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Executive Vision of Building Controls
Being a fan of technology and the Vikings has taught me patience.  As most kids growing up in Minnesota, I was a loyal Vikings fan who dreamed of seeing them win the Super Bowl.  I can still recall my frustration when my dad would say, rather pessimistically, that the Vikings were not going to win the Super Bowl any time soon. I suppose he was jaded from four previous unsuccessful attempts. 
Often times I think the same applies to the latest technology.  Unquestionably there is real reason for excitement, but typically the initial outcomes fall well short of the heightened expectations.  Yet over an extended period of time and full maturation process, the technology does deliver on many of those promises. 
I enjoy following new technologies; but like following the Vikings, caution and patience is required. Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the new technologies to offer many exciting promises.  With the continued maturation of devices and middleware software, eventually I see a future of people wearing sensor technologies that communicate with a myriad of building sensors to produce a superior user experience.   We will be able to harvest and analyze an enormous amount of machine and sensor data to dynamically provision the right environment for users in a very efficient manner.

News from ASIS
Parallel was represented at this year's annual ASIS Conference in Anaheim on September 28-30. With manufacturers and users from the around the world, the event highlighted the growth of network based physical security solutions and how these technologies can be deployed to respond to threats and manage risks.  
The following represents key highlights from the event. 
  • ONSSI and Milestone Split Paths
  • Biometrics Moving from the Data-Center to the Edge
  • H.265 is coming and will reduce bandwidth consumptions
UPS Efficiency: Like Buying New Tires?

UPS for a data center is a lot like tires on your vehicle: nobody really likes to spend money on either, but both are essential for
 any operation and cause significant disruption (and frustration) when either fail to perform as needed. 
If you're like most people, you probably dread going through the expense for new tires every few years, and often there is seemingly little to differentiate one tire from another.  But what if tires DID offer a significant improvement in performance, without an impact on overall reliability?  (For example, new airless tires are starting to commercialize and hit the market, and appear to offer superior performance and efficiencies.)

Parallel Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce the hire of Jason Tannahill, Senior Data Center Account Manager, to the Business Development team. Jason has more than 1 8 years' experience in IT and/or data center strategy and has focused on the Twin Cities market . He p rovides his customers a unique resource that understands data center trends and works to be a long term trusted advocate. 
Jason earned his Technology and Electronics degree from Brown College. Before joining Parallel, he held roles at Gartner and other data center strategy firms in the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul mark. Jason is a motivated individual that builds long term relationships and will be focused on data center strategy to the commercial and enterprise market. His agnostic approach to design/build, colocation, or cloud infrastructure allows him to provide unbiased recommendations that solve complex problems. 

Security Goes Mobile
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Meet Mark Bonde
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Company Kickball
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