Do you miss seeing vendor booths?
The vendors miss you too.... But we have good news!
We are keeping a virtual exhibit hall going all year long! has decided to maintain an ongoing exhibit hall so that you can access educational information and fantastic specials from some of your favorite and familiar vendors!

We will keep you updated as our exhibit hall continues to fill up with more trusted vendors who keep your practices running smoothly!

Coming soon: brand new booth designs and specials from Dr. Jill's Foot Pads, Gordon Labs and AMERX Health Care. Visit the exhibit hall often!
Visit a sponsor booth (or a few)... complete their contact form(s) and
be entered to win a prize from us! The more booth forms you complete, the greater the chance you have to win! We will select a few winners at random between now and November 18th
Voice of the DPM
What's inspired you this year?

One of our biggest goals is to better understand the types of meetings that leave you satisfied and wanting more!

Take a moment to answer the quick questions below. We will share your feedback (anonymously) with our database of Meeting Planners and Organizers so they can continue to keep the good stuff coming!

The more you share, the stronger meetings become for everyone!

  • In approximately the last 12 months, which meeting faculty member/lecturer stands out as being someone you would love to see speak again?
  • In approximately the last 12 months, what content/subject matter has interested you the most?
  • In approximately the last 12 months, what meeting did you attend that you know you will definitely want to go to again?
Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
Meeting Planners

It's time to learn from one another!
We are continuously brainstorming and having conversations with members of the profession in an effort to help us all keep meetings progressing.

Next month we are hosting a Mastermind Roundtable for meeting planners and organizers.

Join us on Tuesday, November 10 at 2 pm EST where we can all come together (virtually) to share ideas about creating value for our industry sponsors while maintaining educational compliance! RSVP NOW!

TIP FOR: Vendors

Maximizing your exhibiting investments
We can't say this enough... we get it. When you sign up for a show (live or virtual), you have BIG PLANS to make it the best show ever... but then the day-to-day workflow gets in the way and you may find yourself scrambling to get everything together at the last minute. You might not even get to utilize all of the deliverables that you purchased as a part of your exhibitor package.

We aren't magicians who can create more time, but if you prioritize tasks early, you won't be scrambling. Definitely begin working on your list 60 days before the show starts. Thirty days just won't cut it if you want to maximize!

So, when the meeting organizer emails you - address the email immediately. If they tell you to provide a logo, a link, a company description/introduction, a video and maybe a downloadable resource... make sure it’s your most up-to-date information and that it will increase chances of engagement! Here are some tips to make those babies shine!

  • For the company description, don’t just use the same 90 words you’ve used all year. Make it specific to the event... and catchy or funny. Use the space to entice attendees to learn more about a very specific aspect of your product or service. Be sure to include a call to action; for example, “call us today for an exclusive offer for XYZ conference attendees!”

  • For the video, use the opportunity to provide value to the attendee. Remember this radio station: WIFM (What's In It For Me). The most common mistake is to make a video that is basically an animated version of your company description. Instead, attendees are more likely to watch your video if it’s titled something like “5 Ways to Increase Your Bottom Line with In-Office Dispensing” rather than “Check out our line of new products”. During the video you can certainly tell them about your products, but always make the message actionable with specific steps the viewer can take to improve their practice. Once they trust you and see you as an expert with valuable information, they are more likely to buy from you.

  • The same concept applies for the downloadable resource. If you can only have one resource download, don’t use it for your catalog. Use it for something that addresses the attendee’s problem and offers a solution. Think e-book, template, protocol. Once they see what valuable information you have to offer them, they'll be wondering what else you've got up your sleeve!

Tip for: DPMs

Get the most from
Our website is meant to be a one-stop-resource for everything you need to know about meetings in our profession.

Watch our useful video below and better understand how to navigate our site in order to find everything you need to know about upcoming meetings... and to maximize your learning, shopping, and/or travel experiences!

Navigating - PART 1
Meeting Alerts
Everyone has been looking forward to the new year in hopes that we will be back to live and in-person meetings. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that we are ready to be back together yet, but we want to ensure you're aware of some of the major changes that have been announced recently.

  • The FPMA Annual SAM Conference will be held as a hybrid conference with limited in-person attendance. click to learn more

  • Remaining Podiatry Institute Meetings in 2020 will be held as hybrid events for those in need of in-person credits. These events include Fort Myers/Sanibel (11/5), Nashville (11/19), Chicago (12/4)

Present e-Learning has provided a useful guide highlighting Online CME rules: Click for COVID Policy Changes for the 23 States that Limit Online CME continues to alert our Facebook followers when we receive new meeting information. Click to FOLLOW US so you don't miss anything!
Vendor and DPM Quick Polll
Given the current health climate and COVID-19, would you be willing to attend an in-person meeting today if it were an option?
Provide your response to the question above:
Voice of the Vendor
Pearls from our industry's trusted and experienced vendors....

“For us, the Return on Investment for an exhibit hall booth is greater than that of a print ad because it allows us more engagement with our audience plus actual lead information we can follow up on.”

“We would love to see meetings include a vendor showcase breakout where exhibitors could present and demo their products and services to attendees.”

“We lean toward exhibiting at meetings that offer after hours networking events that include exhibitors.”
-DocShop Pro

“Our strategy recently has been to focus on meetings that have a strong and active social media and web presence plus opportunities for a sponsored workshop or lecture.”
-Allied OSI Labs
90-Day Meeting Outlook
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Credits You Can Access Online NOW
Coming Soon!
On November 1, the American College of Podiatric Medicine (ACPM) education committee will be launching the ACPM e-Learning POD (Podiatry On Demand). This online module for continuing education will showcase lectures from distinguished Fellows.

Each lecture (approximately one hour long) will be followed by a short quiz and survey allowing users to earn both CME and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits in partnership with the American Board of Podiatric Medicine (ABPM).

provides physicians and industry partners with valuable reviews, ratings, and testimonials in an effort to enable both of these parties to make stronger, informed decisions about which Podiatric meetings, conferences, seminars and trade shows to budget for and attend in the future. features information about upcoming podiatry events, vendor information, meeting and traveling tips, and more!

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