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October 2017


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Wait; you saw this great picture heading last month's newsletter. But we totally failed to attribute it to the proper artist: Len Burgess. Len is a member of the Gloucester Schooner Festival and took this picture from the schooner Ardelle.

Cruise News

We've had a good response to our 2018 schedule already with three full-boat charters as well as a number of individuals and couples who have reserved.  If you have a trip date in mind and want a particular cabin, be sure to call soon.    

June 10-14  Schooner Gam/Watercolor Workshop

photo courtesy of Anna & Ed Manzano

Whether you come for the sailing or workshop, it's a fun trip with a chance to see half a dozen other schooners as they raft up for an evening of music and storytelling.

Nationally known artist, Carol L. Douglas, will be joining us for the trip with her workshop aimed at watercolor or gouache painters, particularly those with an interest in the sea or sailing. No experience? No worries. Carol will have everything you need to get started.  The charge for the workshop is $275 in addition to the trip cost of $745.

Crew's News

First thing off the schooner at the end of the season is the mainsail.  At 500 lbs or thereabouts, the more people willing to help carry it, the better.  

Coming across the parking lot and headed for the sail bin, there's a strong resemblance to a dragon dance.

Topping off the fall crew dinner with a visit to Dorman's  Dairy Dream

Postcards from away......... the fall bumper crop is in!



                Most of the images of edibles in these newsletters have been taken by Ralph Smith so it's nice to have a contribution form him in the postcard division.




from our peripatetic opera goers Elfi and Tom

Nat and Diane visited the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth, England

Bob and Betty, the EastIndiaman AMSTERDAM at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam.

This item of interest in the Netherlands doesn't move either, but at least it has sails! Thanks, Bridget.

A bit short on freeboard but good under bridges. Bridget again.

Olivia, who was crew in 2014, is now an officer on the sternwheeler American Empress out west, cruising some of the same waters as the Legacy.



  That's it for sailing in 2017.                                                                           

      John and the crew

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