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Monthly Newsletter          October  2 
,  2015    
       19 Tishrei, 
 Simchat  Torah
Tuesday, Oct. 6 
6 p.m. at St. John' s Episcopal Church 
 Families Welcome! Wine/drinks/dessert provided.  Bring an appetizer to share - Optional. 
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Upcoming Events 
  • Tuesday, October 6, 6 p.m.  Community  Simchat Torah 
    Celebration. Come down and rock and roll with the scroll! Wine/drinks provided. Bring an appetizer if you are able - optional. St. John's Episcopal Church Fellowship Hall. Families encouraged to come!  
  • Friday, October 16, 6:30 p.m. Shabbat Services
    led by chazzan Judd Grossman and Steve Zelikovitz. Oneg to follow. Childcare provided. JHJC Center, 610 W. Broadway, Jackson.
  • Friday, November 6, 6:30 p.m. Shabbat Services. JHJC Center at 610 W Broadway, Jackson.
  • Friday, November 20, 6 p.m. Shabbat Thanksgiving Dinner
    at the JHJC Center. 610 W. Broadway, Jackson. Roast turkey provided, bring a non-dairy side dish to share. Wine/drinks, challah and dessert provided. Reservations required. 
Scenes From September 2015
Check out more of our photos and videos from all the cool events we do on our Facebook page "Jackson Hole Jews"

High Holidays 5776
Video: JHJC concluding havdalah

Rosh Hashanah Thai Dinner Party

Sukkot (photos by Amy Aronowitz Baker)

Bet Sefer off to a great start!
Creating Journals and the Bet Sefer Etz, Sukkah building 
Artist Shannon Troxler Thal demonstrates paper marbling.

Bet Sefer class of 2016 Etz (tree): 
Coming together, Learning together, Growing together.
Architect Larry Thal works with Bet Sefer students on sukkah design. 
Students work on sukkah designs to be submitted to the whole team.
Choosing sukkah site.
Stay tuned next month for the final results!

Many Thanks
  • Al Zuckerman for doing the Great Schlepp (transporting the ark and bimah) and for setting up and cleaning up the sanctuary.
  • Rachel Ravitz, Bill Burns, Al Zuckerman, Rosalie Daval, Lori Zalbowitz Roux, Larry Cohen, Isaac Grossman, Mary Grossman, Judd Grossman and Adam Levenson for reading Torah during High Holidays.
  • Janet Bellis. Mike and Barb Scher, Susie Blasko, Amy Aronowitz, Josh Kleyman and Laurie Thal for greeting at High Holidays.
  • Ingrid Krasnow for helping set up Rosh Hashanah lunch. 
  • To Jerry and Barbara Aronowitz, Rachel Stam, Shannon and Larry Thal, Laurie Thal, Al Zuckerman, Mike and Barb Scher, Jenny Ross, Steve and Kelly Zelikovitz, Judith Levenson, Phyllis Fischer and Susie Blasko for cleaning up Rosh Hashanah lunch. 
  • Janet Bellis and Jodi Comins for helping set up Rosh Hashanah.
  • Isaac Grossman for saving the day and making a bunch of challot.
  • Phyllis Fischer for managing the kitchen during Break Fast. 
  • Jenny Ross for helping cater Break Fast. 
  • Kelly Zelikovitz for helping serve up slivovitz and scotch.
  • Jack and Gary Roubin and Isaac Grossman for schlepping the food drive bags to the basement. 
  • To EVERYONE who donated food to our annual food drive for the Jackson Food Cupboard.
  • Larry Thal for blowing the shofar during High Holidays.
  • Laurie Thal for hosting Sukkot at her home. 
  • Barbara Aronowitz  for leading Israeli dancing at Sukkot.
  • Shannon and Larry Thal for helping with Bet Sefer lessons.
  • Josh Kleyman  for leading the children's services during High Holidays.  
  • The Kleymans, Jenny Ross, Michael Bruck, Charlie and Rosalie Daval for helping clean up the Thai Dinner Party.
  • Amy Aronowitz Baker for taking photos at Sukkot.
  • Mike Scher for fixing our sign.
  • Kerrie and Josh Beck for the loss of Kerri's beloved mother.
Get Well Soon
  • Keep David Goldfarb in your thoughts.

 Please send us your Mazel Tovs, Condolences, Kol HaKavods, Get Wells and photos of your 
Jewish Pets to:

2015-16 Board of Directors

Josh Kleyman,  Co-president

Mike Scher, C o-president

Amy Aronowitz Baker

Janet Bellis

Rachel Stam, T reasurer

Laurie Thal 

Steve Zelikovitz, 
Vice President

Mary Grossman, Exec. Dir.

For more than 40 years, the  Jackson Hole Jewish Community has welcomed people of all ages and backgrounds who share a love for Jackson Hole and Judaism. We are independent, unaffiliated and inclusive. All are welcome to Jackson Hole's oldest Jewish congregation,  no matter his or her level of Jewish observance.

The Jackson Hole Jewish Community is committed to creating a diverse Jewish presence that unites us, celebrates our faith, and promotes tolerance in the greater Jackson Hole community. We strive to engage all families and individuals in spirituality, education, tzadakah, and the joys of Jewish life.

5776 Membership to the JHJC 

For more than 40 years, the Jackson Hole Jewish Community has welcomed people of all ages and backgrounds who share a love for Jackson Hole and Judaism. We are independent, unaffiliated and inclusive. All are welcome to Jackson Hole's oldest Jewish congregation, no matter his or her level of Jewish observance.


The Jackson Hole Jewish Community is committed to creating a diverse Jewish presence that unites us, celebrates our faith, and promotes tolerance in the greater Jackson Hole community. We strive to engage all families and individuals in spirituality, education, tzadakah, and the joys of Jewish life.


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