October 2016
Gratitude turns what we have to all we need 
- Carol Adamski
Introducing the Tamayo Family

Lt. Julie Tamayo and Daughter
     On June 29 th, Lt Julie Tamayo and her daughter have joined the family here at The Salvation Army ARC in Grand Rapids as an Associate Officer for Women Services. This is lieutenant's first time working with The Salvation Army's Rehabilitation Program. Lt Julie has stated, "I have fallen in love with my new appointment here. Rarely do officers get an assignment where most, if not all, of our talents can be utilized to effect change in the lives of their flock. We are truly blessed to be part of this family."

     Lt. Julie grew up in The Salvation Army as the eldest of four children. Her parents are Salvation Army Corps officers serving in the Hammond-Munster Corps in Indiana. Two of Lt. Julie's siblings are also Salvation Army Officers, as are many of her aunts and uncles are officers as well. So, The Salvation Army is a very integral part of Lt. Julie's and her family's lives.

     We would like to give Lt. Julie and her daughter a warm welcome to our Family here at The Salvation Army ARC of Grand Rapids, and may God richly bless her ministry here.
Going Green

     By selling gently used clothing and household items, you may thank that is all The Salvation Army does to help the community stay GREEN. We actually go even further with our recycling efforts. We recycle our cardboard, metal, etc. 

     The first half of this year our paper/cardboard recycling efforts has saved 953 trees. It has also saved 392,420 gallons of water and 4,429 gallons of oil, according to Environmental Savings Report - Paper. We have also recycled enough metal each month to watch 495,000 hours of continuous television. In a year's time, we recycle roughly the same weight of metal as a commercial airliner. 

     Now The Salvation Army has been green from the beginning in 1865. William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army, saw the discarded and discouraged of society. As his heart was breaking for these lost souls, he knew he had to do something. So he brought them in, gave them food, shelter, etc. to help them get back on their feet and recycled their souls back toward God. 

"While women weep, as they do now,
I'll fight
While little children go hungry, as they do now,
I'll fight
While men go to prison, in and out, in and out, as they do now,
I'll fight
While there is a drunkard left,
While there is a poor lost girl upon the streets,
While there remains one dark soul without the light of God,
I'll fight-I'll fight to the very end!"    -William Booth

So remember that when you support The Salvation Army, you have joined the fight for lost souls

Punch Card and More Discounts

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Majors Roger and Cecilia Senn, Administrators