Cape Ann Swordfisherman
by Anton Emile Gruppe

Schooner American Eagle
October 2020
Cruise News
Postmarked in 1908
It's been twenty years since the American Eagle has been to Portland, although we've been by many times on our way to or from ports to the south and west. Next season we're following up on an event originally scheduled for this year: a marine parade celebrating Maine's 200th birthday.

We may well end up being the largest sailing vessel participating but there are more reasons to celebrate this historic port. A busy working waterfront, the old port district, the last coastal signal tower dating to 1807, the Longfellow House, Becky's Diner, and a functioning narrow gauge railway.

Portland is one of the last cities that still looks seaward for her commerce and enterprise. For this 8-night trip we board in Rockland Monday evening, sail into Portland Thursday afternoon, spend Thursday night and Friday dockside in the heart of the waterfront, and head for home Saturday morning, reaching our home dock Tuesday morning.

There are still four cabins open. Do give us a call if you're interested and, as with our other adventures, no deposit required until January.
Crew's News
The Roseway just happened to be in Mystic, CT, on their way south and Christa, their chief mate, stopped to check in on Andy our long time cook from a few years ago. Andy has worked on more sailing vessels than most of us have ever seen.
Andy is always up to something. Sorry about the poor picture; there is some kind of rotisserie barbeque behind him.
Celestial twilight heading south on the Roseway while I'm here at the shipyard chasing papers. It's pretty rare to find a clear horizon on the Maine Coast; not because of fog but because there's usually an island in the way!
Notes and cards from away
Bob and Pat couldn't come sailing in 2020 so they headed for Lake Champlain, the west coast of New England where the tides are always high.
Rockland; when Main Street was two way with the trolley tracks in the middle and busier than this past summer! Most of the buildings are still there a century later.

photo courtesy of Andy Castillo

Laying out our course for the Great Schooner Race in 2019.

All good!