Health & Hope Goes Virtual
October is usually the month we invite you to join the SOS team at The Olmsted to see the amazing work made possible with your support. Like everything else, this year is a little different! On October 20th, we will premiere a unique, heartfelt online presentation featuring SOS staff and valued partners from Louisville and around the world! We'll have much more info soon, but for now click here to learn more and bookmark the page for October 20th!
SOS in the Community
As the Justice for Breonna Taylor demonstrations wind down and our city moves forward, SOS continues our commitment to health equity in our city. This week SOS donated thousands of gloves, aprons and face shields to the McAtee Community Kitchen. These donated items will save the organization thousands of dollars that will instead be spent on serving the community. Health equity means not only access to medical care and education but also access to healthy food. SOS enhances every aspect of health equity with our supplies and decades of experience in community building. Click here to see the Spectrum News story on SOS and the McAtee Community Kitchen teaming up to support a healthier Louisville.
SOS Around the World
SOS's international shipments create access to medical care in regions that have been left behind. What's better than creating access is creating sustainability. This month SOS delivered a third shipment in three years to the small island country of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Working with Louisville's Father Ron Knott and SVG's Ministry of Health, SOS has regularly provided supplies to the two hospitals on the island as well as delivering items for schools and an orphanage. Last year, members of the SOS team and long-time volunteers visited the island to see our supplies having an immediate and dramatic impact. Like health equity in our own city, when people are empowered with equal access to resources, hope blooms and the future changes.
Patients in the "waiting room" of SVG's Milton Cato Memorial Hospital utilizing wheelchairs and crutches donated by SOS.
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