October News & Updates
Welcome to the IDA, Oregon Branch monthly newsletter
Fall is in the air and it is already October, Dyslexia Awareness Month. To stay up to date on all of our activities, please go to  www.or.dyslexia.org

keynote speaker at Light it Up Red!

Jared Blank

Come meet Jared Blank, an inspiring athlete who is running for TeamQuest. Despite being told at an early age that his dyslexia would make it difficult to graduate high school he obtained multiple college degrees and has had many successes.  His current goal is to complete the World Marathon Challenge(7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days).  He is using his platform to raise awareness and funds for the IDA.  He is such an inspiration and loves to share his story with others.  To donate to Jared's Team Quest page, click  here.   For more information on Jared you can go to his website,  www.inmotional.run, or follow him on his Instagram page  here. You can hear Jared's story at our annual  Light it Up Red event, Sunday, October 15th, 5.30pm at Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub.  Click  here to get tickets.

Oregon Dyslexia Advisory Counsel (ODAC):  
- The final list of approved Oregon Department of Education (ODE) trainings were posted in July and have started. Find the list  here
- Carrie Thomas-Beck and the IDA, Oregon Branch will be releasing a video later this month with an update on the Oregon Dyslexia legislation.  Look for our email announcement!

Legislative update: 
We've had a few new dyslexia related bills pass in 2017.  Here is a summary. Next the administrative rules will be coming.  

SB 1003 -extends the deadline for completion of training to July 2018. Most importantly, the bill also added explicit requirements that schools must conduct universal screening for risk factors of dyslexia when students first enroll in kindergarten or 1 st grade. 

SB 221 is related to HB 2412  that requires higher education educator preparation programs in early childhood, general education, special education and reading to require content on dyslexia that is consistent with the Knowledge and Practices Standards of an international organization
on dyslexia. Bill Language related to requirements was updated and an item stating that the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) may not deny approval to programs for failure to comply with standards or rules for three years.

SB 182 established a mechanism for funding of professional development for education through grade 12 called the Educator Advancement Fund, governed by the Educator Advancement Council. In addition to other purposes, SB 182 will help ensure that a sufficient number of K-5 teachers have received training to understand and recognize dyslexia and to implement appropriate instruction.  $1.9 million will be appropriated through this legislation for dyslexia teacher training for the 2017-2019 biennium.

Upcoming Events from OR Branch of IDA

We have lots of upcoming training and informational events in the next few months.  Please look at our event page  here.  For more information

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