October 31, 2017

  Photo: Rob Hutchinson 
As our Spring/Summer/Fall program season is now over and the Centre settles into rest for the next few months, we take a look back at a successful season. While the Centre takes a break, the Board of Directors, on the other hand, will be busy planning for next year! 

A Look Through The Rear-View Mirror
The proverbial "spring showers" were heavily laden with moisture in the Okanangan Valley this year. The frequent rainstorms -- coupled with heavy runoff from a late snow-pack melt in the mountains -- created very high water levels in the lake in June, which washed out many docks around the lake. Unfortunately, our Centre dock was one of the casualties.
Our volunteers came through once again, cleaning up the debris on the lawn and beach in early July, and removing deck boards, stacking, moving and storing them in August. Thanks to all who contributed to the various stages of clean-up. 

Photo: Jenne Newman

This terrific group made light work of a very heavy job!

2018 Program Call - Watch For An Email Very Soon!
A re you interested in leading a program at Naramata Centre next summer? Watch for an email message in the next week asking for your program pitch. Your response will be 
a simple process of completing a one-page form with your idea for a program. Check your email or watch Facebook for this callout!

Summer Review
Photo: Barb Green
Over the summer and fall, the Centre offered 26 programs in spiritual nurture, the arts, music, and health and wellness. More than 350 children, teens and adults participated. We also had more people on site in 2017 than last year, with campsites and accommodations full over the busiest weeks.
Photo: Barb Green
unteer Campground Hosts filled a new role this summer: welcoming campers each week, providing security, creating community 
in Creekside Commons camp kitchen, and generally hosting campers.  I t was a great addition to  the Centre experience and this role will continue.
Roswitha Masson
in 2016, Community Hosts guided spiritual life at the Centre each week and facilitated the planning of activities with weekly participants. Sacred Pause was 
held in the Chapel each Wednesday evening 
and other events unfolded as planned. 

A volunteer who lives in Naramata led complimentary yoga sessions each Wednesday morning 
on the beach lawn.

Looking Ahead
The Board of Directors is already planning for next summer, with a refreshed look at programming and the structure of staffing and volunteers on site.
As announced in the October Board Update, the Board is actively pursuing a plan to sell part of  the Centre land to decrease the size of the footprint, and to secure a sustainable financial future for the Centre. 

Fara Enquist - Fara was a mighty force around the Centre this summer, finishing her employment term on October 15th. As our assistant manager, she was a Jill of all trades doing what was needed, when it was needed. On weekends, she became the 
de facto manager of housekeeping and worked with the housekeeping staff to quickly change over rooms, with high standards for detail and cleanliness. Fara was friendly and fun; her warm smile was welcoming to all. Thank you, Fara, for all that you accomplished at Naramata Centre this summer. May you enjoy a well-earned rest! 
Roswitha Masson - Rose generously offered complimentary yoga sessions on the beach lawn every Wednesday morning this past summer. Her gentle yoga was available to anyone who wished to join in. Many people were blessed by Rose's warm welcome, careful guidance and gentle demeanor. Thank you, Rose, for this gift to our participants and to the Centre!

Program Leaders - The Board extends gratitude to all program leaders who graced the Centre with their presence and their program offerings. Our program line-up was rich and varied this year, and we appreciate each and every one of you for sharing your time and talents.

Hearts and Hands Volunteers - We thank all volunteers who came in October to help ready the Centre buildings and the site for winter. The Board appreciates the dedication and support of those who came for the first time and those who help year-round!

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