5 Things To Know About Child Support Garnishments
1.  Child support garnishments can be sent to an employer to attach wages. For wage attachment, Child support garnishments go to the front of the line above all other garnishments except IRS liens.

2.  Wages can be garnished up to 65% of “disposable income.” That’s after tax income. So the employer first reduces wages by taxes and then by child support.

3.  An employer can deduct an additional $5 per paycheck as an administrative fee. This does not reduce child support but further reduces the employees pay.

4.  Child support garnishments can be taken from Workers’ Compensation benefits and can garnish workers’ compensation settlements.

5.  A private attorney can pursue past due child support on a percentage fee basis.
Why Selling Your Engagement Ring Might Be A Good Idea After Divorce
Divorce can be full of challenges. Both emotionally and financially, this can be a stressful time and you will likely be looking for ways to overcome these difficulties. One of the most practical steps you can take is to sell the engagement ring. Why?

Financial benefits of selling your engagement ring
With the costs associated with divorce and juggling finances alone instead of as a couple, it can be important to generate additional income. Selling your engagement ring can help you quickly raise money to put towards any legal costs or simply adjust to your new life. Taking the pressure off of your financial situation can bring a lot of relief and reduce stress.

Your engagement ring may be one of the most expensive items that you own, but it is also the most disposable in the sense that it no longer adds value to your day-to-day life. Unlike a house or a car, it is highly unlikely that you will be inconvenienced by no longer owning your engagement ring. The bottom line is that selling the ring is a practical financial decision.

Emotional benefits of selling your engagement ring
What have you done with your engagement ring? Hidden it in a drawer to gather dust? Are you aware of where it is but avoiding looking at it? Or are you still wearing it because you don’t know what else to do with it at this point? Whenever you feel ready to deal with the ring, selling it can be a great way to move on emotionally.

The ring now symbolizes your previous relationship and is a constant reminder of something that you are likely looking to move on from. Letting go of something steeped in emotional baggage and history can be cathartic and allows you to symbolically put your past behind you. So why not trade it in to buy new jewelry or sell it and put the money towards your divorce costs, a vacation or simply treat yourself? It is time for new beginnings and holding on to your past may hold you back from starting over.

How to sell your engagement ring quickly and safely
When to sell the ring is an entirely personal decision. You will want to make sure that you are comfortable with the idea of selling your engagement ring, but also comfortable with who you are selling to. There are a variety of ways you can sell your engagement ring, but in order to sell safely and quickly for the best price, working with a reputable and established diamond buyer is your best bet. WP Diamonds can help you sell discreetly in as little as 24 hours, online or via appointment. Get a price quote for your engagement ring today to start the selling process. You can also trade it in for a new piece of jewelry that represents this new phase in your life. 
You Are Not Invited to Violate a Restraining Order
Civil protection orders, which are called restraining orders, can be issued on a temporary or permanent basis. Many times the parties are not strangers and have or had some type of relationship. It could be any familiar relationship such as husband-wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or similar relationships. When actual violence or threats of violence cause one party to get a civil restraining order, the relationship often does not end. But that does not mean the restraining order can be violated.

Not even if you’re invited. Not by writing, not by text, not even by Fed Ex. Not email, not by snail mail, not by thumbnail. According to the Colorado Court of Appeals, the other party can never consent to the violation of a restraining order. Even if they give consent, it’s not valid. So if your ex- wife has a restraining order with a no contact provision and then tells you its ok to contact her, it’s not. Not even if she sends it to you in writing by certified mail.

Many people find this confusing. How can you violate a restraining order if the other party agrees to it? Because consent of the court is required, not consent of the parties. This is meant to keep an abuser from bullying the other party into consent, which can lead to more bullying.