Night of Inclusion
Presented by IMT Des Moines Marathon
You are invited to join us for a Night of Inclusion, presented by the IMT Des Moines Marathon. This special evening will include updates from the state office, highlights on how athletes are staying engaged during this time, and an online silent auction. Attend the Night of Inclusion, and help keep athletes in the games.

Event Date: October 15, 2020
Schedule of Events
Online Auction Begins - 8:00 a.m.
Program Begins - 7:00 p.m.
Online Auction Closes - 9:00 p.m.

Virtual Fall Competition Begins Today

We are excited to announce that this month's virtual event, the Virtual Fall Competition, will feature an at-home competition in both cheerleading and football as well as a Virtual Fall Competition Series. We invite all members of the Special Olympics Iowa community to be a part of the fun by competing in the competition and joining us for the Virtual Fall Competition Series sessions.

Event Dates
Virtual Fall Competition: October 1 - 18
Scores Due: October 19
Virtual Fall Competition Series: October 22 - 23
Session Announced - October 9
New Fitness Challenge Starting Soon
The Steppin' Through Summer Challenge came to an end on September 21 after participants recorded over 8,000 miles of walking, running, biking, and rolling. This fall's fitness challenge, the SONA Stride Challenge, will be similar to the Steppin' Through Summer Challenge in the way that it will again encourage athletes to get outside and record their walks, runs, and rolls. An exciting opportunity the SONA Stride Challenge will provide is the chance for Special Olympics Iowa to compete against other state delegations while trying to reach the top of the regional leaderboard. Athletes will once again have an opportunity to earn a Fitbit, as well as other cool prizes, during the duration of the challenge. We hope everyone will join us in participating in the SONA Stride Challenge.

Event Dates
Registration Opens: October 7
Challenge will Run: October 19 - December 13
Virtual Truck Convoy

The 2020 Truck Convoy® for Special Olympics Iowa is going virtual! Join us for Virtual Truck Convoy week October 18 through 24. Drive anywhere, anytime during convoy week and post photos of your travels on our Facebook page. In addition to a virtual convoy, there will also be a virtual truck show! Share photos of the interior and exterior of your truck for a chance to win great prizes. SOIA athletes will serve as judges and vote on their favorites.

Event Dates: October 18 - 24
Minimum Donation: $100 per truck
Virtual Youth Summit
Like most things this year, the Special Olympics Iowa Youth Summit has been moved to a virtual setting. While the format of the summit may be different, the focus will still be inclusion, exclusion, and everything in the middle. Unified pairs from both middle and high school Unified Champion Schools will be engaged in thought-provoking conversations which will lead to more inclusive school communities pursued by student leaders.

Event Dates: November 17 and 18
Times: 1:30 - 2:45 p.m. (each day)
Virtual Athlete Leadership Conference
During the five-day virtual Athlete Leadership Conference, 38 athletes attended a variety of classes that covered topics like social media and cell phone etiquette, creating PowerPoints, instant interviewing, and volunteering. The classes taught athletes how to become stronger leaders. They also gave the athletes an opportunity to look at the different types of leadership roles that are available.

Though it was hard to not meet in person, the athletes enjoyed being able to learn while at home. They also enjoyed being able to see friends they either have not been able to see while in quarantine or don’t see very often due to the physical distance between them. 
Virtual Fishing
Athletes, Unified partners, fans, supporters, and staff had a great time during the first-ever Special Olympics Iowa Virtual Fishing Tournament. The tournament featured an at-home competition as well as a Virtual Fishing Series. One of the at-home competition events was Best Selfie with a Fish, the winning selfie is pictured to the left.

The Virtual Fishing Series sessions included Wheel of Fortune, Special Olympics Fun Fact Bingo, a Talent Show, Fishin' for Fitness, FINtastic Sports Highlights, and Virtual Fishing Tournament Competition Results.

Join Us for a Virtual Adventure Scavenger Hunt presented by The Lohse Family Foundation Fund
Do you and your friends have what it takes to get the highest point total and win the $500 gift card? The first virtual adventure scavenger hunt (VASH) supporting Special Olympics Iowa will begin Monday, November 16, and conclude on Friday, November 20. Teams will receive 12 clues on Monday morning and will have until 8:00 p.m. Friday evening to submit answers for all clues.

Event Dates: November 16 - 20
Cost per Team:$200
Coaches Corner
We are excited to share that Class A Volunteer certification and re-certification can now be completed online in three steps.
  1. Complete the Class A Volunteer Application and background check
  2. Take the Protective Behavior Training and quiz
  3. submit a color photo, passport quality, to