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I want to thank everyone who came to the Drive for Perfection event at Harbour Towne Marina. The history of this event dates back to even before we moved into our office there. When we saw all the boats on-site, we realized that a marina preview would be an incredible way to showcase the boats before they go into the official boat show. We added some food and drinks, displays, and sponsorships, and the Drive for Perfection event was born! It was great to show off the Intrepid line in a relaxed setting and catch up with everyone who stopped by this year.


We’ll have the full lineup of Intrepid Powerboats on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, including the exciting debut of the all-new 41 Valor. Stop by Intrepid's booth to learn more, talk to me and meet the entire team!


We’ll see you at the show!


We’d like to thank the incredible group of boating enthusiasts, phenomenal sponsors, and all of those who visited us during our Drive for Perfection event. We are grateful for the incredible turnout and quality time we had with our customers.


We would also like to express our gratitude to Formula Sports Cars for complementing our boats with an amazing display of exotic cars!

Drive for Perfection was only a kickoff to the ultimate boat show – the 63rd Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 26th through the 30th. This is the only boat show of the year where we bring the entire Intrepid lineup, including the official debut of the all-new 41 Valor, so we hope you won’t miss it!

Alex Rizo


Length 41' 8.5" | Beam 11' 9"

Max Fuel Capacity 468 Gallons | Water 50 Gallons

Our all-new 41 Valor’s wider beam and transom welcome the Mercury 600 power package, perfectly balanced atop a newly designed hull. The larger cockpit’s transom door opens to a spacious swim platform. The more-expansive console, companionway’s new sideways-sliding door, and luxurious cabin open up endless opportunities to customize your personal vision of the ideal Intrepid.

  • Newly designed console helm with more room for electronics
  • Newly designed companionway door
  • Newly designed staircase/walkthrough
  • New transom design with door
  • Additional engine options Twin Mercury 600hp Triple Yamaha 425hp


We hosted our Drive for Perfection event at our Dania office in Harbour Towne Marina recently. This was the perfect opportunity for our customers to preview the 13 boats we’ll have on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. We moved the ten boats in our waterside display to Bahia Mar on the 17th and delivered the three boats we’ll show on land on the 18th. Che de Boehmler and our team at Intrepid Southeast did a great job of getting all the showboats set in place. He is putting the finishing touches on our booth in preparation for the opening of the show on the 26th. We are excited about getting together with all our friends at the show.

Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc on the southwest portion of our state last month and caused more damage than any other storm to hit Florida. Tampa Bay was in its crosshairs for a day or two, and we prepared our factory for whatever was to come. We were spared, but Southwest Florida sustained lots of damage. Our good thoughts for a timely recovery are with our neighbors who have been affected by this disaster. We are at the tail end of the 2022 hurricane season and are hoping for a quiet ending. Please use this as a wake-up call to have a solid hurricane plan in place for your family’s safety and the safety of your Intrepid.


The first cold snap of this year hit a large part of the country recently, so if you’ve not decided on what to do with your Intrepid for the winter, it’s now time to do that. Boats that are in cold climates need to be winterized to prevent damage to fresh and raw water systems that are onboard. Please do this sooner rather than later, as this is a busy time of the year for boat yards. If you are thinking of bringing your boat south for the winter, there are things to consider when hiring a transport company. It’s essential that they have an appropriate amount of insurance, as well as all the necessary permits to travel through the various states. We have trusted vendors with whom we work with and can help find who might be best for your job. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about moving your Intrepid. 


I’m very pleased with our all-new 41 Valor. I ran it at our Ocean Reef Rendezvous in July and have had it out a few times since. It does everything just right, so I’m happy that it is now part of our fleet! In August, Mike Plante and I worked on the video owner's manual for this model. He did his usual magic when he produced the final manual, which is now available on our website. Mike and I have been working on these videos for over two years now and have completed video manuals for most of our models. They’ve been well received by our customers and are a good tool for learning the systems and operation of your Intrepid. A preview of the 41 Valor manual can be seen at the link below. The other manuals are available on the overview page of our website for the various models. 


It’s always good to hear from our friends both near and far so please keep in touch with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to seeing everyone at the boat show in Fort Lauderdale.

Happy Boating,



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