Issue: 10
October 2019
Minneapolis Area Senior Workers Association Newsletter
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 President's Letter  

It was good seeing you at the September membership meeting and we hope you enjoyed hearing Aisha Elmquist discuss the role of the Ombudsman Specialist for Minnesota's Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care.  The slides from her presentation are now available on the MASWA website. 

The Fall Aging Conference set for Thursday, October 24th at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center registration is now open!  Register now and don't forget to arrive early to enjoy the music of Al!ve & K!ck!n that morning.

We look forward to seeing you!
The MASWA Board
MeetingPresident's Letter

Autumn Greetings!

I hope you are all looking forward to the Fall Aging Conference. I encourage you to register today for this wonderful event if you haven't already done so. Thank you to the committee who is planning a fun-filled, better-than-ever event for us on the 24th. It is great to be able to come together as a group of committed professionals that serve seniors in our community. I really do hope that you will have the opportunity to attend! It is going to be a great day for everyone and I look forward to seeing you there.

This time of year is such a transitional time.  A little of a roller-coaster...  the kids are settling back into school, the weather is unpredictable. We start to look forward to the holidays and the new year, but not quite yet, because it is just too soon to think that way.  Life in October to me always just seems to be a bit unsettled.  Minnesota always gives us this gift.  We really get to enjoy all of our seasons and it is this way in life.  We wait for the first frost to ruin what was lovely and then we cut back our plants and move on to marvel at the beauty of the frost on the trees and the brightness of the first snowfall.

As we age, the seasons seem to pass more quickly.  I remember being told this when I was quite young when I had complained about being bored.  My Grandma said to me to enjoy the sunshine and my own thoughts.  Soon enough you will be to busy to have the time. She went on to say that when you are a child the days can seem to drag on. Then the days go by more quickly, then the months fly by and soon you look back and each season has come and gone. I see now that my Grandma was right.  

I hope that each one of you can make the most of this season.  

Take care for now! 

Judy Decker   

Minneapolis Area Seniors Workers Association
P.O. Box 26630
Minneapolis, MN 55426