What's Your Buried Treasure?
October 2019
What's Your Buried Treasure?

October brings thoughts of exploration. Why not explore the latest Y4Y resources? The Y4Y Human Resources course shines a light on 21st CCLC staffing challenges and solutions because we know you Treasure Your Staff . Even the most adventurous explorers put Safety First , as advised in Y4Y's new Safety Click & Go. Seek Your Fortune in Partnerships  with advice from Emanuel Betz, Vermont's 21st CCLC state coordinator.
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Community, Unity and Tradition: 
Engaging Families in Multicultural Environments

If you missed this in September, watch it now. You'll get tips and strategies from special guests and 21st CCLC programs that have successfully engaged families from different cultural backgrounds. And, learn what's available in the updated Y4Y course on Family Engagement .

Tech Tip: Key Terms

Here's a quick way to look up key terms on Y4Y: On the Y4Y home page, type "glossary" in the Search box. The first item in your results list will be "glossary." Click on it to see a complete list of hyperlinked terms.
Creative Program Ideas
  • November is Picture Book Month. Partner with a local library to offer a variety of picture books to younger students. Older students can create their own and reflect on which picture books from their youth had the greatest impact.
  • Nov. 4 marks the 97-year anniversary of the discovery of King Tut's tomb. Create a scavenger hunt and invite students to "dig" online for interesting facts about this historic archaeological find! (Note: This link does not support Internet Explorer.)
  • Nov. 10 is International Science Center and Science Museum Day, when institutions around the world offer informal education and engagement activities that address topics identified in the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Ask students to consider the topics and how they relate to your community.
  • Nov. 15 is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. Will you find treasures or science experiments? Design a whimsical activity around this "event," timed perfectly to clean out the fridge for Thanksgiving.
  • Deadline Nov. 1: Name NASA's Mars 2020 Rover. All K-12 students in the United States are invited to enter name ideas for the next Mars Rover. See if your students want to get their creative juices flowing! 
State Coordinators Corner

New grantees need time to become familiar with program routines, reporting requirements and intentional activity design. Looking for ways to reduce the learning curve? Y4Y is a treasure trove of free resources. Program directors and site coordinators can use virtual training in STEM or Continuous Education, for example, to align their programs with state-specific initiatives. You might want to request on-site training on program effectiveness and management.  Explore Y4Y's free courses and contact us to request technical assistance. The Y4Y team will help you decide on the content and platform best suited to ensuring your state's success.
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