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FSA, Inc. Board of Directors
Oct. 9-14 in Allegany
New Jersey - Oct 21-22
Florida - Oct 21-22
Jamaica - Oct 28-29
Brazil - Nov 2-5
CL Meetings
Nov 7, Nov 28, Dec 6

CL Prayer Day at Mt Ireneaus
Dec 15
Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality
Nov 30 - Dec 2
General Commission
Dec 8-9
(rescheduled after Hurricane Irma)

Issue 5.18
October 9, 2017
Bishop's Blessing

Bishop Richard Malone of the Diocese of Buffalo visited St. Elizabeth Motherhouse on Tuesday, October 3, to bless the house following the completion of renovations. 

More photos and information from the event will be featured in the upcoming Fall 2017 edition of Allegany Connections!

Brazilian Sustainable Farm
   The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany in Anapolis, Brazil, have created a sustainable farm on the property of their convent, the Mãe Admirável
   This farm is not only utilized by the Sisters, but open to the community, promoting hospitality and teaching sustainability. 
   More information and photos from this project will be featured in the upcoming Fall 2017 edition of Allegany Connections

FSA Supports Investor Statement on Tobacco Depictions in Movies
By: Gloria Oehl OSF

   Although FSA Investment Policies forbid investments in major tobacco companies, the Congregation is supporting an effort to reduce the number of teen smokers becoming addicted to tobacco by signing on to a letter sent to the Chief Executive Officers of  the parent companies of five major movie studio s asking them to reduce the depiction of smoking in youth-rated movies.
   The U.S. Surgeon General , Dr. Jerome Adams, has concluded that, just as smoking causes lung cancer, exposure to tobacco imagery on screen causes youth to smoke. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that 90 percent of smokers start before age 18, leading to a lifetime of addiction and, for millions, an early death. The CDC states: "Giving an R rating to future movies with smoking would be expected to reduce the number of teen smokers by nearly one in five (18 percent) and prevent one million deaths from smoking among children alive today."
   Other scientific evidence from such groups as the World Health Organization, and the American Academy of Pediatrics also supports the importance of this public health issue.  
east of St. Francis celebrated throughout the Congregation

   Our  Sisters and Associates celebrated the Feast of St. Francis on Wednesday, October 4. 
   In Allegany, Sisters celebrated with a festive meal, and with a Blessing of the Pets. Pictured is Sr. Helen Lodge and cat "Carmelo", who belongs to the St. Elizabeth Motherhouse Activities Director, Monica Austin.

   Sisters Joan Carberry, Kathleen Stagnaro, Dolores O'Brien, and Marlene Weidenborner celebrated the feast with the f riars at St Anthony Friary in St. Petersburg, FL. They were treated to a wonderful prime rib dinner.
   Pictured with the sisters are Kevin Mackin OFM, Vincent Laviano OFM, and Alan Thomas OFM.

To be consoled, as to console...
By:  Alba L Mejia, Associate
The following is the seventh in a series of reflections by the Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality Committee on the Peace Prayer of St. Francis. These reflections will be shared in future editions of the e-newsletter.

   The first request is that of consoling others. Here the believer is to ask how they might console someone else first, rather than seeking to be comforted in their grief or trouble. The idea that in caring and comforting others we ourselves will find comfort resonates with Christ's words in the Beatitudes.
   We as people have a habit to seek our friends when we are in pain. Oftentimes this is out of the need to get others to sympathize with our pain, our grievance. Our only consolation ultimately lies with God. If we have the habit of seeking consolation from people, or possessions (going shopping, for instance), or eating, or entertainment, what will happen at the time of death when none of them will be there to find solace? Where will our refuge be then? Only God will be there for eternity.
   However, there are times when it is beneficial to share with others on the path of our suffering, so they can remind us about who we really are. Francis had his brothers go out two-by-two so they could remind each other when the cloud of forgetfulness would block the sun of knowing. Here is where confession is helpful. It is important to speak ones ills to another who will listen without judgment, standing in the place of equanimity.

Sr. Liz Schumacher OSF Vow Renewal

On Wednesday, September 27, Sr. Liz Schumacher renewed her
vows in the Chapel of the St. Elizabeth Motherhouse.  The renewal took place during a special prayer service with all the sisters present.

Congratulations, Sr. Liz! 

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