I have just returned from a business trip to Miami. I did not know, but found out, that I love Miami! The balmy weather, the bright colors of the landscape, the music, the Cuban food at Versailles, and the mojitos! 

I was giving a presentation to the television talent for FloridaMilk.com. A one-day media workshop about how to achieve their best look, in a 2-3 minute television segment. This class was talented; a mix of RDs and chefs--food people trying to help the public navigate better eating. And milk is a near perfect food. As is cheese, butter and yogurt!

Almost all the participants had been on TV before or were producing their own content for a blog or website. It was a fun day. They were savvy.

I learned a lot about milk. And most people know that I love cows. Always have. I grew up in Marin County. A greenbelt which, in the ‘50s, was made up of many Portuguese dairy farms. I know a Holstein when I see one. I love their faces, their pink noses and their spots. Of course I love milk! Did you notice my snazzy cow-patterned sunglasses?

Not a stretch for me to have a wonderful time. I look forward to going back.

Below is a recipe from the Florida Dairy Farmers, made with Cabot Cheese. There are more recipes if you visit FloridaMilk.com. As we head into fall, is there anything better than Macaroni and Cheese? I think not!