We Win!
Baseball playoffs have begun; college football and the NFL are a month old; soccer is almost done; and hockey and basketball seasons are just around the corner. I like most sports, but I realize that my favorite teams will not always win. Most people like to watch winners, climbing on the bandwagon. It makes you feel good that you are cheering for a winning team . Somehow it makes you feel like you had something to do with the win, and now you are a winner; but you didn't and you're still the had nothing to do with their victory. You do feel better for a moment, or until next season. The win is temporary.

For Christians, it's similar, yet very different. We also had nothing to do with the victory that is ours. Jesus did it all. But, He did it for us and it's permanent, forever! Unlike in spectator sports, we are winners who will benefit eternally because of Christ's victory. He included us in His plans. As Christians, we n eed to remember, we do win! Our eternal destination in heaven is filled with more wonders than we can imagine. Jesus has already beaten those seemingly unbeatable teams called sin and death. Paul writes, "But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ." (1 Corinthians 15:57) Jesus is our victory. In fact, with Jesus, we can never lose. You may feel you are losing some battles, but with Jesus, He can turn every bad choice into good--and use it for His glory. We are on the winning team. Be encouraged.

"Overwhelming victory is ours through Christ!" Romans 8:37

Jim Smith
Pacific Church Network
Moving to Montana
After eight years as pastor of Montebello Christian Fellowship, Pastor Paul Taylor and his wife Kelly, along with their five children, will be moving to Missoula, Montana, where Paul will serve as Senior Pastor at Discovery Alliance Church. Paul also served on the board of PCN, and we all have appreciated his leadership and love for the Lord that shows in everything he is involved in. We pray that God will continue to use him way up in Montana, but nearer to family. Thanks Paul! Montebello Christian Fellowship had a great farewell reception on Sunday, September 30, which was Paul's last Sunday.
Transition in Santa Barbara
Calvary Baptist Church in Santa Barbara has partnered with Pacific Church Network and asked us to come alongside them in order to enable greater leadership, insights and planning for the future during their transition. A group of PCN pastors and leaders are already at work guiding the pastoral search process, supporting the transition team, providing leadership, and assessing the health of their structure. This is a process that PCN is excited about doing for all our churches needing assistance.
New Pastor in Long Beach
On Sunday, September 16, Bethany Church in Long Beach voted to call Jeff Levine as their next Lead Pastor. Jeff had served on the preaching team of Bethany as an Associate Pastor while also holding the position of Director of the Long Beach Rescue Mission. Jeff's installation will be held on Sunday, October 7. May God bless Jeff and Bethany Church in this next chapter of ministry.
Relaxing in Murrieta
One hundred and forty Spanish-speaking women from all over Southern California gathered at Murrieta Hot Springs for this fall's retreat. They enjoyed fellowship and the beautiful grounds and amenities of the Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center while being strengthened in their spirits. Thank you to Guest Speaker Eglafebe Farias and the many others who ministered at the retreat. We are grateful for our excellent team of volunteers who serve our PCN Hispanic Women, led by Patsy Mazariegos, Mali Reguerin and Norma Bustos under the direction of Dr. Emilio Nunez, PCN Spanish Ministries Director/Seminary of the Americas Director.
Wonderful time in Big Bear
Approximately 180 English-speaking women gathered up at Pine Summit for their Annual Fall Retreat the last weekend in September. Vicki Smith and Ashley Morgan Jackson shared at the main sessions. Next year, September 13-15, their retreat will be at Murrieta Hot Springs. Already 180 women have pre-registered for next year. Thanks to Vicki Smith and her team for organizing this great time of spiritual refreshment.

Man Camp
It's time now for the men!! English Men's Fall Retreat is Thursday, October 11 through Saturday, October 13 at Pine Summit in Big Bear. About 90 men have already signed up for this once-a-year spiritual boast. Don't miss it. Enjoy the mountain air or take a quick zip line ride across the soccer field. Drink some good coffee. You are bound to benefit from this year's great lineup of speakers....Thien Doan, Bishop Garrett, Brian Howard, Jim Smith, Joel Webbon and Mario Zamorano. Sign up here.
Spanish Men's Retreat
Our Spanish-speaking men will also gather at Pine Summit, October 13-14. They will overlap with our English men, and have a joint night of praise on Friday night. We're looking forward to the ministries of Special Guest Speaker Dr. Ismael Mejía Silva and the worship band from Iglesia Cristiana La Familia de Dios led by Pastor Luis Hernández. Don't miss hearing profitable messages from the Word of God this weekend as well as the highly anticipated fútbol tournament!
Save the Date
Pacific Church Network's Annual Meeting is a dinner only this year! Come and enjoy.

Sunday, January 27, 2019
Bethany Church
Long Beach, CA

5:30 - 7:30 PM
Pastor and Wife Getaway
Every year, Pacific Church Network sponsors a free one-night getaway for all lead pastors and their wives in Laguna Beach. This year it is scheduled for November 11-12 and only 14 rooms are left!! If you're not already on the list, or not sure, please call our office or contact as soon as possible.
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