October 2019 e-news
Delivering a World of Health and Hope .
Relief Continues After Hurricane Dorian
Last month we shared news that SOS delivered a shipment of critically needed medical supplies to the islands of Grand Bahama and Nassau after Hurricane Dorian. This week, our CEO Denise Sears visited the Bahamas to see how our future shipments can get the island nation back on its feet. You can read her daily updates through our blog here.

SOS is developing a plan to send medical supplies that will assist the mobile medical units throughout the island that are the only source of medical relief for the Bahamian people. This will be a long road ahead but SOS is dedicated to bringing hope and dignity back to the Bahamas and the people who need it most.
2019 Health & Hope Breakfast
The 2019 Health & Hope Breakfast is just two weeks away! You are invited to join us and hear from our international partner Madani Sissoko about his humanitarian work in Segou, Mali and see the 2019 Health & Hope Hero Award presented to a local advocate for global health! You can RSVP here.
SOS at the Science Lab Grab
In June, we announced our formal partnership with JCPS. With over $50,000 of supplies already donated to local classrooms, our impact has already been felt in our schools. In September, our schoolroom donations continued when we participated in JCPS's Science Lab Grab. Dozens of Jefferson County science teachers received donated items for use in their classroom! For a variety of reason, some items received by SOS cannot be shipped overseas. We constantly look for proactive ways that these supplies can be used in our own community and the Lab Grab was the perfect opportunity to support education in our own community while also keeping usable medical items from being thrown away.
SOS board member Sue Davis, EdD, RN and SOS volunteer Amy Verst, PhD were on site to assist local teachers in gathering useful supplies for their curriculum. Organized by JCPS's Michelle Tedford, this event gives local teachers access to free items they would normally have to buy or do without. Michelle told us "the teachers were very gracious and we even had one cry happy tears over all of the materials she was going to take back for her students". Our ongoing donations will support science education while also being used for high school certification courses that allow students to enter the workforce with employable skills.
A Record-Setting Month
The month of September saw SOS hit two amazing milestones in our 25 year history. We celebrated 150,000 total volunteer hours and our 3,000,000th pound of medical supplies saved from the landfill! Watch SOS CEO Denise Sears describe the amazing milestones here.

SOS is a community-first organization and our generous volunteers help make our dynamic mission possible. On top of that amazing support we have received from our community, saving 3,000,000 pounds of plastic and metal from local landfills has a huge environmental impact!
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Did you know you can support SOS for your birthday through Facebook? Just go to your profile and click "Support Nonprofit" then search for Supplies Over Seas. Supporting our mission is easy as that!

Supplies Over Seas (SOS) is a Louisville, Kentucky-based nonprofit organization that meets critical health care needs in medically impoverished communities around the world by collecting and distributing surplus medical supplies and equipment.

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