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Newsletter October 2022, #10

Prepare today to keep them safe tomorrow!

Pet Evac Pak

Pet Emergency Preparedness



COMING SOON! We are excited to announce that we are in the process of setting up this foundation to help in both rescuing pets after a disaster strikes and to help on the front side for people less fortunate to be prepared with their pets should there be a disaster. If you would like to donate to help with the start-up cost we have set up a pay-pal account. 100% of the proceeds will be going to this foundation.

Pet Emergency Preparedness Foundation

Make 2022 the year you make an emergency plan that includes your pets!

Product Corner

LED Clip-on Night Lights

Keep them safe even if you have to bug out at night. 

It's time for the ghost and goblins to come out at night. Light up your pet with a Clip-on LED Night Light from Pet Evac Pak.

These lights are visible from 1/2 mile away and long-lasting. They come in assorted colors and the battery is replaceable.  

On sale today for $2.50 each. Regular price is 4.99.  

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PET EVAC PAK in the News!

8 Things To Purchase When Building an Emergency Go Bag for Pets

We love it when we are mentioned in news articles, however, the author got one thing wrong. The cost to build your own pack is much higher than to buy one of our pre-made kits. If he had read our blog last month "Pet Evac Big Dog Pak Cost Comparison" he might change his mind. Other than that we love it when the public is reminded to be prepared and have a go bag ready for their pets.  

Blog: PET PREPAREDNESS: Customizing Your Pets Evacuation Kit

As I sit here writing the BLOG today, I have to wonder why most people don’t have an emergency plan. We are just now seeing the devastation from Hurricane Ian in Florida with both people and pets being rescued and it’s now making its way up to the Carolina coast. What are you waiting for?

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Pet Safety Tips for Holloween

A few tips to help you keep your pets safe this Halloween.  Booo

  1. Keep your eyes on the candy.  The most dangerous for your pets are chocolate, raisins, sugar-free candy, caramel apples, candy corn and macadamia nuts.  Yep these are all bad for both dogs and cats
  2. Watch out for decorations and electrical cords.  Some decorations can be toxic to pets and electrical cords can be deadly if your pet likes to chew on them.
  3. Make sure they are wearing comfy costumes and they are not too binding
  4. Trick or treating can be scary for some pets so make sure you have a secure harness or collar and leash so if they get startled they can't get lost.
  5. Keep an eye out for signs of stress, excessive panting, trying to hide, baking, and even going potty in the house can be a sign.

Industry News

Emergency Planning Laws for Animals

We have come a long way since 2005 when Katrina struck New Orleans.  Major changes have been made to our state and federal laws regarding emergency planning for pets or specifically animals in general. 

In 2006 the federal Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act was passed allowing FEMA to develop emergency preparedness plans and ensure state and local emergency plans were to take into account the needs of individuals with pets and service animals during a major disaster or emergency

Since then over 30 states have adopted either a law that deals with disaster planning and pets or promoting their own administrative plans on the subject.

Red Cross is currently updating their policy on how they handle pets when they have shelters set up.  Stay tuned for more information on that.  

To find out your state laws here is a link to the map.  If your state is without provisions its time to get involved.  Contact your state and local officials and tell them we need to make provisions for our pets.  Our pets are part of our families and need to be treated like it.


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Donate a Pet Evac Pak to the Healing Heroes Program.

Your donation goes to supporting Disabled American Vets and their service dogs in training.

RRUFF (Rocklin Residents Unite For Fido) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID#27-3130260) founded in 2010. Its mission is to serve disabled veterans and the canine community. In addition to establishing the first off-leash dog park in Rocklin, Ca., in 2014 the Healing Heroes Program was formed.

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