Newsletter ~  October 2017
In Your hand is power and might; 

in Your hand it is to make great 

and to give strength to all.

-1 Chronicles 29:12
Thought for the Month

God calls us to respond to life, not merely react to it.  Certainly we may react in the initial moment or two of a negative circumstance or crisis. But very quickly, we must speak to our minds, Don't panic. God is in control! If you have gone immediately to the Father and cried out to Him for help, adding your proclamations of thanksgiving and praise, and you have done this with faith, then immediately you must follow that time of prayer, praise, and thanksgiving by saying to your mind and heart, Believe! Trust!
By Charles F. Stanley
Not Every Good Deal Is On Sale      

I found some terrific deals this month, even though most were not on sale.  Sometimes an amazing deal doesn't have to be on sale!!
Slicer $19.99
I've said it before, but I love finding quality items at the thrift stores.  This Cobelas Slicer Brand new would have cost me over $400 from Cobelas, a savings of 95% and it works great
Long Sleeve Button Down Shirts
Land's End $4.99/Croft & Barrow $3.99
  I am always on the lookout for good quality clothing for my kids and myself. Both Land's End and Croft&Barrow have proven to be high quality and last for years. This Land's End shirt brand new would have cost me $35-$45 a savings of about 85% and the Croft&Barrow would have been $15-$30, Savings of about 83%
Aguila Men's Boots
  This would have been a splurge for me this month!!  These Aguila boots were a size 13 and fit beautifully plus 100% leather!!  I was looking for some nice dress boots and these are perfect!! These boots from the Aguila Boot Store in Texas would have cost me roughly $250 and they are built to last for years.
When you have kids at home you have to remain thrifty to make it these days, and spending time at The Salvation Army is one of the best ways I have found to stay in budget and still look stylish.
Be Thrifty!!

Punch Card and More Discounts

Upcoming Event Dates  (details to follow)
Kentwood ONLY Jewelry Sale - 10/19/2017
Northview Anniversary Sale (Plainfield only) - 10/28/2017


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