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Marlene and the Sam family

If you find you're missing singing along on Sundays, we could use a couple more singers for our virtual choir, especially if you can sing different parts!  

All you need is the ability to listen to music, while recording yourself at the same time.  

Please email Beth if you would like to join in:

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October 2020
The Rev'd
 Thomas Blake
Father Tom's Message

It would be an understatement to say that the year 2020 dealt us a surprise or two. That a virus could wreak so much havoc on our lives both individually and collectively seemed like an abstract notion not so long ago, but no more. 

In confronting the novel coronavirus, our learning curve has been steep. We have been reminded both of our vulnerability as human beings and our call to be wise stewards of God's creation. We have learned a lot about our capacity -- with God's help -- for resilience and weathering storms. 

Increasingly, we find ourselves in a sort of already-but-not-yet place: a world in which we still have to be mindful of the dangers of the virus, but also a world in which we might discover a recalibrated sense of normalcy. We bring with us simultaneously greater respect for the virtues of patience and self-restraint and the necessity of community and relationships. Might we encounter a restored sense of equilibrium between those ideas?

I am grateful that our faith reveals quite a bit about both interruptions and standing in already-but-not-yet places. Jesus interrupts our lives when he calls us to put down our nets and follow. Walking the way of the cross is not easy, yet we find ourselves strangely equipped to do it. There can be holiness in interruption.

Likewise, the kingdom of heaven is upon us, even as we await its final fulfilment. We rejoice in our Passover liberation even as we have yet to reach the Promised Land. We already participate in Christ's resurrection even as our mortal bodies are in decay. Standing in the moment we learn to look for -- or relish being surprised by -- the holy presence of God, and it is always far nearer than we expected.

We have learned a lot about the novel coronavirus and how we can reduce its spread. With this in mind, the Vestry feels that this is the right time to submit a reopening proposal to the diocese. As of my writing this, the proposal is nearing its final form. We understand, of course, that upon reviewing our proposal the diocesan Standing Committee may say "Yes," "No," "Not yet," or otherwise, and we will fully abide by their direction.

We know and respect that people have different degrees of risk aversion based on their respective circumstances, and that some will continue to maintain stricter boundaries than others. For that reason, regardless of whether in-person worship resumes on some limited basis, please be assured that Zoom services will continue indefinitely.

As we navigate our way through this ongoing interruption, this frustratingly already-but-not-yet place, may the holiness of God continue to wash over us. May God's profound presence continue to shape us, sustain us, and surprise us with joy.

Fr. Tom+
Blessing the Animals
3 p.m. this Sunday, Oct. 4: a Blessing of the Animals 

Celebrate the Feast of Saint Francis outdoors in the Saint Catherine's parking lot this Sunday;  Fr. Tom will be there to bless your animals!

We have two options: 1) Remain with our pet(s) in our car; or 2) Wear a mask and keep a safe, 6-foot distance from others. Safety precautions will be taken.

The service will also be broadcast via Zoom.  See your Daily Digest emails for the Zoom link and Meeting ID.

Hope to see you and your beloved pets this Sunday afternoon.
Vestry Corner

By Charlie Dickinson,
Senior Warden

The St. Catherine's October Vestry meeting will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 5:15 p.m. at St. Catherine's and will also be available via Zoom.
We are continuing to work on a plan to begin in-person Sunday services at St. Catherine's. 

Our reopening task force has been meeting and Father Tom+ has rearranged the worship area as a first step to determine how many parish members can safely meet inside for worship services. The task force still has yet to present our reopening plan to the Diocese, but we still hope to begin meeting with in person Sunday services sometime in October pending approval by the Diocese and depending on the status of Covid-19 cases in Washoe County.
St. Catherine's will be conducting our annual Blessing of the Animals with a parking lot service (also available via Zoom) on Sunday Oct. 4 at 3:00 p.m. Information on this service is included in the St. Catherine's daily digest bulletins. This is our first service of any kind since our suspension of services in March.

Vestry members continue to contact parishioners on a regular basis to update them as to plans for worship and other parish activities and to keep in touch with the Parish. If any of you are not receiving calls and would like to, please contact the parish office so that we can add you to our contact list.

** Church financial update **

By Sally Dickinson, Treasurer

As you already know, 2020 has been an odd, one-of-a-kind year.  Our congregation has been most faithful in sending in their pledges throughout our closure.  The vestry and I have been MOST grateful for your generosity.
We were also able to get monetary relief from the government which will help our bottom line.  Instead of the negative $25,000 net which was in our original budget for 2020, I am projecting a negative $10,000.

I am afraid that 2021 will be a real challenge for our budget for a couple of reasons.  First, due to several transitions with our members, we will be losing about $32,000 in pledges from our 2020 Pledge base.  This is about 20% of our 2020 pledges that will disappear.  Our rent will be going up 3% or $3,000 in 2021.

I wanted to let you know this information because our Stewardship campaign will begin his month, October.  I am hoping that the materials you will be getting during our Stewardship campaign will be helpful in focusing all our prayerful considerations on our Faithful stewardship for St. Catherine's in 2021. 

Aug. 2020

YTD Aug. 2020


Net Income:
- $3,454

- $6,720

Lap quilts for seniors 

By Amy Heintz

Many of you have used some of your time during this quarantine to continue to sew lap quilts (approximately 40"x50") for the seniors in a care center.  Should you have finished any quilts I would appreciate it if you would turn them in so that I could sew the labels on the quilts.  If you want to turn in the quilts at church please call Fr. Tom and arrange a time when you can drop them off.  You could also drop them off on my front porch at your convenience.  Thank you all for your help with this project.
Walking group meets Saturday, Oct. 10

Please join us for our final St. Catherine's walk of 2020 on Saturday, Oct. 10.
This is a chance to see some of the local countryside and get some exercise with St. Catherine's. Our October walk should give us an opportunity to enjoy the fall colors with the Aspen trees hopefully reaching their peak of color change to yellow. Weather should be temperate, maybe requiring a light jacket.
We will meet at the Starbucks adjacent to the Raley's on Mount Rose highway (18250 Wedge Parkway) at 9:00 a.m.  We will probably walk 2-3 miles, but it will depend on who joins us and how far they want to walk. All are welcome (including any 4 pawed friends that you want to bring).
Please remember to bring water or something else to drink. We hope to see you on Oct. 10.

If you have any questions, please contact Charlie Dickinson at
Current book selection
Book Club to resume  twice-monthly meetings

By Lajuana Bryan

Catherine's Corner will resume meeting in the Church with social distancing and masks as per Father Tom. Members have decided to meet two times a month. We will meet  Oct. 13 & Oct. 27, the second and 4th Tuesdays, at 12 noon. Bring lunch if you wish.  

Thanks again to Carol Lacy for sharing her home the last 2 months.  

We are on chapter 3 of The Reluctant Healer by Emily Gardiner Neal. I will send out a study guide agenda next week.  Please join us in person or on Zoom.  

This book is a collection of 7 books, condensed, therefore there is much material to discuss.  

You are always welcome, as a member or occasional visitor. If you want to be added to our email list please let me know:, or 707-226-6809. Hope to see you on Tuesday, Oct. 13 at noon.
Audio sermons online

Fr. Tom has been recording sermons and services in his own voice.  You can listen to them for free via any internet connection on a website called Soundcloud. Whether you're on a laptop, iPad, desktop computer, or a smartphone, just click the link below and it will take you to the website -- there is nothing to download or purchase.  You may see a button that asks you to "listen through the app," and if you choose to download the app, you can do that for free. However, you don't have to ... you can just scroll to one of the sermons and click the orange "play" button, and listen without downloading anything.

Here's the link to Fr. Tom's audio files:
UTO Book of Prayers

By Georgia Tachoires

Every three years the United Thank Offering assembles a book of prayers.  This small book is one of the most popular items UTO gives out at the General Convention/Triennial. These prayers are from people throughout the Episcopal Church, in the following categories: Gratitude, Guidance, Healing, Love of God & Creation, Sorrow or Fear, Prayers for Morning, Prayers for Midday, Prayers for Night, and Other.  We all have more quiet time on our hands lately.  Please consider writing a prayer for the 2021 Prayer Book, and then submit it online 
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