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Wed, October 30  I  12-1 pm  I  The BrandLab in Minneapolis

Do you want to volunteer your skills alongside other dedicated people? Do you want to be part of creating opportunities for ALL teens to succeed?

Join us for lunch and m eet with The BrandLab CEO, Ellen Walthour, and SVP Partner, Linda Ireland to hear how teams from both organizations are collaborating to accelerate impact of The BrandLab's work in our community. 

Learn how you fit into an amazing community of Partners and how you can amplify your philathropic efforts. More info and RSVP here.

SVP seeks nominations for our Community Partners Program. The Program is  a three-year, skills-based volunteer experience for community-minded professionals, leaders and social entrepreneurs who:
  • Are people of color, indigenous and/or from historically under-represented populations
  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, social justice and inclusion
  • Want to use their skills to help nonprofits build capacity and have greater impact on under-resourced teens
  • Are eager to hone current skills and learn new skills via a highly strategic cohort experience
  • Are creative and willing to give 50 hours or more per year of skills-based volunteering
  • Embrace SVP's values of impact, innovation, community and equity
Meet SVP
Meet SVP
We invite you to nominate yourself or someone else to be a part of centering SVP's work more deeply in communities we serve, as well as enjoying the benefits of being an SVP Partner.

An ideal Community Partner would bring a fresh voice to the SVP Partnership through their diverse lived experiences. Additionally, a successful Community Partner has skills needed for nonprofit capacity building projects (i.e. program evaluation, fund and/or business development, nonprofit leadership, strategic planning, etc.). 

Partner Spotlight:  Cyndie Leary

Cyndie doesn't miss an opportunity to be a part of things! Learn how she's jumped in with SVP projects (and beyond!) and what she's gained in the process.  Read more>>
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Equity Corner

Looking for a new medium to explore issues of racial equity and social justice? Watch Netflix's four-part miniseries "When They See Us."   It chronicles the important and controversial case of five teenagers of color, labeled the Central Park Five, who were convicted of a 1989 rape they did not commit.
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