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photo courtesy of R. Gilbert  

October 2016

Schooner Heritage
P O Box 482
Rockland ME  04841


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Dear Shipmates,
What a great sailing season!  So many wonderful memories. Our last day in September was spectacular.  We sailed almost to the dock and looked very big as the tide was high.

The Heritage is just about ready for winter now with a plastic "house" over her.  The masts are greased, the rigging is tarred and all the gear is stowed ashore.  

Doug is working on reparing the blocks that need attention along with making a new rudder for our yawl boat, Clark Kent.  

All the other blocks have been overhauled and are painted, ready for next season.  We're starting to get the small boats sanded and varnished.

We removed all the polyurethane from the galley tables and are recoating them now.  We'll have to see if we improve the card playing surface or if things will still seem glued to the table top.  All the ladders and soles are refinished and bright and shiny.

Sean and Michael are off to their next adventures.  Ben, Nick, and Oskar will be here until early November.

The shipyard is busy with a schooner on the railway.  Soon the floats will be out and the shipyard will be ready for winter, too.

The 2017 schedule is all ready for you so you can plan your sailing adventure.

Time is limited but you may want to submit up to 5 images for the Maine Windjammer Association Photo Contest.  

At anchor in Smith Cove near Castine

The deadline is midnight on November 1st.  You can email them or submit them online to the Association. 

photo courtesy of Dick Loehr  

Thank you all for joining us aboard this year.  We had such a great time.

All the best,