October 2020
IPPS is a place for both newbies and experts to learn more about plant 
production and propagation. Come in and find your seat!  
Win Dunwell, University of Kentucky

I'm about to conclude my year as IPPS-ER president and what a year it has been! I've been honored to serve IPPS Eastern Region because of all it has done for me and my career. I have been a member; well, I really don’t know how long. I attended when a student at SUNY at Farmingdale/Nursery Crops. Then, there was a military interruption. Then, Bob McNiel and Bob Geneve applied pressure on me to become a member. Becoming a member of IPPS has been the best professional decision I ever made. (Okay, using the GI bill to get my Ph.D. is right up there.) 

I have enjoyed the opportunity to see all my friends each year and to have the local site committee provide great educational programs and tours. The social aspect led to visiting IPPS friends' nurseries, gardens and universities internationally. I shared what I learned in my University of Kentucky Extension programs that benefitted Kentucky nursery and landscape industries. I introduced new plants, new propagation and production techniques, how to use those plants in landscapes, and how to be successful at whatever part of plant production and horticultural science education one is involved. I so look forward to the future when we can once again meet, “Seek and Share,” and enjoy each other’s company. Attending an IPPS conference is one of my special “happy place, happy time” life events and I thank you all for that!

This year was important to IPPS-ER because our guiding light, Margot Bridgen, retired and COVID caused the cancellation of our annual conference. Thanks to all the many members who provided input into dealing with these issues. I could not have done it. Frequently, others stepped forward without being asked to make recommendations leading to better decisions; coming up with ideas we didn’t even imagine. I will thank our student employee and undergraduate researcher, Allie, who was entered in the Southern Region ASHS student poster session. That led to my attendance where I chatted with friend and colleague, Steve Still, and learned his daughter, Stephanie Stockton, might be interested in the Executive Secretary/Treasurer position. By then, the search committee had the unenviable position of having several gifted candidates all of whom learned of the position by word of mouth from our members. Thank you!

I always wanted to attend all the area meetings but, because of travel and time limitations, was unable. Chuck Martin and the Education Committee developed the new virtual IPPS-ER microMEETINGS to take the place of the area meetings. It has been a well-received program, I thoroughly enjoy.

A special thanks to Keith Osborne, Todd Baker, and Liz Dunham, who were already a part of the North American IPPS committee. It is thanks to that congenial, exciting group of young leaders from the Eastern, Southern, and Western Regions, that the North American Summit conference was created.

I can say with complete confidence that Margot, Stephanie, the IPPS-ER officers, committee members, and members have created one of the most organized societies/associations I know. The policies and procedures in place guarantee the IPPS Eastern Region and the IPPS-ER Foundation are well-organized, with dedicated volunteers, and a bright future.

I can’t wait for the North American Summit October 27-29, 2020!

The International Board of the IPPS is conducting a formal vote on a potential name rebrand for the IPPS. The question is whether to keep the term "Propagation" in the organization's name or to modify to include "Production" or "Producers." IPPS members worldwide are invited to vote.

A survey was emailed to IPPS Eastern Region members on October 2. If you are an IPPS-ER member who did not see this email, please contact us to request the survey. Voting concludes on October 30, 2020.

The planning committee for the North American Summit is nearly ready to welcome virtual attendees from across the globe. A few hundred attendees from nine countries have already registered for the event! See full program details and register.

The 3-day program will showcase IPPS members and their nurseries across the regions of North America plus the emerging India region. Program registration is FREE to all, however, only IPPS members will have access to the program recordings.

Tour highlights include Denver Botanic Garden Steppe Collection, J. Frank Schmidt and Son Nursery, Evergreen Nursery Company, Bailey Nurseries, Inc, and a garden tour with Dr. Mike Dirr.

Session highlights include Tips and Tricks for Propagating Difficult to Root Species by Dr. David Creech of Stephen F. Austin State University, Ten Grower Good Ideas by Alex Verbinnen of Verbinnen's Nursery, Air Pruning Trays and Trees: What's it All About? by Dr. Darby McGrath of Vineland Research, and Executing Change Amid Crisis by Terri McEnaney of Bailey Nurseries, Inc.

Scientists have made an intriguing discovery about how some herbaceous plants with Sclerotinia sclerotiorum can actually thrive when the fungus meets a particular virus. See this interesting New York Times Article, Infected by a Virus, a Killer Fungus Turns Into a Friend to learn more.
October 20, 2020 at 2 pm EDT

As you know, the IPPS ER 2020 Annual Conference is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Annual General Meeting of our membership will be held virtually on October 20, 2020 at 2 pm EDT.

Directions to join the zoom meeting has been emailed to IPPS ER members. Contact us to receive the email.

During the meeting, members will hear committee updates and vote to approve the election of the 2020-2021 Board or Directors.

Nominations for board service are received from the membership throughout the year. The Nominations Committee reviews these submissions in March. If you are interested in serving on a future committee or board, or would like to nominate someone, email us.
Support the IPPS Eastern Region Foundation

IPPS members and friends have deep affection for the “black books,” more formally known as the IPPS Proceedings. These books were published every year from 1951 until 2018 and contain the presentations made at IPPS Conferences around the world. They have been an invaluable source of propagation and production information for more than 40 years.

Longtime IPPS member, Richard (Dick) Zimmerman, has generously donated his complete set of the proceedings to help raise funds for the IPPS-Eastern Region Foundation. The Foundation serves to help grow future horticulturists. This is accomplished through scholarships, small research grants, and internships.

Brian Maynard, Foundation President, had this great idea: give one lucky bidder the right to name the library at his or her favorite school of horticulture to receive this set of proceedings. One may like to name the school they graduated from, or a school nearby or one with the most horticulture students. Chances to win the right to name start at $25. You get three chances for a $50 donation to the Foundation, five chances for $75 and 10 chances for $125. Bidding is open through November 30. Donate now!

Dr. Paul Cappiello, Executive Director of Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, will present a free webinar on seed cleaning and processing. The microMEETING will be held on November 12 at 4 pm EST. Register for that microMEETING here.

To see a glimpse of the beauty of Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, watch the dynamic fundraising video below. An opening line shares "When life feels overwhelming or stressful, nature is always the friend you can turn to."
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Recent additions have been shared from Glover Perennials, North Creek Nurseries, Cornell University, Spring Meadow Nursery, and Oklahoma State University.

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