Volume 25 | October 2017
  The Gate 
Our Mission Statement - To provide space for artists to work and engage community through arts education, exhibitions of contemporary art,
and cultural events. 
Studio Artist News 
Welcome Two New Studio Artists

June Edmonds
June Edmonds is a p ainter and public artist that has shown her work locally at California African American Museum, Huntington Beach Art Center, Watts Towers Art Center and the Korean Cultural Center to name a few venues.  June has completed works of public art in the city of Los Angeles including a mosaic installation at Pacific Station in Long Beach with the MTA. 
June has been a recipient of grants with the Department of Cultural Affairs in Los Angeles, most recently the COLA Master Artist Fellowship, and the California Arts Council. 
June received an MFA from Tyler School of Art, Bachelors degree from San Diego State University and currently resides and works in Los Angeles.

Ann Weber
Ann Weber studied with Viola Frey at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. It was Viola’s totemic clay figures that inspired the scale of her work. She started working in cardboard in 1991. Her abstract sculptures read as metaphors for life experiences, such as the balancing acts that define our lives.

By casting ordinary cardboard into bronze or fiberglass for public art projects, she is illustrating that things are not always what they appear to be. Even in other materials it is easy to see the details of the former lives of cardboard boxes and individual staples. This humble origin is part of the innovation, charm and humor of the artwork.
On October 14th Lynn Doran is doing a book signing for the EAC, Ethnic Arts Council. It is the annual Dinner Fund Raiser at the Fowler Museum, UCLA .

50% of the proceeds from the sale of her book OMO will be donated to the EAC. 
Last Call for Ports 0' Call Tour...One More Time
Saturday, October 28th at 10am

Due to overwhelming response local historian Angela “Romee” Romero will be sharing the area’s history one more time! See the story in the Daily Breeze!

For more information or to reserve your spot, please call (310) 808-7800.
Upcoming Programming
October 21st 6pm at the Artillery Theater
As part of the ongoing programming around Coastal/Border Dany Naierman will present Port Capa. Port Capa is an exploration of the Port of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. This encounter comprises outdoor multimedia installations and a faux-tour that manifests a threshold between the visible and invisible; a zone where ships in the night, cranes in the distance, and hundreds of thousands of containers move in a symphony. Founded on a massive technological and human effort, Capa, Spanish for “layers,” results in an abstracted landscape guided by puppetry and kinetics. Follow @PORTCAPA on Instagram.

October 29th at 11:15 in Building H
The MOVEMENT movement Danz Workshop lead by Mecca Vazie Andrews is a two hour dance gathering under the umbrella of Coastal/Border, a Pacific Standard Time LA/LA exhibition opening in September 2017. We will move through concepts of migration and boundary using sound, meditation and various movement techniques. The workshop is tailored to the individual and is defined by the participants as a whole. All are Welcome and Encouraged to participate in this journey. The MOVEMENT movement Danz Workshop is limited to 22 people. The workshop will inform a performance and installation to debut with the exhibition at Angels Gate Cultural Center in the Fall. FOR ALL AGES AND BODIES!
November 4th beginning at 4pm
Jimena Sarno will present a choir performance by the C3LA Choir activating her "From Sea to Shining Sea" experience. Borrowing its title from the last line of the song “America the Beautiful”, the project utilizes the acoustic qualities of the site, ballistics data and weapon sounds as re-structuring parameters to deconstruct and rearrange the song for a choir performance. The reimagined musical score breaks down the phonemes and syllables of the lyrics in this iconic tune and expands them into 12 minutes of haunting mantra and firings of voices across the sonic field.

The performance will be followed by Mecca Vazie Andrews at approximately 5pm, where she will present the culmination of her MOVEMENT movement workshops with the debut of her new work "Fringes" involving the community.
The Return of the Many Winters Gathering of Elders
to Angels Gate Cultural Center
October 12, 13, 14, 15, 2017.

We will be hosting and welcoming Indigenous elders from the local communities as well as elders from across Turtle Island. The primary function of the Gathering is to foster a greater understanding of traditional Indigenous values and spiritual beliefs. Also, to demonstrate to the mainstream American and international societies that Indigenous people and their traditional values, throughout the western hemisphere have survived, exist today, and will continue to remain. Due to the rapid destruction and deterioration of Mother Earth through global warming and the contamination of water, land, and air – the return of our spiritual connection to ceremony, prayer, and Indigenous philosophy is necessary for the survival of all living beings.
In the heart of the traditional territories of the Tongva Nation, the first Many Winters Gathering of the Elders took place as result of a vision by community activist and spiritual Ho-Chunk leader, John Funmaker. It was also in response to the 500-year celebration of Christopher Columbus’s “discovery” of America. The Gathering was created to bring Indigenous people together for connecting, learning, and healing. Equally important, Indigenous elders were at the center of sharing their living knowledge, oral history, and traditional medicine while participating at the annual Gathering.
The Gathering is spiritual in nature and is intended to facilitate healing the wounds of the past, and to create an atmosphere of harmony amongst all people. The event will include educational, cultural and spiritual activities for the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. This event will be free and open to the public. There will be absolutely NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, CAMERAS, VIDEO OR OTHER RECORDING EQUIPMENT ALLOWED. For more information regarding the Gathering of Elders please call (562) 405-5767.

Support the Elders
New Workshop
San Pedro House History Workshop - October 19th 6pm

Are you curious about the history of your home? Do you wish your walls could actually talk? Let local historian Angela "Romee" Romero show you the ropes of researching your San Pedro home. In just a couple of hours, she'll walk you through her process and give you tips on how to use local resources to put together your own house history.
Cost is $45 and space is limited. For more information or to reserve your spot, please call (310) 808-7800 .

Scary Stories at Angels Gate Cultural Center
October 28th  
6:30 to 8:00pm

Snuggle up around the bonfire for an all-new program of scary stories (with sound effects!) suitable for all ages. Fresh frights await you! Bring your own seating and dress warmly. Suitable for young and old, living and...shhh. More information here

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