Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council OCTOBER 2020: Issue 7
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Miss the CD4 Candidate Forum? Watch the REPLAY

Census extended to October 31st

SONC Committee Updates

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Folks in the Oaks

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New Pavilions on Kester Avenue & Ventura Blvd.
Ballot Box @ Sherman Oaks Library

Save the Dates:

October 10th, 9am
Valley Disaster Fair, 9am

October 10th, 2pm
SONC Speaker Series #1

October 13th, 6:30pm
SONC - CA State Proposition Review

October 19th, 6:30pm
SONC Board Meeting

Message from the President
Jeffrey Hartsough
Welcome to the Ziff Flyer, the newsletter for the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC), your neighborhood council. There’s a new look and we’re working to provide information that you will find useful and that will en-
courage you to be an active member of your community. 
We hope you become a routine and avid reader of the Ziff Flyer. Please forward it to your friends and neighbors.
Looking for Something to Do in the Remaining Days of 2020

The Year 2020 so far - we will remember the year 2020. It’s been a challenging year in so many ways. The COVID-19 pandemic, affecting jobs, businesses, and schools, everyone.
Social unrest and demonstrations questioning the equity and fairness of our institutions. Hopefully, an awakening to and empathy for the disparities in our county and how different communities are treated. The 2020 Census, a once every ten years event that has profound impacts on representation, federal funding, political redistricting, and more. Oh, a clear distrust of our government leaders on both sides of the aisle. And then, just in case you missed it, there is an Election on November 3rd. And on almost every issue the messages have been mixed, changing by the day, and often difficult to follow or understand.

So, what are we to do? How can we help? Here are a few concrete things that might make us feel like we’ve done the right thing, our civic duty.

The 2020 Census - This one is simple. It takes about 10 minutes. Complete the 2020 Census. Go to and do it. Simple. Essential. Very Important.

Racial inequity and treatment of communities of color – This one isn’t so simple. Change will take time and sustained efforts. One thing we can do is to learn about how our institutions have generated inequity in our society, and what changes are needed to address those inequities and bring about a fair and just society. Read, listen, learn.

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council’s (SONC) Education Committee is providing a Speaker Series that will address issues of race. The goal is to share information that will educate, stimulate discussion, and foster understanding and empathy within our community. You are invited to the inaugural Speaker Series event on October 10th. For more information about the event click SONC Speaker Series Oct 10.

Vote on November 3rd - This is the first time our Los Angeles local elections and the national elections have been held together. This means more things on the ballot – a mixture of local, state, and national issues to be informed and knowledgeable about. And add to that the questions about voting safely during the pandemic – we need to be ready to vote.

First, make sure you are registered to vote and know how to vote.  - The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk administers voting in Los Angeles County. Their website provides information about elections and voting. Click Vote in LA to get to the website. Some of the information you can find:

  • Voter Registration – Register to Vote, Check if You are Registered to Vote, and more
  • Voting Options – Voting in Person, Vote by Mail, Where to Vote, and more
  • Vote-By-Mail Ballots will be mailed to voters beginning on October 5

At the Local Level
We will be electing our representative to the LA City Council. SONC hosted a CD4 Candidates Forum on September 23rd with Nithya Raman and David Ryu. We thank those who submitted questions and all those who attended. To see a recording click SONC CD4 Candidates Forum.

If you missed the September 23 SONC forum, the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association (SOHA) will have Nithya Raman and David Ryu back on October 21 to again speak to our Sherman Oaks community. Details can be found on the SOHA website.

At the State Level - There will be 12 Propositions on the November 3 ballot. Knowing about the Propositions, what they “really” mean and how they will affect us, is particularly important because the voters make the decision. Direct democracy. 

To learn more about the 12 CA Propositions please join a SONC Special Meeting on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. The presentation will start at 7:00 pm. Click SONC Calendar and then look for more information on the October 13 date.

Click CA Official Voter Information Guide for Nov 3 to get details about the 12 propositions and other information about vote-by-mail voting, voting safely during the pandemic, and more.  

At the National Level - The election of our next U.S. President is dominating the news. This is a particularly important contest this year. The visibility and media coverage of this contest overshadows other items that you will be voting on. Come prepared to vote knowledgably on all the candidates and all the ballot issues. How you vote on all the issues is important.

Reach Out to Your Neighbors - And with all this going on, we still need to protect ourselves, our families, and our community from the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been seven months. Please take a moment to reach out to your neighbors to touch base. Make sure everyone is OK. Help if you can safely. And initiate a little of the social contact and interaction that we miss.

A special thank you to our first responders, healthcare workers, and all the essential workers. You’ve made it possible to survive during this difficult pandemic time.

Get Involved - I invite you to get to know your Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC) and to get involved. Visit our website: SONC Website. And thanks for being part of our Sherman Oaks community.

Pease stay safe and VOTE. Voting is important.  

--Jeffrey Hartsough
President of SONC,
Community Interest 2

How to join SONC Virtual Meetings

The Agenda is available on the SONC website, 72 hours prior to every scheduled virtual meeting.

The Access Information for SONC meetings, both committees and board meetings, will be different for each meeting. Again, the access information will be different for each meeting and will be shown on the Agenda of the meeting.

To join the SONC virtual board meeting on October 19th, 2020 at 6:30 pm please check the Board Meeting Agenda for Zoom credentials and/or see link below.

To access this Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform:
Webinar ID: 962 1563 9741
Cut and Paste:
Telephone: 1-669-900-6833, enter 962 1563 9741 #

Did you miss SONC's CD4 Candidates Forum on Wednesday, Sept 23rd?

No problem! Check out the REPLAY here: SONC's CD4 Candidates Forum Sept. 23 Recording

Special thanks to all those who attended. We had 229 attendees and panelists! Thank you to Nithya Raman and David Ryu. Thank you to our moderators, Pamela Harris and Gil Imber. Thank you to SONC's Outreach Committee for organizing & promoting. And finally, thank you to our constituents who submitted questions for this debate.

Please Save the Date for SOHA's October 21, 2020 Community Zoom Meeting at 7:15 p.m. It will feature a Debate between Nithya Raman and David Ryu for Los Angeles City Councilmember for Sherman Oaks (Council District 4). ​Please visit SOHA's website for more information.
Join Madeleine, a 12-year old student from Buckley School, in remembering those who have died of Covid-19.

MAIL 8 inch x 8 inch MEMORIAL SQUARES to:

3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd #443
Studio City, CA 91604

Visit for more info.
Save the Date: Please Join SONC's Vision Committee on October 1st, 2020, 6:30pm.

The Zoom Webinar for this meeting is 
Zoom Webinar ID: 988 5525 3374

Please visit for more information. Thank you.
If you are interested in volunteering with the
LA Food Regional Bank, please visit this link.  

Other opportunities are found here.

Questions, concerns, please email:

The SONC Education Committee welcomes you to the
inaugural virtual Speaker Series event...
This is the first of a series of events to stimulate discussion and foster greater depth of unity and understanding regarding issues of race and how it affects our community and our country. 

How housing laws have contributed to inequity in housing, employment, and education. 

With guest speaker, George Lipsitz, PhD
UCSB Professor, Distinguished Author


By telephone: 1-669-900-6833,
Webinar ID: 932 5146 1527 #

Any viewpoints expressed in this speaker series are not official viewpoints of the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council or the City of Los Angeles.  Any advice, including legal advice, or recommended activity is not provided by the Neighborhood Council or the City.
Virtual SONC Meetings – Join Us

On March 12th the City, in response to the pandemic, suspended all meetings, activities, and events of SONC. We missed the annual Spring Tree Giveaway. We missed you at our meetings. Recently SONC began to hold “virtual” meetings. These “virtual” meetings are held by way of teleconferences and video conferences. Not as personal as in-person gatherings but virtual meetings are a beginning and likely to be the way we will be meeting for at least the next several months. 

Information about the meetings and how to “join in” is available on the SONC website: We will be adding additional information on the website about virtual meetings as we become more familiar with the best way to hold virtual meetings. Please give us your feedback and comments. And please be patient as we all learn what works and what doesn’t work. 

The next SONC Board meeting is on October 19th, 2020. We hope you join us.

Webinar ID: 962 1563 9741
Cut and Paste:
Telephone: 1-669-900-6833, enter 962 1563 9741 #
SONC - Board Meeting August 10th, 2020
Zoom Credentials -- SONC Board Meeting

The agenda will be available on October 16th, 2020 on the SONC website,

The Access information for SONC meetings is unique for each meeting.

To join SONC's virtual board meeting on
October 19th, 2020 at 6:30 pm.

By Telephone:
1-669-900-6833, enter 962 1563 9741 #

By the Internet:
(2) Press “Enter”

Or from a Zoom “Enter the Meeting” Screen:
(1) Enter the Webinar ID: 962 1563 9741
(2) Press “Enter”
(3) Enter your Email Address and Your Name, and
(4) Press “Enter”

Should you have technical questions or issues, please email

Save the Date: Valley Disaster Fair
Saturday, October 10th, 2020

9am to 1pm

To register, please visit:

New feature!
Folks in the Oaks

Alex Quinn, son of screen legend & two-time Oscar winner Anthony Quinn grew up in Beverly Hills, then moved to Sherman Oaks at the age of 19 where he has loved living in ever since. Now as a father, to his 3 year old son River, and husband to wife Kristine, he has no plans to relocate and enjoys the convenience of having all his favorite businesses & eateries just blocks again. Alex just launched a website dedicated to Southern California sites & activities called Best Guide LA; Drop him a line anytime for best recommendations!

With the giving season just around the corner,
take advantage of helping out your community.

North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry is looking
for volunteers for many dates including:

October 23rd
Nov 20th
Dec 18th

For more information, please visit:
How can I help my community?

If you live, work, own property, own a business or belong to a non-profit organization, school or religious institution in Sherman Oaks, you are a stakeholder in Sherman Oaks. We hold monthly Board of Directors and various committee meetings which you are invited to attend to learn about and participate in your community.

Start with the website and learn more!

To access our schedule of meetings, times, and locations, visit our " Calendar " page.

To access detailed committee information, including agendas, minutes, and documents, visit our Committees page.

To view the rules of the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council, visit the Bylaws page.

To subscribe & sign up to receive e-mailed agendas, visit the City of Los Angeles' Early Notification System.

For a list of motions and voting history for SONC, view the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council Motions page.

Please continue to scroll down to see SONC Committee Updates and FAQ about your Neighborhood Council.

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Electronic Notification System via Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to receive all agendas for both board meetings and committee meetings.
SONC's Special Board Meeting
CA State - Proposition Review

October 13th, 2020, 7pm

To access this Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform:
Webinar ID: 858 8433 0450
Cut and Paste:
Telephone: 1-669-900-6833, enter 858 8433 0450 #

To learn more about the 12 CA Propositions please join a SONC Special Meeting on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. The presentation will start at 7:00 pm. 
Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council
Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you are a stakeholder in Sherman Oaks, or simply an interested party, you can receive our newsletter and special bulletins by signing up for our mailing list. You are encouraged to join a committee and join the effort.


-To bridge the gap between our stakeholders and local government.

-To engage the broad spectrum of SONC stakeholders for collaboration and deliberation on matters affecting the community including events, issues and projects.

-To work to achieve the objectives or projects that the SONC desires to support.

-To monitor and promote the delivery of City services within Sherman Oaks.

-To promote SONC stakeholder participation and advocacy in City government decision-making processes and to promote greater awareness of and achieve maximum utilization of available resources.

-To be an advocate for the Sherman Oaks community to government and private agencies.

- To present to the Mayor and the City Council a list of SONC priorities for the City budget as per LAAC ordinance #172728 section 1, div. 22.

- To take any other action that is, or may be, authorized for neighborhood councils of the City of Los Angeles.


Mulholland Drive on the South, Burbank Blvd. on the North, 405 FWY on the West, Coldwater Canyon Blvd. on the East to the 101, then the zip code boundary between Studio City and Sherman Oaks on the East.


Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council PO Box 5721 Sherman Oaks, California 91413


The voters of Los Angeles passed a new City Charter in 1999 which calls for a citywide system of independent neighborhood councils, chosen by the people of the neighborhoods themselves.


The purpose of neighborhood councils is to promote public participation in City governance and decision-making process so that government is more responsive to local needs and requests. Neighborhood Councils will advise the Mayor, City Council and City Departments on the City budget and will give local residents greater say over the decisions that affect our lives.


To promote public participation in City governance and decision-making processes so that government is more responsive to local needs.
VISION & PLUM Committee -- Jeff Kalban, Chair
The SONC Planning and Land Use Committee (PLUM) reviews projects going through the City’s planning process that need discretionary approval. Our next meeting is 6:30 Thursday October 15, join us and participate in the review of a proposed new wine bar at 15003 Ventura and may be some other interesting proposals.
The SONC Vision Committee looks forward to future planning issues that may impact Sherman Oaks. At our October 1 meeting we will begin a discussion of what the future of the Ventura-Cahuenga Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan Update could be. Join us and share your ideas for the future of Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks.

Vision Sub-Committee Meeting Virtual Meeting:
October 1, 2020 Meeting

This meeting will be a Virtual Meeting.

To access this Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform:
Webinar ID: 988 5525 3374

Telephone: 1-669-900-6833, enter 988 5525 3374

EDUCATION Committee-- Joe Cappelletti, Chair
The Education Committee has continued to work on some very exciting projects. We have been organizing details for our inaugural speaker series as well as our associated book series. The plan is for both to launch in the Fall. Our work has also continued
in the development of a Food Grant Program, which is currently still in the planning phase.
Additionally, we have begun to set up a tutoring/mentoring student peer support program. Please let us know if you are interested in working with us to make these efforts as successful as possible. We welcome the involvement of all of our Sherman Oaks neighbors.

To access the next Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform,
please see Education Committee page for updates and agendas.

For parents who are teaching their kids at home. Please check out this Education Resource Guide put together by the Education Committee.
Please click on the button below.
OUTREACH Committee-- Sarah Manuel, Chair
Special thanks to all those who participated in SONC's Candidates Forum on Wednesday, Sept 23rd.
We had a wonderful turn out of 229 community members & panelists on the call. Thank you for attending! And thank you to those who submitted questions.
Special thanks to SONC Outreach Committee members including, Kira Durbin who presented the idea of hosting a forum to the committee. Pamela Harris and Gil Imber who prepared and moderated the forum. President, Jeffrey Hartsough who helped navigate the treacherous waters of Zoom conferencing and taking the next steps of providing access to constituents by recording the webinar. Replay link here.

Want real-time information and updates? Take advantage of being informed and participate in your community. We will continue to post information about volunteering, resources and more, so please "Like" us on FB and follow us on IG.

Just in case you missed it, did you know all our meetings are on the Zoom webinar platform? It is super easy to attend via computer, cell phone or landline. I encourage you to take the opportunity to use your voice and participate in the SONC meetings by making public comments. The City of LA has brought the 1st level of government to your finger tips. Don't delay, subscribe to ENS to receive agenda and meeting reminders today!

To access the next Virtual Meeting on the Zoom platform: please see Outreach Committee Page for agendas and webinar info.

PUBLIC SAFETY Committee-- Christy Adair, co-Chair &
Jenna Lewis, co-Chair
The Public Safety Committee is pleased to support the Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair which is being held Virtually on October 10th from 9am till 1pm. Please register at so that you can be one of the first to receive the schedule of events. There will be a library of lectures and video vignettes covering a wide range of preparedness topics.

To access this Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform: please see Public Safety Committee page for agendas and webinar info.
A few reminders:

  • In order to be more aware of local police and fire events near you - download the PulsePoint app to see real-time Agency responses and activity in your area.
  • Also, the website has a tab labeled. "Alerts" that specifically lists LAFD Responses and activity throughout the City.
-- AVO BABIAN, Chair
Traffic and Transportation Committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month. In the past, the committee has worked on improving traffic in the hillside streets of Sherman Oaks, helped alleviate cut through traffic, studied and has taken a strong stand on the future Sepulveda Metro Project. 
We have worked to promote the LA DASH and taken a stand on ideas for bike lanes to help alleviate traffic. We have also discussed the merits of Specified Drop Off spots for Ride Share.

If you are interested in learning more about alternative methods of transportation including DASH, riding a bike or learning about the future of the Sepulveda Metro Project, consider attending a Traffic & Transportation meeting. 

To access this Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform: please see Traffic & Transportation Committee page for agendas and webinar info.

Howard wants to hear from you! If you are reading this, you are indeed a Sherman Oaks stakeholder -- your input on the city budget and city services is important. Please contact Howard with questions, for further information or to provide input.
He is here to help you understand the Budget Advocates and what they do to help our community. If you want a copy of Budget Advocates Reports & Updates, please email Howard at or please visit for more information.
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Electronic Notification System via Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to receive all agendas for both board meetings and committee meetings.
Do you have questions?
The chairs have answers.
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Animal Welfare Committee
Email --

Board & Executive Committee

Education Committee

Finance Committee

Government Affairs Committee

Green & Sustainability Committee

Homeless Outreach Committee

Outreach Committee

Planning and Land Use (PLUM) and
Vision Sub-Committee

Public Safety Committee

Traffic & Transportation

General questions regarding committees?
Please email Howard Katchen at
Get Involved!
What interests you?

If you live, work, own property, own a business or belong to a non-profit organization, school or religious institution in Sherman Oaks, you are a stakeholder in Sherman Oaks. We hold monthly Board of Directors and various committee meetings which you are invited to attend to learn about and participate in your community. Join SONC's Mailing List today.