October 2020
Greetings Everyone!
October has arrived and around here that means it's time for our 15th Annual Fall Denver Trunk Show. We are in the throes of processing all of our new inventory. The only difference this time is we didn't have semi-truck loads of new goodies being delivered at our doorstep all in one day after Amanda, Michael and I had spent 10 days of nonstop shopping. Instead, we find ourselves with the luxury of pallets being delivered every 3 to 4 days allowing us the time to gradually process and price everything for you to see. As great as this may sound, we are finding some unexpected limitations. Some of our vendors had slightly limited inventory to choose from and it's looking like not all of our orders will be arriving in time for our sale start date, so plan to make multiple visits over the course of the month.

We are finding that just like all of you, COVID-19 has forced us to make many changes in the way we are doing things. Even though we thought the way we were functioning previously was perfect and would last that way for a very long time, we are finding more of these new changes are actually better than how we were operating before. We do miss all our gatherings and personal contacts, but we are finding that being made to think outside of the box is kind of fun and exciting. So, with all these new adjustments we believe that this years 15th Annual Fall Denver Trunk Show will be just as fun and exciting as in the past but with a few changes such as new restrictions to better accommodate our crowds of shoppers. We feel these restructures will make your shopping trip safe and more fun than any of our past trunk sales. In order to allow everyone time to see all the new products we have to share, we have expanded the show dates to span a whole month and will be constantly adding new inventory during the whole event. We have redesigned our layout for a less crowded shopping environment and check-out flow and have added several new options for a safe online shopping experiences. Be sure to read below more exact details of how this 15th Annual Fall Denver Trunk Show will be even more fun and exciting than ever before.

In the next couple of weeks we will be emailing you our fact sheet of what to expect for this years trunk sale. It too will look a little different from our past mailings in that they will be broken up week-by-week with what's new and exciting (including 1 Infra-red Sauna equipped with color therapy options!), but we hope you will enjoy this sneak peak and all the great pictures of the new goodies we have in store for you this year. So keep your eyes open for this mailer in your inbox. It'll be fun to get out and come browse all the new merchandise available just like old times except, of course, we won't be able to have the free munchies and drinks we always had before and restroom accommodations will be limited when available.

This month we would be typically enjoying the Columbus Day holiday, and maybe an extra day off to catch up and play. I'm not sure a day off quite means the same as before. I'm wondering about the joys of trick or treating for Halloween this year. Accepting candy from strangers has an extra element of caution, more now than ever. Costumes will take on a whole new dimension with fairy princesses, cute animals, and vampires wearing masks but then maybe this will be the year for nurses, super heroes and mad scientists. I guess it's all how you go with the flow, adapt and change your perspectives. Wait, isn't that what we've been trying to learn how to do all along in order to make our lives easier. Aaahh!! Another surprise gift Covid-19 has given us. I've read that the universal planet energy at this time is to address old issues and patterns we've been avoiding and make those new changes. Who would have guessed we would all have so much help getting our lives on track.
Please everyone, stay safe and healthy.

Karen and the Staff
Nature's Treasures Celebrating 20 Years in 2020
Karen Richards, the owner of the spiritual rock shop, believes in the healing power of her crystals. “A lot of being close to nature is vibration,” says Karen Richards as she slowly taps a tongue drum with a wooden mallet. Sound waves reverberate throughout her store, causing vibrations that you can feel in your chest...

Join us in celebrating our 15th Annual Fall Denver Trunk Show, October 19th-November 22nd, featuring never-before-seen treasures from around the world! Due to COVID-19 we adjusted how we will be bringing you 6 months worth of new natural gift ideas from the International Gem & Jewelry Show in Denver, Colorado.

For this special event, we will still be abiding by local, state and federal recommendations during the COVID-19 epidemic, but will be opening up our Auditorium and combining our two large spaces while keeping them well ventilated. For the Denver Trunk Show doors will remain open until 5:50p, but customers will only be able to enter our Showroom through the Auditorium Entrance, while the main entrance will become Exit Only.

Since we still anticipate lines at the door and around the building, we will also be increasing our combined space capacity to at least 50 customers, but based on the combined feedback of customers and employees, it could be as much as 70 customers. The Rock Depot will maintain a maximum capacity of 13 with its own entrance/exit. Knowing this may still not be enough to accommodate EVERYONE, we have also decided to extend our 4 Day Only event to last a full month beginning on October 19th and ending November 22nd.

Wait! There's MORE! Our Online Store will be offering Remote Concierge Services for customers that feel more comfortable shopping from home! Keep an eye our for more information on this service online or if you're really eager, E-MAIL US HERE for announcements & updates on how to participate in this live video personal shopping experience to get the exact items you want as if you were shopping yourself! If that's not sweet enough, the Online Store is offering 20% off for our 20th Anniversary in 2020 for any customer that takes advantage of this brand new service!

Be sure to stay in the know of this great opportunity and subscribe for updates HERE!

We look forward to sharing all of these new treasures with you!
UPDATE: Nature's Treasures Continues COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Nature's Treasures will continue to review recommendations made by local government and the Center for Disease Control to move forward in a socially responsible way to best support staff, customers, the community and the economy.

If you would like to be added to a COVID-19 Response Notification to stay updated on the Nature's Treasures plan-of-action, please update your e-mail subscriptions HERE.
POLL: How many other customers do you feel comfortable sharing the Nature's Treasures floor with once our 15th Denver Trunk Show begins on October 19th?
How many other customers do you feel comfortable sharing the Nature's Treasures floor with?
10 or fewer
Around 10% Capacity (10-25)
25% Capacity (25-50)
50% Capacity (50-100)
75% Capacity (Up to 150)
Remember Your Re-useable Bags this Holiday Season
Protecting the environment is not tied to the seasons. Although it's easy to remember all the fun outdoorsy things we can do in the Spring and Summer months to help rejuvenate Mother Nature, sometimes we forget to do what we can during the Fall and Winter months. This season as you prepare for the holidays, we kindly ask everyone to remember to bring your reuseable bags and boxes as you stock up on treasures whether for you or for a loved one.

As a little extra incentive, if you remember to bring your reuseable bag/box AND your stamp card, we will give you a second stamp to get you to closer to your 15% off discount that much sooner!

Remember to give the gifts that keep on giving this holiday season!
Be On the Lookout! We Need Your Help!
Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for all of your support during our reopen and for being a part of our community. We are currently looking to you for help with preventing shoplifting and theft from the store.

We have had a series of Rock Yard Break-Ins all perpetrated by the same individual(s). We have multiple police reports on file. The main individual has been consistently stealing our Selenite Logs, Lithium Quartz Clusters, and Amethyst Clusters among other assorted gems/minerals in the early morning. On their last break-in, he brought a female friend with him. If you recognize them or our products being sold, please contact [email protected] with any information.
Feb 2019
wearing pikachu-like beanie w/ ears, skinny jeans, and leather jacket
June 2020
wearing a long hooded cardigan w/ tails; very thin
June 2020
showing dark hair, between 5'8"-5'10" tall
Around 8 Selenite Logs have been stolen since February of 2019. They are approximately 18" long and 4" in diameter
Around 4 Lithium Quartz Clusters are believed to be stolen since June of 2020. They have a lilac color and range in size from 4-10" in diameter.
Aug 2020
with a female accomplice; approximately 5'6"-5'8" and possibly light brown curly hair
Aug 2020
wearing tank top and black capris or 3/4 leggings
Aug 2020
wearing light colored tights and large camp-style backpack; head covered in dark scarf
The Treasure Tome: A Trove of Knowledge
October Birthstone Tourmaline
In 1952, the American Gem Society and the National Retail Jewelers Council added Tourmaline as one of October’s birthstones. What a happy and fortuitous addition for those born in October! Tourmaline comes in a veritable rainbow of colors. Indeed, its very name comes from the Sinhalese word toramalli which means...

Read on to learn more HERE
Angelite: Stone of Awareness
Whether you want to connect to the Angelic Realm or quickly feel soothed with spiritual peace and serenity, Angelite is for you! Learn more about this Blue Anhydrite, its history, healing properties, how to use it, and why it's called the Stone of Awareness here on Nature's Treasures Blog!

Read about Angelite HERE
Zoisite: The Crystal for 2020 and Beyond

by: Katie S.
2020 has been a year for massive growth, whether you were ready for it or not. We have experienced disease, fear, uncertainty, isolation, frustration, anger, selfishness, irrationality, etc., etc. We have also witnessed sacrifice, selflessness, unconditional love, courage, gratitude, and compassion. Both ends of the spectrum have been very present! We will be dealing with the consequences and effects, both the good and the bad, of this time for generations to come.

Meet Our Staff
Katie S.
Originally from Orange County, CA, Katie has always loved crystals, but didn't really start learning about them until about 4 years ago through various online groups. Having a family of 6, Katie likes to spend her spare doing all sorts of arts and crafts, including making jewelry. She also enjoys learning about different cultures, reading and singing. At Nature's Treasures you can find Katie in either our Retail Showroom or in our Rock Depot helping customers find treasures of their very own.

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Crystal Suggestions for Each Room of Your Home

These days, many of us are spending more time at home than usual. Your home is a container and a reflection of your energy, and it’s up to you to maintain good vibes throughout it. Here’s a handy guide by Adrienne Goff, Crystal Healer, to help you select crystals with the right vibration for each room in your home. Read More Here
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Phantom Quartz Point with Inclusions - Medium
Brecciated Jasper Crystal Skull Large
Warrior Angel- Moldavite, Black Tourmaline, Herkimer Sterling Silver Pendant
White Opal Flat Palm Stone
Obsidian Large Scrying Disk- 10 inch
Pyrite Cube Cluster
New in the Showroom
Tumbled Malachite and
Rough Pyrite Restocked

New Masks!!

New at the Front Counter
Answer Pendulum Jewelry Restocked
Wearable pendulums for any occasion!
Sweet Satya Jewelry Restocked
American-made, Hand-drilled, Hand-knotted statement pieces!
New in the Depot
In-House Tumbled Stones
Including Agates, Ametrine, Fire Quartz & More!

In-House Cabochons
Calibrated and Freeformed
In The Community Events Center
The Nature's Treasures Community Events Center is undergoing renovations! Our Auditorium will be largely the same, but we will be offering a new and improved Studio space in 2021!

Stay tuned in to our Calendar and Upcoming Events Pages for the latest updates on events being held in our Community Events Center.
Classes | Lectures | Workshops & More
Nature's Treasures has a 2,200 sq ft (56' x 40') Auditorium that seats 150 available for your event. 

Check our calendar for availability.
To schedule events, e-mail [email protected]
October Practitioners
Our Practitioners are BAAAAAACK!!!
Monday-Friday from 11a-3:45p
Click on a practitioner's name to read more about them.
A Note from Laura, Practitioner Program Coordinator:
Under the circumstance, these fundamentals of etiquette during COVID-19 must be put in place regarding interactions with and around our fellow humankind. Practitioners and their clients must keep their masks on covering nose and mouth while in-store.

If Practitioners are not following or enforcing this rule with clients, they may be excused from the Program.

Thanks and Blessings! ~Laura
Meditation Corner
It came forward yesterday in the Akashic Records as "Universal Knowledge" that right now is a very opportunistic time for ALL people to practice patience, along with tolerance & acceptance (all are one in the same), as to fully experience its true multifaceted meaning (also in relevance to consciousness). The global act of practicing patience, tolerance, acceptance has the potentiality to have a very beneficial energetic effect on "The Whole" and our connection to each other, Earth and all vibrational beings - especially right now! Also, activating a long awaited collective consciousness!!
~Courtesy of Universal Knowledge in Akashic Records
as facilitated by one of our practitioners, Mia Loweree.
In the Community

Healing Arts Festival and Market
Sunday, October 4th
11a - 6p

The Hilton Garden Inn
8101 Pat Booker Road

Join us for crystals, minerals and more at our booth. Meet & greet talented artisans and practitioners from all over Texas. This community rocks!

Click HERE for more info!

FREE LIVE 30-minute Zoom Intro?

Fear Not!

(Regular price $88)
is being offered for the special price of just $55!

Leah has created a DIY in-home experiential for those who are choosing to Self-empower and evolve through this time of great transition.

The time is NOW to expand Our 5D consciousness.

Contact Leah for More Details TODAY!
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