October 2016
Issue No. 46
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You read that right! Only 11 weeks until Christmas! Keep up-to-date with us as we prepare for the holidays with gifts, Christmas Tress, and more gifts!

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Buying With A Purpose 
Mercy House Global and Fair Trade Friday items are still availble in our giftshop. Stop by during normal business hours to shop and buy items that support moms and families all over the world. Each item is hand-made and has the artisans name attached to it so you can pray for them specifically. All the items are awesome and make such a difference in the makers life! Below is a sampling. Come shop awesome hand-made products that fully employs women from all over the world!

On Sale This Month

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On Sale This Month!

Antique Children's Easel
This beautiful antique children's easel would make a great present for a loved child in your life! Not only is it in great shape and beautiful, but it also still has an original eraser that goes with it! This month only, mention this ad and get this easel for only $30!

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Antique 1880s Oak Dresser           

This piece is absolutely gorgeous and would make a great statement in any room. Not only is it antique and full of character, it is also in great shape AND it includes the original key!  

  Stop by to see or buy this, as well as other items! 
What Is It?!

In this section, we feature unique antiques that we have discovered. Test your knowledge and see if you know what they are. Send us an e-mail to see if you are correct and get a 10% off coupon good for the Antiques Loft!

Out Of The Past

30 Years Ago
October 9, 1986
When It Rains, It Gets Dangerous
As of 1986 school year gets underway, I am writing to express a concern about what I consider to be an extremely harmful safety hazard at Lititz Elementary School: the use by children of umbrellas without safety caps on the end of their spokes.
My daughter attends first grade here, and on numerous occasions while walking her to and from school, I observed many children just missing having an eye poked  by being too close to another child waving an umbrella. Umbrellas with broken spokes are just like spears!
Young children cannot always handle an awkward umbrella easily, and I feel the umbrellas without safety caps should be banned from school.

90 Years Ago
October 7, 1926
Lititz Shall be Free at Last
Negotiations for the purchase by the state and county of the Lancaster and Lititz and Lexington turnpikes were announced Tuesday as having been completed.
The Lancaster and Lititz turnpike is sold for $70,000, and the Lititz and Lexington turnpike for $4,000, a total of $74,000 for approximately nine and a half miles of road. The pikes are purchased by the state and county on a fifty-fifty basis, the state paying $37,000 and the county $37,000.
Lititz at last will become free. Within a short time we of Lititz may travel to Lancaster or in the opposite direction, to to the Lebanon county line, without being assessed a toll for the use of these pikes.

120 Years Ago
October 9, 1896
Whooo Needs a Nap?
An owl entered the residence of W. M. Weitzel, this borough, a few nights ago and made itself at home on the bed, where it remained some time.

* All stories are taken word for word out of the Lititz Record Express. They are credited with all research.

We are almost completely owned and operated by family, and here at Sylvan Brandt we believe in that - family and home. We believe in preserving our past - that our past is what shapes our future. We believe that everyone deserves respect and love, and that collaboration will get us far. We want to help you preserve our strong American history and make your home one-of-a-kind. We promise to treat you like family and want to work together with you to make your home a history-rich sanctuary.




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