October 2020
Are We Old Yet?

October is my birth month. I’ll be 70 on the 9th. I always considered 70 to be old. Senior Citizen status and the accompanying discounts may have come earlier – but you weren’t really “old” till you reached 70. I guess I reached this conclusion because when I was growing up, folks would quote the Psalms as saying that’s how many years we were given, and all years lived past 70 were “on borrowed time.” Times have changed though. If we have decent health, we live longer. Although worldwide, the average is still about 70, a woman in the US can expect to live to be 81. So, I won’t consider myself “on borrowed time” yet, but I think I might as well own the moniker of “old.” After all, old things are precious. If we have old possessions that are in good shape, they are very valuable. So be it. Actually, I consider myself to be in excellent company. Many of our members are “old” as well, and they are some of the most valuable, productive members we have! So, let us honor and celebrate our aging status!

Now, I have a favor to ask of you for my birthday. I don’t need a present. I don’t need a card. All I want for my birthday is for you to get your pledge information in! I am so thankful that our members and friends have been so faithful in their continued giving through this pandemic. That has allowed us to continue paying our bills, continue paying our hard-working staff, and even make some improvements. Although we are not sure what our year will look like in 2021, we need for you to continue your faithful giving, and if you are able, perhaps share a little more, since others in our congregation may have more difficult situations. Times have been tough, but tomorrow is coming. Let’s get ready for it!!

Peace, Love, and Courage!
Join our ONLINE SERVICE* on your computer or smart device. (You will be asked to download ZOOM software if you haven't before. It's safe!) 
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* EXCEPT 3rd Sundays. See below for the special link to the 3rd Sundays' Zoom Room.
October 4
Theme for 20-21, “Exploring Water: Essential Source | Essential Symbol”
Beth Sutton, Worship Leader
We’ll explore water’s most basic purpose of sustaining life through the Interdependent web of all existence. Beth will give a short talk followed by a short TED talk. “Kelsey Leonard: How Did We Lose Our Connection To Water?” Kelsey Leonard was taught we are born with a deep connection to water and a duty to protect it. But today, she says, most of us have lost that connection – and the world is suffering because of it.

October 11
“Being a Good Ally – Gender and Sexuality”
Rev. Jane Page, Worship Leader
Rev. Jane Page continues her series on “Being a Good Ally” with a message focusing on gender and sexuality. We will explore how UUA and our Welcoming Congregations support the LGBTQ communities as well as possibilities for the future. This service will help us in our Welcoming Congregation Renewal certification this year. We encourage folks to wear one of the colors of the rainbow to our Zoom Service for a spectacular gallery view!

October 18
 “Transformation: On Death & Dying”
Janisse Ray, Georgia author of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood and other books. The pandemic pushes us to think more deeply about death and dying, something Janisse Ray is doing after being at the bedside of two loved ones who died in the last year. She invites us into friendlier terms with the inevitable – a transformative event that is too little discussed. 
3rd Sunday REMINDER
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October 25
“Being a Good Ally – Differing Abilities”
Rev. Jane Page, Worship Leader
Rev. Jane continues her series on “Being a Good Ally” with a focus on differing abilities. We all bring varying physical, mental, social and emotional skills (and abilities) in our congregations. How can we be more welcoming of this diversity here and work to advocate in our communities for those with differing abilities?
This service will also include a virtual “Trick or Treat for UNICEF.”

What does Jane REALLY want
for her 70th birthday?

She just wants you to come to UUFS on
Friday, October 9 anytime from 6 to 7 PM...
to wish her a "Happy Birthday" and have some outdoor,
socially-distanced conversation with others.
OR, you can stay in your car and Jane will come to your window to accept your birthday wishes.
  • She requests no presents or cards. However, there will be a box to collect your stewardship forms if you have not already submitted them by then.
  • We will not serve snacks or drinks at the church and request that folks keep on their masks.
  • Children are free to play on the playground.
  • This will also be an opportunity to see the wonderful work that has taken place by our landscape committee while we have been gone from our building. And you may be able to hear about our plans for the newest addition -- a shed for a lawn mower and gardening equipment.
  • AND WHEN YOU GET READY TO GO, we'll send you off with a delicious cupcake to take with you.
Get out of the house and get some fresh air and birthday cake.

share how many of you will come from your household
so that we will have enough cakes for all!

  • Monday, October 5: DEADLINE TO REGISTER TO VOTE or change name/address.
  • Monday, October 12: Early voting begins (M-F)
  • Saturday, October 24: Early voting on Saturday
  • Friday, October 30: Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot
  • November 3: General Election

Hanging patiently on the wall,
awaiting our return.
You are invited to join  
INGE online for yoga classes every Thursday, 9:30 am.

Please send her an email at ingespencer@me.com
if you want to join her ZOOM classes.

Classes are beginner friendly and there is no fee.
For more information see mindbodycenteryoga.com 

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  • Provide Meeting ID: 479 325 3254


Use this link & meeting ID: Use this Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6632243238
Meeting ID: 663 224 3238

For DIAL IN FOR LISTENING ONLY via your landline or cell phone: 
Call: 312 626 6799 and use this Meeting ID: 663 224 3238
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