Happy Fall
President’s Remarks:
October is the first full month of Fall - in my opinion - usually our most enjoyable month here in the Hill Country!
Our Safety Tip of the Month is – Please do not overexert yourselves while doing your Fall yard clean up – take your time! Be extra careful with ladders! On high ladders – have a watcher/holder. If your gutters are high up – get a professional to clean them. Finally - it’s time to turn down the sprinklers.
Our Good Neighbor Tip of the Month is – if you see puddles of water in your neighbor’s yards & street (and it has not rained), especially second homes or rentals, please alert them or the water department (the water department is in the phone book – don't have a phone book? Get one from the POA at Quail Point Lodge) -- as they may be overwatering or it might be a leak.  If you smell sewer water any place – alert the water department – could be a leak. The Fall is when the water department changes over to fall and winter operations – your water may smell or look a little funny, but it’s usually safe (I built the plant) – but if in doubt ------ call the water department! This usually happens because we are so spread out, water use will be down, and it is getting cooler. Jeff Koska runs a great operation and I know his staff is there to help you with any issues. In addition, sign up for their water use APP – it will tell you immediately if you have a leak – like with your automatic pool filler!    
This leads directly into reporting out on my recent request for help with neighborly assistance and compliance with our deed restrictions, and helping with Architectural Controls (ACC). We always try to do this in a neighborly friendly way. You will be pleased to hear that since l last reported out – the Board and Staff have resolved over 25 requests for assistance and compliance – all without incident! Thank you and please send your items to miket@hsbpoa.org; linda@hsbpoa.org or sandra@hsbpoa.org. We all appreciate it, and our community is better and brighter! All emails are kept in strict confidence. 
October will be a busy month – we have a Newcomer’s event at Quail Point Lodge on the 6th, and our Board Meeting will be on the 20th. Please come join us!
With the passage of our FY’22 Budget and Capital Improvement Program we are getting to work. As you know from the paper – the POA, City and Resort have agreed to synchronize our capital investment programs for the good of the whole community – so --
1. With the Resort - we have already started the Bay West Blvd project for tree trimming and cutting. 

2. Talking about cutting – congratulations and many thanks to Stan and the City for starting the Fall lot mowing at least 2 weeks earlier than usual – the lots really need a haircut after all the rain we got this summer!
3. We are looking at some additional repairs at the Mausoleum, and have in the works a contract for brush clearing that we want to execute at the October 20th meeting.
4. Early in October, we want to have several coordination meetings with the Resort, the City, and the Park’s Commission so that we can synchronize our infrastructure projects. 
5. Now this is where we need your help. We need help with conceptual and master planning for our big projects: Fox Park & Pond; Slick Rock Creek, Park, and the Campground; and Bay West Blvd. Therefore, we are requesting that you let us know if you are interested in serving on a project formulation committee that will help us get these projects going. We need volunteers (maybe 1 – 2 hours a week or every other week - on average??)
           a. Interested people from the Neighborhoods where these are – in HSB West and South of Hi Circle South & 2147.
           b. Plus people with historical, environmental, plants and trees, and archeology interests:
           c. Architects, landscape architects, surveyors, civil engineers, and construction folks. We especially need help with Computer Aided Design (CAD) and graphical information systems (GIS)
           d. Hiking and camping; financing; and marketing. 
Please just let me know at miket@hsbpoa.org
6. Please do not worry – we have not forgotten the mailboxes, but right now Tom and I do not need help unless our Congressman is your son-in-law, or you personally know the Post Master General!    
Finally – the City is looking for volunteers on its commissions – Planning & Zoning; The Board of Adjustment (variances); and the Parks Commission, plus others. We need folks on these from our Neighborhoods! So if you are interested in serving our Community please look into these. Having served on all three, I have some insight so please not only look at the City website for information; but you might also give me call (830-265-8946) or drop me a note and we can discuss. 
Happy All Saints Day!
Best wishes,

Mike t 

Horseshoe Bay POA Newcomers Event
Meet and Greet

It's not too late to say YES and join in on the fun, while also getting to meet your friendly neighbors.

Please call our office at 830-598-8795 to RSVP! 

Horseshoe Bay POA 

The Board Meeting will be on the 20th of October. Held in the Mesquite room at Quail Point Lodge. The meeting will begin at 9:00 AM.  

Quail Point Lodge Closures
Due to building and grounds rentals, Quail Point Lodge will be closed for the following days.
  • October 23rd, 2021
  • October 28th, 2021
2021 Phone Directory

Phone Directories are still on sale here at the Horseshoe Bay POA. They are $6.00 a piece. We accept checks, cash, and major credit cards. (All card transactions are subject to a 3% card processing fee)
Horseshoe Bay History Book
The Horseshoe Bay History Book, " The Story of Horseshoe Bay, Texas ", is available at the Horseshoe Bay POA. They are $20.00 a piece.
Cash and checks are accepted. Please make checks for the Horseshoe Bay history book out to James R. Jorden.

Get them while they're still available!
October 27, 2021
Just For Fun
There is a thing that nothing is and yet is has a name;
'Tis sometimes tall and sometimes short;
It joins our walks, it joins our sport,
And plays at every game.
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Community Events
Mark your calendars!  

Llano County and Burnet County are hosting Bulk and Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events in October.
The Llano Countywide Limited Residential Bulk Collection Event will take place Saturday, October 9, 2021, at the Llano County Annex located at 8347 RR 1431 and Hwy 29 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (or until full)
Residents of Llano County are encouraged to collect their automobile tires, electronics, used motor oil, lead-acid batteries, rechargeable batteries, latex paint, and TV’s (no wooden consoles) and limited bulk items like couches, mattresses, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and bring them to the site for disposal. 
The Burnet County Household Hazardous Collection Event will take place the following weekend, October 16, 2021, at the Reuse and Recycling Center at 2411 FM 963, located about 2 miles off Hwy 281.
This is a combined Household Waste and BOPATE event and is made possible through a collective effort by local entities and Cities in Burnet County. You do not need to reside in Burnet County to participate.
Everyone is encouraged to gather household hazardous waste, batteries, oil, latex paint, antifreeze, tires, or electronics and bring them to the Burnet site for disposal. 

Upcoming Shred day: Oct. 11, 2021
Bring your documents to the parking lot behind Highland Lakes Title. On Oct. 11, 2021, from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, to be safely shredded on the spot! They are asking for donations, $10.00 per banker box amount.
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