Happy Halloween, your October Newsletter is here, and it's a treat.
October was another busy month however we've been lucky enough to get sometime off at the cottage as well. The rest of the month has been full of work 6 days a week. We've replaced a vanity and added a back splash, patched a ceiling, repaired a clothesline, hung some mirrors, and as you'll see below we also replace a vanity and installed a back splash.
Tip Of The Month 1: How to Build a Hovercraft !
Ok so this might not be a home maintenance tip, but as something we did with the scouts and with how much fun they had, I thought it might be a fun family project if you have or can borrow some tools. It's more fun than a pile of leaves and educational too.

Mind The Gap
This month we filled a large gap between a good customers house and their driveway. In the winter, water can get between the foundation and ground, which could cause foundation cracks, or spread the gap wider. So, keep an eye open and check for large gaps around your foundation.
Tip of the Month 2: Remember November
This Tip is more so maintenance reminder. Things that we don't do but really should. When it comes to maintenance it's fair to say most of us forget a thing or two here and there. November is a weird month, it's cold for products to cure properly but still warm enough to be outside. It's a tricky month to know what maintenance we should be doing. That's why we created this tip. So, check it out and give these tasks a shot.

New Vanity and Backsplash
Here we have a recent job, where we replaced a leaky swelling vanity with a new high gloss white one, and added a back splash to help protect the wall from the kiddos.

The old vanity was starting to leak and the particle board was beginning to swell from the water that seeping in. So we removed the old vanity and assembled the new one. We them added legs and attached it to the wall with snap toggles as there were no stud at the attachment points. once the sink was in we dropped the sink in place and re plumbed it. Once that was done we added the glass tile back splash and chrome trim with white mortar mix, and finished it off with some white grout and silicone.