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October 2014

We are excited to congratulate our clients who have competed recently in the Chicago, Detroit, Niagara, Washington Marine Corps and Scotiabank Toronto Marathons, Half Marathons and 5km runs!  Some of you have completed run technique changes, battled through injury rehab and some just increased general strength and power!  But you have all pulled through and had great results!  We are equally proud of our clients who have YET to race!  This means you!


Happy recovery and Keep on moving!   

The Runner's Academy



We have been seeing a lot of calf irritations and some calf/Achilles injuries recently in the clinic.  What we need to keep in mind is; even a slight shift in running technique, this posterior muscle group can become a factor, especially if you are trying to become more of a forefoot runner.  However, we are seeing many runners who are coming into contact with the ground via their toes or forefoot and then NOT unloading their calf muscles. 


In order to unload the stored energy in your calf muscles, you must make contact between the ground and your heel....even if it's just for the slightest moment.

The desired effect of the posterior muscle group in the lower leg is for the Achilles tendon to act like a "spring".  In order for this to happen the Achilles needs to achieve a stretched position in order to recoil and produce the desired force. 


Be conscious with your practice drills and exercises!  When executing these training elements, watch (or feel) what is happening at the ankle/heel.  The key to allowing the heel to contact the ground is a neutral ankle! 

See below for a great exercise to practice this!






      Congrats on a great season!  Now is the time while it is still fresh in your head to sit down and evaluate how your training and racing went this past season.  Did you battle through injuries?  Were you not able to improve your speed?  Did you hit the wall in your race?  Now is the time to look at where you can make improvements.  Maybe it is technique, strength, mobility, a more progressive training plan or all of the above?  If you are serious about making improvements in your training and racing for next spring or summer, this is the time to do it.  The winter OFF Season is the ON Season for making gains in all of these areas!  For a lot of people that may have struggled this past year, find out why is most important. 
      Step one is getting properly assessed.  At The Runner's Academy we are leaders in helping runners determine what they need to do to stay healthy and get faster!  A thorough assessment will reveal training errors, muscular strength and mobility imbalances and any technique errors that are slowing you down and increasing your risk of injury! 
      Step two is creating a plan.  The plan may include working with a coach, doing strength and mobility work, improving technique and/or improving nutrition. 
     Step three is executing the plan.  This is where most people fail, it is relatively easy to identify what needs to be improved and make statements like "I'm going to improve my running technique or strength."  At The Runner's Academy we will guide you through the plan, giving you the expertise you need to ensure you make the changes needed for success!


                                                   -Dr. Kris Sheppard


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    6 week - Building Better Runners Program
 Now that many of you have completed your goal race(s) for the fall season.  It is time to think about working on your run technique, strength and mobility!  Luck for you; our 6 week program helps with all of these things!
Exercise of the Month
     Two Legged Hops
  This is a great exercise to practice powering through the hips but to also allow the ankle to remain fairly neutral as you hop.  This will ensure that the heel is okay with coming in contact with the ground and avoid only forefoot contact!
Therefore, do not point your toes while mid air!
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