October News & Updates
"It's not just for parents", SOLA, 500th Oktoberfest, Generosity,  Voter's Meeting, Relief for Texas, Sweet Dreams, Lock-ins, and much more. Our October Newsletter is filled with the life of Summit of Peace. Grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and see all the events and activities where you can Grow in Faith, Share the Faith, and Live the Faith
From Our Youth Worker & Superintendent
"It's Not Just For Parents"

Meet Jane. Jane is an 8-year-old little girl. Her parents attend church service most Sundays and send Jane to Sunday School after service while her parents get Starbucks drinks. Jane sits in Sunday school for an hour and learns about one of the stories in the Bible. Sometimes she does a craft, but mostly she sits and listens. Often, her mind wanders off and thinks about things, even though she actively tries to focus on the lesson. Sunday School is a lot like her school classroom during the week.

At 12, she sits in confirmation class each Wednesday. On her way to class, she does her confirmation homework. In confirmation, she tends to zone out because she's already spent half the week in school and volleyball practice every day. Her mind just can't focus on another lecture. Towards the end of the year, life becomes very stressful as she memorizes verses and explanations. On confirmation Sunday, her stomach is in knots and her hands are shaking as she recites what she memorized in front of a bunch of strangers. She's congratulated and given a piece of cake, but isn't necessarily sure she understood what she memorized.

When she's 16, Jane attends the required fundraising events that their senior youth put on so she can go to the National Youth Gathering that her parents insist on her attending. While she has one close friend in senior youth, she feels like an outsider. At the gathering, she feels even more out of place with a different style worship service than she's ever seen before. They sing songs she's never heard and raise their hands and everything feels uncomfortable.

Now she's 18, headed off to college. During her freshman year, she meets a variety of people who challenge her faith. She doesn't feel comfortable finding another church in her new city. Some homosexual students challenge her point blank and ask why she "hates them". In biology, Christians are subtly mocked and slighted. There's an old man with a sign in the student courtyard that says, "you deserve hell" and she feels embarrassed, not wanting to be associated with him. She doesn't tell her parents about her faith struggles, because she's trying to be independent and doesn't want them to worry. When she comes home for the holidays, she stops attending church. Eventually, she renounces her faith all together.....

To Read the rest of the article, Click HERE
Grow in Faith, Share in Faith, Live the Faith
Sola October Sermon Series

October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 - Both Services

500 years ago, on October 31st Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg Germany, and in so doing literally set in motion events that would change the world.  He and the other Protestant Reformers found common ground in what they believed to be the most important points of doctrine, the "Five Pillars" of the Reformation.  In Latin these were known as the 5 "Solas" of the Reformation (sola means "only" or "alone" in Latin.)  This October we will look weekly at one of the Five Solas and discover how those pillars of the church still guide and shape us today.

500th Reformation Oktoberfest Celebration

Saturday October 28th at 6:30 pm at Riverdale Golf Course Banquet Room

Join North Area LCMS Churches on October 28th at 6:30 pm at the Riverdale Golfcourse Banquet Room for a fun evening celebration the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. 

The $20 Ticket price includes a German dinner. Steve Rock's Tanzkapelle Polka Band for entertainment and dancing. Luther Trivia. Photobooth & other fun Games. Cash Bar with German Beers & Wines. 

Commemorative Steins available for purchase with proceeds going to Mission Cambodia Fund.


God uses Summit of Peace to reach out to the lost and share the love of Jesus. But He also provides spiritual support for each of us through our community of faith. Our church gives us Sabbath rest, Christian care and teaching for our children, compassion in times sickness and loss, and friends and fellowship in times of joy.  God cannot do these great things through us without your financial support.
As God blesses you and your family with income in the weeks and months ahead, prayerfully consider what percentage you will invest back into your own spiritual life and the lives of others through Summit of Peace.

Relief for Texas

You have seen the devastation from Hurricane Harvey and are probably wondering what you can do. The first thing we would ask you to do is Pray. Pray for all those effected by the Hurricane and rains that followed. There will be lots of work to follow but first they need our prayers.

If you'd like join in the efforts on the ground to serve these communities as opportunities present themselves, Click Here and provide us with your information. Randy Rolf has agreed to lead this team and Pastor Larry McGurer will be going as well as other members. The team will be traveling to Texas Oct 15 - 20.  

We will be collecting donations again this Sunday to help with the team travel, with supplies, and to help the victims of the hurricane.  If you would like to donate place cash or checks in this envelope, or go here online and use the "Mission Fund" to place a donation. 

We grateful for your generosity of time, talents, and treasures as we work to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Voter's Meeting: October 29th 11:45 am

On October 29th at 11:45 am we will have our 3rd quarter's voters meeting. At this meeting we will be voting on the Structure change. We thank those who came to the Structure Consultation Conference. If you weren't able make the meeting please make sure you have reviewed all the documentation provided in the last newsletters as we won't have time to review the complexities governance and structure during this voter's meeting.  
in His peace,
-Dirk   President, Summit of Peace
Sweet Dream in a Bag

Summit of Peace is collecting again for Sweet Dream in a Bag! We are in a need for for new:
  • Twin Comforters
  • standard pillows
  • twin sheet sets
  • twin fleece blankets
  • tooth brush & tooth paste
  • small stuff animals
These bags get packed for foster kids who move from home to home.  Sweet Dream in a Bag is a Non Profit public charity and ministry of love which provides children transitioning out of homelessness with new bedding, love, acceptance, encouragement and hope. 

You can help by donating supplies or help packing on November 4th at 9am. Sign up underneath the bulletin boards to help back or grab a slip of items needed. 
Abide: Women's Retreat REGISTRATION!

Register Now for the October 20-22 for an Abide Women's Retreat. Bible Study, Art Projects, Games, Music, Service Project, Chapel Service and more. Any Woman is welcome to attend this retreat into the mountains!

It will be at YMCA Winter Park. Join Julie Jacoby for bible study, Katie Runkel for music, Ronda Palazzari for an art project, Kim Wheeler for Worship. A time for bonding, fun, and relaxation!

Youth Lock in!

Senior and Junior Youth are invited to partake in this year's Progressive Lock-in with other North Area Churches. The night will begin on November 3rd at 6pm with hot dogs and snacks at Summit of Peace, followed by an interactive worship service. Then, Junior Youth will head to BOONDOCKS with the other churches! At midnight, we will have pizza and a party at Zion. Stay up all night and play games, watch a movie, or snooze in one of the designated sleeping rooms. The event will end with parent pick up at Zion at 6am on November 4th. Sign up your youth by clicking HERE!
The cost per person is $20 for fun at Boondocks and food. Please make sure Alexi Palazzari receives the money to turn in, so we can check you on the list. The $20 is due by October 29th.
If your youth plans on sleeping, please have them bring the appropriate sleeping items (sleeping bag, pillow, PJ's, etc.).

Awe Scrap - Donations

Do you have extra craft supplies laying around your house? Are you a woodworker with lots of wood scraps left over? Do you quilt, or sew, or create? If so, please consider donating some of your items for our youth's worship service on November 3rd ! We are looking for items including, but not limited to: pieces of wood, fabric scraps, artificial flowers, scrap ribbon, puzzle pieces, empty frames, clear contact paper, sand paper, tissue paper, magazines, 8x10 canvases, jewels/string, foam brushes, etc.! Monetary donation to purchase supplies is also welcome.

Please leave these items listed in the bin under the mailboxes in the Narthex by October 29th.
Experience, Life at 50

Please take a few moments to fill out a quick survey to help us know the needs and wants of this ministry. By filling out these few questions, we can build the ministry and plan for the year. Thank you! Click HERE to begin the survey!

Any questions, contact Kim Wheeler

SOP Hikers: October Hike Horseshoe Trail at Golden Gate Canyon Park

T he Horseshoe Trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park is a wonderful hike for older kids, experienced and non-experienced hikers. It's a great trail for spotting wildlife, from birds to deer, viewing fall colors and wildflowers, and taking in the beautiful scenic view along the trail. Several of the backcountry campsites areas are also accessible from the Horseshoe trail. We'll detail those locations, provide links to a trail map, driving directions and more in the trail profile on this Colorado hike.
  • Hike Distance: 3.6 mile RT
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Duration: approx 2hr
  • Trail Type: Out & Back
  • Elevation Gain: +910'
  • Seasons: Spring through fall, depending on snow fall
  • Dogs: Allowed on Leash
  • Hike Trail Map: Click for a Map of Golden Gate Canyon Park
  • Pass Required: Daily Pass Link Annual State Parks Pass Link
  • Denver Drive Time: 50 min
  • Directions: Click for Google Map 
  • Town Nearest Hike: Golden, Colorado
  • Beauty: Wildflowers, spruce and fir trees, aspen meadows, big boulders, wildlife, mountain views and running stream along trail.
  • Activities: Hiking only trail
  • Video: Click For a Video of Golden Gate Canyon Park"
It seems that the Medium difficulty rating is due to some steepness at the beginning, and some rocky areas, so trekking poles would be a plus for this one!
We will leave the church at 7:30 am. 

Hope you can join us!

For more details contact Kim Wheeler
Food For Hope

In just the first two weeks of the school year, Food For Hope packed over 860 bags of healthy food for students in need of nutritious meals for the weekends. The number of children needing food when they aren't in school has increased this year.  Over 14,000 students in Adams 12 school district rely on the schools for adequate nutrition during the week. Food For Hope helps these children on the weekends by giving them the food bags we pack on Mondays.  We have received precious thank you notes from students saying how important it is to them and how they rely on this food for their family.
You can help these children several ways.  One is to sponsor a child for only $5.00/week. Other ways are to volunteer to help pack on Mondays or to help deliver the food bags to the schools. Please go to our website at  http://foodforhope.netfor more info.  Also food donations can be made.  The foods we can use are:
  • canned fruit (light syrup)
  • canned vegetables (no or low sodium)
  • canned chicken or tuna
  • peanut butter
  • granola/protein bars
  • applesauce (no sugar added)
  • oatmeal (box of individual packets)
  • beef stew or hearty canned soups
These can be placed in the donation bin in the Fellowship Hall.
We thank everyone for their continued support and prayers.

Ultimate Date Night

You are cordially invited to an Ultimate Date Night Event featuring Jay and Laura Laffoon.
Hosted by Thrivent Financial representative Jeff Schuchard, ChFC, CASL, RICP
Date: Friday, October 13, 2017
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Place: Peace Lutheran Church
5675 Field Street
Arvada, CO  

A Marriage Celebration Even A Man Will Enjoy !

Don't miss this hilarious glimpse into married life! It's full of laughter, entertainment and ministry as Jay and Laura explore the unique reality marriage brings to everyday life! You may remember when or where you got married, but do you remember WHY? Jay and Laura will help you connect in a way you've not thought about in a long time.
Or calling 800-965-9324
*Child care will be provided at the event - make your  reservations when you order your tickets*
No products will be sold at this event.
Insurance products issued or offered by Thrivent Financial, the marketing name for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Appleton, WI. Not all products are available in all states. Securities and investment advisory services are offered through Thrivent Invest Management Inc., 625 Fourth Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55415, a FINRA and SIPC member and a wholly owned subsidiary of Thrivent Invest Management Inc. They are also licensed insurance agents/producers of Thrivent.
For additional important information, visit Thrivent.com/disclosures.
27806  N5-14 

Serving the Lord in October

Thank you for using your time & talents to serve the Lord and Summit of Peace.  If you cannot help on your scheduled Sunday,  please find a replacement and let the office know before 9 am that Wednesday, so the correct name can be placed in the bulletin.

Click Here to see who is Serving the Lord in October
October Birthdays

Dana Kasten 1st
Alexandra Howsden 1st
Melissa Effland 2nd
Peyton Bruno 3rd
Gwen Kleve 3rd
Brittany Haider 4th
Chris Munson 4th
Jeannine Porter 4th
Jessica Gabbert 5th
Dustin Ingram 5th
Ryan Stadler 5th
Kylee Beck 6th
Todd Eisenbeisz 7th
Eileen Logan 7th
Misty Freimark 9th
Matt Romik 9th
Bruce Effland 11th
Shelby Romik 11th
Alice Smith 13th
Whitney Lyday 14th
Hudson Fuerst 15th
Derek Smith 16th
Luwam Elias 16th
Kim Von Speckleson-Pitt 17th
Beth Bierman 18th
Pam Fuerst 18th
Melissa Santistevan 18th
Judy Harris 20th
Kathy Bayens 21st
Nathan Kleve 21st
Valorie Richards 21st
Sharon Jellis 22nd
Sharon Schneider   22nd
Manoj Prasad 24th
Lance Van Sickle 24th
Dwaine Albers 25th
Rod Hoffmann 25th
Brady Rose 26th
Brandon Effland 27th
Jordan Fuerst 27th
Josh Weinkauf 29th
Adalynn Ziegler 29th
James Freimark 30th
Trevor Housholder   30th
Dan Williamson 30th
Mike Kasten 31st

October Anniversaries

Rosemary & Homer Paddock 10/07/89
Dana & Tony Kasten 10/09/04
Beth & Jeff Bierman 10/11/97
Chris & Chistie Mettenbrink 10/17/98
Michelle & Wade Balliet 10/18/03
Sandy & Joe Nagel 10/20/62
Bob & Mirah Phillips 10/20/62
Lori & Dirk Anderson 10/23/93
Courtney & Stan Foust 10/24/15
Tammy & Charles Gonzales 10/31/92

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