  • WEDNESDAY, 10/5 - NO SCHOOL, MAP OPEN 8am-6pm for families who have signed up.  
  • MONDAY, 10/10 - No School, MAP is CLOSED

MONDAY, OCTOBER 31 - Early Release Day!

What will happen @ MAP? On these days, if it is your child's regular day to attend MAP, we will be expecting them (there is no Jump Start). There is no special sign up or extra charge for the extended coverage. If your child will not be coming, please let us know: (508) 359-2165 

  • Jump Start - NO MAP
  • 1st Grade & Full Day K have a half-day, and will be released to MAP @11:40

We'll all eat lunch at MAP, and have a fun-filled, spooky afternoon!

Costumes welcome!

**Please be sure to let us know if your child will not be attending on this day.

***All children must bring a lunch, water, and lots of snacks :)


Our AMAZING TEACHERS are working extra hard to provide a fun, safe, and enriching day for your children while we try to find a few more teachers to join our team.  If you'd like to send a note of appreciation for all they do, I would LOVE to share it with them - please email

And as always, if you know someone who is looking for work, send them our way!

Jump Start MAP

The start of this year has been incredibly fun!! The kids have been doing so well. They have loved playing with the toys in the room, eating lunch outside, and running around in the fields with toy cars or animals. September has also been full of science experiments. The kids have played with shaving cream, made things "explode", done some cooking, discovered magnets, and so much more!


We decided to switch up the teaching teams monthly in Jump Start MAP, so every child has the chance to learn and play with every teacher!  Starting Monday, Kim and Scott will open the program at 8:30 for AM MAP, and Trish and Kathy will be here later for PM MAP!

Please be sure to let us know if your child will not be attending MAP on their regular MAP day. We are not able to rely on the School Dismissal Manager for this information, so a heads up from you will save us from spending time looking through the school and making phone calls to find your child at dismissal.


Kindergarten & 1st Graders have had the chance to sign up for CLUBS this week at MAP! Clubs are always very popular with the children and teachers!






Please have your child speak to a MAP teacher if they missed club sign-ups.


In our efforts to keep everyone safe this year, we will continue to keep our windows and doors open as often as possible, and we will still spend A LOT of time outside! Please be sure your child has an extra layer for the day, especially as the weather turns colder.

And just when we said yes to Pokemon....

Memorial School has asked that children not bring their Pokemon cards to school, and we want to support that decision.  Children are welcome to bring their cards to MAP on non-school days, but otherwise please keep them at home.  Thanks!

Afternoons at MAP have been an adventure! We love giving the children the freedom and options after a long day of school.  We have learned some new gym games, tried out a few cool projects, and used our collective creativity to make MAP unique and interesting. We can't wait to see what October has in store!

Check out our PHOTO GALLERY of all the fun we have had in the MORNINGS and AFTERNOONS!


Meghan Jackson
Program Director
(508) 359-2165
Annette Gallagher
Executive Director
(508) 359-0003
Gaye Shannon
Main Office & Billing