October 2019
Dean bruce d. mcclung
From the  Dean's Desk

Last month at the 2019 Symposium on Music Teacher Education, I stood in the back of the School of Music's Tew Recital Hall with the parents of the Lillian Rauch Beginning Strings Program and Peck Alumni Leadership Program. These programs provide access for string instruction to underserved students at Clara J. Peck Elementary and Caesar Cone Elementary Schools.   The children filed on stage to play for over 300 music educators from across the country.  As Music Education Professor Dr. Rebecca MacLeod led the children in an old-time fiddle tune, some of the parents began to dance. The joy and difference that these programs make in the lives of Greensboro residents was brought home to me as a School of Music composition student, Triston Broadway, leaned over and told me that he began his musical study in the Lillian Rauch Beginning Strings Program!
And this fall the School of Art is embarking on an innovative project that is pairing students from Professor Mariam Stephan's Painting III class with employees of Greensboro's Industries of the Blind. The conversations and interviews with art students and visually impaired employees will result in paintings and drawings that will be printed on large banners to be installed on the exterior of the Industries of the Blind building on Gate City Boulevard. The banners will address ideas of independence, empowerment, and access. Dr. Nicole Scalissi and her art history students are recording descriptive and contextual narratives to coincide with the banners, which will be housed in sound boxes to be installed underneath each banner. Meanwhile, Professor Dane Winkler's students will be creating bas-relief bronze sculptures of the banners so that the visually impaired will be able to experience the images through touch.
Thirty years ago colleges of visual and performing arts would take concerts, dance and theatre productions, and art exhibits out into the community in a process called community outreach. Most times these were extra-curricular efforts that gave students off-campus experiences but had little interaction with the community beyond the event itself. Twenty years ago a movement of community engagement began, by which college programs and community partners collectively build ongoing, permanent relationships for social benefits and outcomes. The Lillian Rauch Beginning Strings and Peck Alumni Leadership Programs, and the Industries of the Blind Program are all excellent examples of community engagement projects that facilitate interaction and involvement between faculty and students and community partners for a range of social outcomes.
All of these projects are teaching CVPA students how to become community-based artists during their time in Greensboro and equipping them with skills for their careers. CVPA's Community Arts Collaborative, under the direction of Adam Carlin, is a resource to support student and faculty community engaged programs. Students who want a deeper understanding of becoming a community-based artist can minor in Community Arts or Interdisciplinary Arts & Social Practice, academic programs under the direction of Dr. Sunny Spillane and Professor Lee Walton, respectively.
Training CVPA students to be community-based artists is no longer at the periphery of our mission--it is at the heart of who we are and what we do.


bruce d. mcclung, Dean
College of Visual and Performing Arts


The Industries of the Blind building -- the blue squares indicate where the banners will be hung.

School of Art students plan for a multi-level banner project with Industries of the Blind on Gate City Boulevard in Greensboro.

Triston Broadway during a visit to Peck Elementary School.

The Path to CVPA for Triston Broadway

Triston Broadway knows first-hand about the value of community-based arts programs. It is how he found his way here to UNC Greensboro, where he is a sophomore composition student in the School of Music.
Triston was nine years old when he saw the Disney movie Fantasia 2000, and he was hooked. 
Born in Miami and living in La Ceiba, on the northern coast of Honduras, he played folk music 
on his guitar and sang in church, but that film was his first introduction to classical music.   When his family moved to Greensboro, Triston was enrolled at Peck Elementary School, where he says a strings accessibility program fulfilled all of his needs.
"I was a very fidgety child and a lonely one at that. With the violin, I had an instrument I could play around with and people to play with. I still remember times when I would attempt to figure out the melodies that the teachers were playing while we were supposed to be paying attention."
Triston played violin and viola while at Peck, which along with Cone Elementary, hosts the Lillian Rauch Beginning Strings Program, a partnership between UNCG and the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra started with a donation from the late Lillian Rauch, a local arts benefactor.
Rebecca MacLeod, Professor of Music Education at UNCG, directs that program and another community partnership, the Peck Alumni Leadership Program.   She met Triston when he was in the Peck Orchestra, and now he plays in UNCG's Sinfonia, which she conducts. She says she has always been fascinated by what Triston has to contribute.
"He was so bright and super active! I can remember vividly that he loved music and wanted to play more advanced music than what we were attempting in class. He was also incredibly articulate at that early age. I always enjoyed talking to him about the world, and he would reference current issues that he knew about from the news and make connections between so many different ideas."
Triston's love of music continued to grow, and in high school he studied with UNCG Violin Professor Marjorie Bagley. When it came time to think about college he says UNCG seemed like the obvious choice:
"I love how all of the students know and interact with each other, on every level of education. We are all peers, and we are here to help each other.  I am also glad that I can still interact wth the Peck Strings program. Everyone in the program works on giving back, which is one of the best parts of it. The other is getting to play alongside students you taught, which is a lot of fun!"
MacLeod agrees that working with the Beginning Strings and Peck Alumni Leadership programs is extremely rewarding:
"I have learned a great deal from the elementary students as they age and become my partners in the Peck Alumni Leadership Program. Watching the students learn how to mentor their younger peers is similar to watching my preservice teachers learn how to teach. The relationships that are developed between everyone who participates in the community is a bit indescribable. Imagine a learning space with people ages 9-45 all collaborating and helping one another learn music! Most recently, one of the sixth graders taught me how to beatbox! That became a rhythmic element that we incorporated into one of our arrangements of 'Sunflower' by Post Malone that was performed for the 2019 Symposium on Music Teacher Education hosted at UNCG last month."
The Beginning Strings program is an elective at Peck and Cone elementary schools, and MacLeod believes that given the number of students eager to join, it is filling a definite need in the community:

"While the primary purpose of the program is to increase access to instrument instruction for underserved students, this program also provides training to preservice music teachers enrolled at UNCG. Music education students are given the opportunity to work with real students within a public school setting. The opportunity to engage young people from diverse backgrounds is essential for future music educators."
If you would like to support programs like this, contact  David Huskins, Development Officer for the College of Visual and Performing Arts, at drhuskin@uncg.edu 
or 336-256-0166
CVPA's Arts Administration Program Placing Students 
and Graduates in Internships throughout  Community and Beyond

The Artists Bloc
Greensboro, NC
Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County
Winston-Salem, NC
ArtsGreensboro/NC Folk Festival
Greensboro, NC
Barista Craft Coffee (arts programming)
Charlotte, NC
Burning Coal Theatre Company
Raleigh, NC
Center for Visual Artists
Greensboro, NC
Center for Creative Economy
Winston-Salem, NC
Charlotte Ballet
Charlotte, NC
Dance Project
Greensboro, NC
Durham Independent Dance Artists
Durham, NC 
Eastern Music Festival
Greensboro, NC
Empower Dance Studio
Durham, NC
Florida Studio Theatre
Sarasota, FL
The Forge
Greensboro, NC
GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art
(Curatorial, Education, and Administrative Internships)
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Greensboro City Arts Programming
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Greensboro Opera
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Greensboro Project Space
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Greensboro Symphony Orchestra
(Development, Marketing, and Education Internships)
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Jacob's Pillow
Becket, MA
Joye Movement
Manifold Records
Greensboro, NC
Pittsboro, NC
Durham, NC
NC Squares
Chapel Hill, NC
North Carolina Black Repertory Company/
National Black Theatre Festival
Winston-Salem, NC
Piedmont Old Time Society
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Mercy Hill Church (music programming)
Greensboro, NC
North Carolina Museum of Art
Raleigh, NC
North Carolina Theatre
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Reynolda House Museum of American Art
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Sheryl Oring (individual artist)
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TZ Studio (photography studios)
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University Concert and Lecture Series
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Weatherspoon Art Museum
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Wicked Whimsies
Winston-Salem, NC

Multi-media artist Nick Cave kicked off the
UNC Greensboro Concert and Lecture Series with a public talk to a full-house at Elliott University Center Auditorium on September 26.  

Earlier in the day he had a conversation over lunch with students.   Read more here
Piano Duo Anderson & Roe gave a super-charged performance in Te w Recital Hall on October 1.  They also spent time with students talking about not just music but entrepreneurship in the arts.  

Up next for UCLS:    
February 8     Camille A. Brown & Dancers
February 26   Renée Fleming
March 19        Ann Hamilton
April 9            Daveed Diggs

The School of Theatre's production of  Pippin the musical was a huge success with an SRO audience on opening night and big audiences continuing throughout the run.


There's always a good reason to come to campus.  
Here are some highlights for October:

Wind Ensemble
October 8 @ 7:30 pm |UNCG Auditorium 

Symphony Orchestra
October 10 @ 7:30 pm |UNCG Auditorium 

Coded Space, Exhibition
October 7-11 | Greensboro Project Space
Opening Reception Oct. 11, 6-8pm

Irna Priore Music and Culture Lecture Series: "Voicing the Opposition: Lila Downs, El Demagogo, and Balas Y Chocolat"
October 18 @ 4:00 pm 

Glee Clubs
October 19 @ 3:30 pm | Grace United Methodist Church

Sea of Sounds,  The Out & Gone Orchestra presented by The Pink Lady Apple House
October 19 @ 7:30pm | Greensboro Project Space

University Chorale and Chamber Singers
October 20 @ 5:00 pm | First Presbyterian Church

Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss - Opera Theatre
October 24 @ 7:30 pm | UNCG Auditorium

The Wolves - UNCG Theatre
October 24 - 27 @ 7:30 pm | Sprinkle Theatre

Prime Movers Concert - UNCG Dance
October 25 @ 8:00 pm, October 26 @ 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm | Dance Theatre

That should get you started!   
For the full listing of CVPA events,  visit our website.
Steve Haines (Double Bass) has been awarded an Artist Fellowship through the North Carolina Arts Council, a grant given to artists for "the creation of new work that plays an essential role in the creative vitality of the state." Professor Haines also received a grant from the Kohler Foundation to be used for the UNCG Miles Davis Jazz Faculty to travel to Rennes, France for concerts and clinics in conjunction with the Conservatoire and Université Rennes 2.

Cat Keen Hock (Assistant Director, School of Music, who also received her MM and DMA from the School of Music) was awarded the 2019 Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award by the Graduate School at its recent luncheon. 

Heather Holian (Art History) has been named a 2019-2020 Faculty Fellow for the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creativity Office. As an URSCO Fellow, she will be integrating a high-impact research activity into her new course, ARH 360 The Women Artists of Disney and Pixar Animation.

André Lash (Lecturer in Organ) was recently appointed Director of the Committee on Professional Certification for the American Guild of Organists. In this volunteer position, he will be responsible for supervising this committee as they write, administer, and grade exams for certification of various levels of skills in organ-playing, church choral techniques, and musicianship for the national membership of the Guild.

Brett Nolker (Choral and Secondary-Level General Music Education) recently helped UNCG host the National Symposium of the Society for Music Teacher Education.  Over 300 educators, almost exclusively university faculty of music education, attended the event.

Elizabeth Perrill (Art History) has published an essay titled "The Classical: Nuance and Qualifications" in the catalog for the North Carolina Museum of Art and 21c Hotels jointly organized exhibition Wim Botha: Still Life with Discontent. In her essay, Perrill analyzes the ways in which Wim Botha (a white
Afrikaans-speaking South African artist) consistently confronts Classical traditions that are critical to both South African and US ideals of sculpture, portraiture, and monumentality. She points out parallels between these two nations' histories of white settler expansion, reliance on monuments as markers of white identity on the land, and current need to confront these monuments through artistic production.  Though the NCMA half of the exhibition closed in August, the exhibition at 21c Durham is open until December 2019 and will tour to Louisville, as well as other 21c locations.

Arlene Shrut (Vocal Coach) has been appointed The Rosewood San Miguel Master Teacher - Shari Alexander Artist-in-Residence for Opera San Miguel. In her new capacity at OSM, Arlene will coach finalists for Concurso San Miguel 2020 and 2021, conduct masterclasses, and serve as a jury member.

Sue Stinson (School of Dance Professor Emerita) is the recipient of the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award by the North Carolina Dance Education Organization.

Anthony Taylor (Clarinet) will offer a workshop on October 21, 2019 at the 2019 Alexander Technique International Conference to be held in Ennis, Ireland.  The workshop will apply and extend research he presented at the 2018 ATI held in Kyoto, Japan in October 2018.  Both invited presentations explore how recent motor performance research overlays into common assumptions and practice found in the Alexander Technique community, and offer practical suggestions for enhancing performance and Alexander teaching through conscious placement of one's focus of attention.

Jennifer S. Walter (Instrumental Music Education) and UNC Greensboro have launched a new journal - Qualitative Research in Music Education. The mission of the journal is to disseminate innovative qualitative research pertaining to music education. QRME publishes articles that carefully examine the human experience in music through qualitative methodologies that embody rigor and depth. This is a fully open access journal, and Volume 1, Issue 1 is available now at qrme.uncg.edu. Now accepting submissions for Volume 1, Issue 2.

Inara Zandmane (Piano, Accompanying) traveled to Riga, Latvia to participate in a benefit recital for the Emils Darzins Music School (a pre-conservatory music school) on September 21. The recital was presented by the graduating class '89 and was part of the concert series "My First Stage" to raise money for the school's concert hall restoration. The goal was met, and the restoration project is a "go."
Faculty News & Notes are compiled from self-submissions and 
from the university news clips service.  
Once a Spartan, Always a Spartan!  

Upcoming CVPA Alumni Events:

October 19 - HOMECOMING  Visit  the CVPA tent reception on 
Kaplan Commons (in front of the Elliott University Center)


October 27 - New York, NY

November 3 - Washington, DC

March 26 - Raleigh, NC


Stay tuned for dates in Spring 2020 for Atlanta and Los Angeles

Make sure you're on our list to receive invitations to these and all future CVPA Alumni events by emailing uncgarts@uncg.edu.  Put your city and the words "alumni event" in the subject line.

From left:  Tina Ostergaard, David Ostergaard '02 BFA (Theatre), Anne Salter '08 MM (Music) and  Jonathan Salter '09 DMA (Music) at a recent CVPA alumni event at Buxton Hall BBQ in Asheville.

Hugh Hysell ('88 BFA Theatre) is co-producer on The Inheritance, which is in previews on Broadway.
Tammy White ('94 Music Education), Band Director at Kiser Middle School, has received Guilford County Schools' "Teacher of the Year" Award.
Kevin Gardner ('00 BA Music), Charles Williamson ('10 MM Performance), and Lindell Carter ('09 Music)  are singing in the chorus of Porgy and Bess at the Metropolitan Opera.
Bethany Jennings ('04 Music Education) was selected (by application) through the American Choral Directors Association to represent the United States as an International Conducting Fellow. Bethany, along with four additional US choral conductors, are in South Africa for this program.
Kenney Potter ('05 DMA), Director of Choral Activities at Wingate University, received the Laura Hoggard Award, awarded by the North Carolina American Choral Directors Association.
Gina Gibson ('06 MFA Studio Art), a multimedia artist and Professor of Digital Communication at Black Hills State University, is Sanford Underground Research Facility's first  Artist-in-Residence.
David Blalock ('09 BA Music) is singing at the Metropolitan Opera as Pong in Turandot.
Laura Martin ('13 Music Education), who teaches at Fuquay-Varina Elementary School, has been awarded the 2019 NC Symphony Musicians Award by the North Carolina Symphony.
Justin Cowan ('14 BA Music, '16 MM, '18 DMA) is Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre at Western Connecticut State University.
Madelynn Poulson ('16 BFA Theatre) can be seen (in the red shirt) in the new Nike commercial.
Catheryn Shaw Foster ('18 PhD Music Education) has been appointed Assistant Professor of Practice in Music Education and Coordinator of Graduate Music Education at Virginia Tech.
Anthony Cataldo ('19 BFA Theatre) has booked the North American tour of Jimmy Buffet's  Escape to Margaritaville.

A lumni News & Notes are compiled from self-submissions 
and from the university's news clip service. 
Closing Spotlight:

The upstairs studio at Greensboro Project Space was transformed with lights and images during the month of September -- all part of the Keith Carter: Fifty Years Photography Installation.