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Newsletter  October 2017
As we  had hoped and cautiously predicted, the stone business has remained steady and strong for our dealer network these past few months.  Many businesses are making up lost ground due to a slow start of the year.  What's the driving this?  Perhaps the weather?  Despite the misfortunes of the hurricane ravaged areas to our south, we have enjoyed warm and mostly dry conditions.  Is confidence in our economy building as our new President settles into his term?  Are people feeling a bit more confident so that they are willing to spend money on the luxury of natural stone?  We hope so; and it feels like that.

As we go into the last months of the 2017 season we are bringing to your attention some product lines that are doing particularly well and some we are promoting with a discount.  Lastly our clearance inventory section has been expanded providing a better view of the great deals we have there.
Interlocking Natural Thin Veneer
This has been our strongest new product launch ever.  Everyone loves this new and exciting product.  Surfaces can be covered in a fraction of the time while achieving the look of a custom masonry job. 
New England - Fireplace
New England - Inside
Berkshire - Bar

Also available now are "Starter Flats".  These panels are 1/2 height and are used on the first course of an installation.  Instead of cutting a full size panel in half and potentially wasting product, use these Starter Flats to save time and money.  Ask you Sales Representative for more information.

New England Starter Flat

Berkshire Starter Flat
Natural Thin Veneer
We have increased our inventory levels of all thin veneers.  Many or our styles and cuts are competitive with other available products.  We have display racks, boards and brochures for your show room.  This year we introduced a simple pricing structure which has made the sales process much easier.  Ask your sales representative for more details

Sale on our Decorative Stone Lines
Take 10% Off Your Price Until the End of the Year
The product lines below represent a few of our "Decorative" stone lines.  Many of our dealers haven't stocked these lines and depend on our inventory to fulfill sales.  Subsequently these lines may not get the exposure of the more conventional products like Bluestone and Blue Mist Granite.  Generally we have plenty on hand and we need to make room for our 2018 stock (yes we are already planning for 2018!)  If you don't have samples ask your Sales Representative.

Phoenician Granite

Umbria Granite

Persian Gray Limestone

50% Off all Clearance, Seconds and Fabrication Remnants  
This year we have some really good deals and lots to choose from.  Everything is deeply discounted so you can make some exceptional profits reselling these items.  Our pain can be your gain!  

Items categorized as "Clearance" are generally first quality and in some cases discontinued from our catalog.  "Seconds" are less than first quality; and "Remnants" are generally first quality slab stock  generated by our fabrication department that are smaller than 1st quality inventory.

Call the office or contact your sales representative if you are interested in purchasing these materials.  Also you can stop by our yard and we would be pleased to show you around.

Office:  508-699-56665 Justin:  508-509-6093 Angel:  508-509-6028

We're Discontinuing our Autumn Brown and Blue Ice Lines
50%-off what's left (its a lot!)