October 2022
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You Just Bought a Business….Now What?
Congratulations, you’ve just bought a business. What’s next? The past few weeks before closing, you’ve spent sleepless nights lying in bed running through multiple scenarios in your head. How will the employees react to me? Will I lose any customers right away? Can I count on the seller for support once I’m the owner?

Growth by Acquisition
A common growth strategy for many companies is to acquire a smaller company that strategically fits with their products and services. Unfortunately many companies fail to integrate well due to a mismatch in values and culture; risking a death by acquisition! Exit Planning and Value Growth Adviser Julie Keyes with KeyeStretegies provides tips on how to acquire a business that is the right fit for you.
The Art of Selling a Business
Join us in-person or online Thursday, Oct 27 from 5-6:30pm for The Art of Selling a Business seminar. Our panel of experts will teach you what every business owner should know strategically, financially, and legally prior to selling a business.

M&A Statistics

What Are They Buying?
Top Industries By Market Sector

In the Main Street market, business services appeared in the top three industries across each sector. In the lower middle market, construction/engineering, manufacturing, and personal services dominated industry transitions. 

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