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October 2017  


"As I approve of a youth that has something of the old man in him, so I am no less pleased with an old man that has something of the youth. He that follows this rule may be old in body, but can never be so in mind."
-- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Dear Friends,

October is Intergenerational Month, a time when we celebrate the kinship between the young and the old.  I am certain that each of us has a remembrance of an elder who played a vital role in our "growing up" years.  For me, it was my maternal grandmother, a woman whom I have referenced in past newsletters (clearly, she made an impact).  She taught me so much without even attempting to be a teacher.  By example, she taught me the comfort of having in a higher being, faith in your fellow humans, and faith in yourself.  As well, she taught me that mincemeat is really made with meat and best served warm with a bit of butter on the top.  And, of course, she taught me that holiday fruitcake really must be made at least a month earlier than it is to be served and it needs to soak in a cloth dipped in whiskey.  Yes, those nasty green cherries actually did go into the cake and yes, there are those who love fruitcake and those who would rather forget it was ever created (I am very much in the latter category)!

On October 28th, we will once again be hosting our traditional "Community Fun Fest" here at the Home, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Our neighbor, Friendship Children's Center, will also be cohosting the event with us as they have for so many years.  The day is one that emphasizes the pleasures of the young and the old coming together to share a laugh, create a craft item, or simply munch on a bag of popcorn.  What transpires during these moments is a connectivity that will leave a lasting impact on a young life while bringing joy and fond memories to an elder.  This is the essence of the day and the truest form of celebrating Intergenerational Month.  I encourage each of you reading this newsletter to join us and bring your children, your grandchildren, or a neighborhood child.  The takeaway will be rich with memory-making moments!

We wish to give a special thank you to the Advisory
Neighborhood Commission 3E for their support in funding the art supplies for the intergenerational art activities at the "Community Fun Fest."



The flu season is upon us and that means getting an annual flu vaccine is the first and best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu.  The flu vaccination can reduce flu illnesses, doctors' visits, and missed work and school, as well as prevent flu-related hospitalizations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, $16.3 billion is lost every year when employees miss work due to the flu.  In addition, more than $10 billion is spent on doctors' visits and hospitalizations for the flu each year.  

The staff kick-off for the flu shot campaign begins October 2 .  The influenza vaccine is mandatory in DC for all health care workers and therefore, a requirement for all employees of the Home (some exemptions may apply).  Thanks to Jackie Saint-Amour, Assistant Director of Nursing and Infection Preventionist, for organizing the campaign. 

The Residents and Staff of the Home Welcome Dr. Robert E. Jenner,
Historian and Professional Public Speaker

Dr. Robert E. Jenner is bringing his knowledge of history and gift of public speaking to the Home for a monthly lecture series.  His first lecture, "The Story of the English Language" was given in September and enthusiastically received by the residents.  They look forward to his next lecture this month on "The Spirit of Harriet Tubman." 
Dr. Jenner spent many years studying and teaching in the Washington, DC area.  He received his BA in
International Studies from American University, an MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. in History from the University of Maryland in 1995. Dr. Jenner taught at the college level for 10 years at the University of Maryland, Loyola University of Baltimore, Trinity College of DC, and Northern Virginia Community College.
Following his years of teaching, Dr. Jenner moved into documentary film and television production.  His analysis of the political partisanship and grass roots mobilization in the pre-World War Two era was released in 2010.  Titled, FDR's Republicans: Domestic Political Realignment and American Foreign Policy, it was published by Lexington Books and is now available on As a public speaker, Dr. Jenner offers topics of historical and social interest. His speeches are thought- provoking and recount the broad sweep of history. Some of his topics for discussion are:  "Everyday Life in Ancient Rome,"  "The Story of English," "The 1920's, America's Most Shocking Decade," "Marie Antoinette: Libeled Queen," "The History of Chocolate," "Are You Crazy, Mrs. Lincoln?," "Understanding Art Nouveau," and "The Life of Mae West."  You can view his lecture, "The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain" on YouTube.  Dr. Jenner's discussions are not only enlightening but often surprising and intriguing. He currently speaks at over 20 retirement communities in the Washington area and was introduced to the Home by Marlena Keenan, our Activities Assistant, who has known him for several years. 

Everyone Loves Community Fun Fest at the Home

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The Home is proud to hold a five-star rating from the Federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, the highest attainable, and has again been rated one of the best nursing homes for 2016-2017 by US News and World Report.



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Dr. Jenner Lecture Series
"The Spirit of Harriet Tubman"

3:00 pm
Tea Social and Music Hour
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11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Community Fun Fest
2:30 pm
Halloween Party and Contest

Contact the Activities office at 202-966-6667, ext. 3306 for further information.

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It is the mission of the Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home to provide extraordinary health and life care services to low and modest income seniors of the District of Columbia, empowering them to live life to the fullest.

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