October 2016
Leaving Acrimony Behind!

Here we are in the midst of an extraordinary presidential campaign and unprecedented nasty debates. The candidates’ focus in the debates to date has been directed towards dredging up past indiscretions, lies, despicable behaviors, and the like. There is scarcely any discussion concerning moving the country as a whole forward, what the future holds, or how each candidate’s proposals line item by line item compare. What is not surprising is how much this all looks and smells like an acrimonious divorce. To learn more about divorce -- and life -- strategies, please visit our website.
Unsolicited Advice for Brad & Angelina…from a Divorce Financial Planner
This famous couple is not so different from you and me—at least when it comes to divorce.

Lili Vasileff’s latest published article at Time.com offers her take on news of Brad and Agelina’s pending divorce — with some advice that everyone can use To read more, visit our website.
Do you know the value of your spouse’s 401(k)?
In a recent article published in Bloomberg News, Lili contributes to a discussion of the state of information sharing in marriages — especially when it comes to financial details. Lili says, ‘‘Most couples don’t share fully financial details about private accounts, the nature of investments, or the amount of savings.” Read more by visiting our website.
The Threat of Financial Loss After Remarrying Later in Life Can be Huge
Lili's recent blog post focuses on planning to avoid pitfalls

 I once had a client who, almost the moment her divorce was finalized, told me she had gotten engaged and was about to move in with her new boyfriend. “Are you really sure this is going to last?” I asked her (for reasons I will explain in a moment). “Are you really, really, really sure?” Yes, she said. She moved in.  Two months later, they broke up . There are lessons here for all those contemplating remarriage later in life.  To read more, visit our website.