We are thrilled to share our 2018-19 Annual Report!
Read the highlights from this past year here .
Trying to capture a year's worth of impact into just 24 pages, as anyone who has assembled an annual report knows, is almost impossible! That said, I am immensely proud of what we have been able to include in this years publication and I look forward to hearing your comments.

How to measure impact is something we as a nonprofit houser struggle with and while we are rightly celebrating the building of 1200 self-help homes, our joy really comes not from of the number of units built, but from the way they have changed 5,000+ lives for the good.

Over the nearly five decades that our home ownership program has been in existence, we have heard so many heartwarming stories, and so many are 'firsts'; first in the family to go to college, first ever family vacation, first Thanksgiving in their own home.

Impact is revealed through so many data points and every year we get better at identifying the data that really matters, the data that really tells the story. So in order to keep those 'first' stories coming, I will continue to ask my team "how many...?", but I will always follow up with "but what was the impact?"

John Fowler, CPA
Empowering Women & Girls throughout the Central Coast

The BuildHer Fund is an initiative which inspires and supports women and girls at PSHH properties through equity, education, and social enterprise. Support for conference attendance, entrepreneurial training, or college preparedness are just a few ways this fund empowers these extraordinary women!

The CELEBRE program, highlighted in the video below and generously funded by the Women's Legacy Fund and San Luis Obispo Community Foundation, is a great example of the power of supporting women and girls.

You can get involved with this important initiative!
San Miguel's Newest Homeowners!

This month, 10 families received the keys to their new homes at a special key ceremony. After many long hours worked, these owner-builders finally have a place to call their own. Congratulations, Mission Gardens Group 3, and welcome home!
Practicing Earthquake Safety: Great CA Shakeup!

We are committed to be prepared and this month we had a great opportunity to practice our Earthquake preparedness, by participating in The Great CA Shakeup!

At exactly 10:17am on 10/17, staff members at all our offices and properties throughout three counties, paused to "Drop, Cover, and Hold On!" According to our safety officer Gabi (pictured), we all made it safely to our evacuation zone!
50 Years. 50 Stories.
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We're Hiring - Join the PSHH Team!

We are always searching for innovative, hardworking individuals to join us - like Jimmy, one of our newest staff members, a Real Estate Financial Analyst in our Multifamily Housing Development department!

With current openings in multifamily housing development, finance, property management, and education, we hope you will  check out our job postings , spread the word and help grow our team!
Property Spotlights
50 Years of Providing Safe Spaces
Ladera Street Apartments
Celebrating 20 years  

Renovated by PSHH in 1999, Ladera is a vibrant residential community featuring a fully landscaped courtyard, playground, community center, and a learning center filled with students of all ages daily. On display throughout the complex are murals and pottery created by resident artists who were given the opportunity to supplement their income through art therapy programs.

For one resident, Ladera is a place of refuge. After learning she was a victim of domestic violence, PSHH social workers sprung into action, creating a safety plan and providing counseling, translation, and support services, allowing for her to raise her daughters in the safety of a stable home.
50 Years of Building Communities
Lone Oak Estates
Celebrating 29 years

These new construction single-family homes in Templeton offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the 41 working families who would build their own forever homes here.

Made possible thanks to financial assistance from the California Housing Finance Agency, USDA Rural Development, the County of San Luis Obispo, the California Self-Help Housing Program, and Wells Fargo, the families who moved in received the gift of security, stability, and the uniquely strong bond that is forged when neighbors help build each other's homes.

Today, Lone Oak is a thriving, tree-lined community filled with children playing, and families warmly greeting each other after the workday.
PSHH in the Headlines...
Affordable housing project lands in Pismo Beach instead of at Hillside
PSHH and 5 Cities Homeless Coalition have secured a new property in Pismo Beach to provide 50 units of permanent, supportive housing - 10 to 15 of which will be used for youth in transition.

Realizing the dream of homeownership
Originally purchased in 2014, PSHH's Mission Gardens subdivision in San Miguel has welcomed ten families into the neighborhood as brand new homeowners! Furthermore, each household provided approximately 2,000 hours of "sweat-equity."

Peoples' Self-Help Housing is concerned census numbers could affect its ability to provide services.
"For every single person that is under-counted, that district loses $2,000 per person, per year." Ensuring all citizens are counted in the upcoming census is critical in responding to the housing crisis.

...and in other Housing News!
Central Coast
60 percent of SLO County renters struggle to afford housing - among the worst in the state
New data shows San Luis Obispo County as one of the most cost-burdened counties in the state, with 59% of tenants spending 30-50% of their income on rent.

Here's how California's rent control law will work
This month Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill enacting statewide rent control, aimed at guarding tenants against rent hikes.

Hospitals are buying up housing units, helping 'stranded' patients find a home
Hospitals across the country are exploring ways to support their patients with unstable housing, including building affordable units and allocating funding to cover temporary housing costs.

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