Your Key to making Your Favorite Things Better

What Is 'The ONE THING' * that you can do 
to live a more organized life? 

Here are a few ideas for the month of October: 

Take those old things you have gathering dust in your storage closet or garage and re-purpose them:
a)       Place that old wine rack in your bathroom -- in it place those tall bottles of hair spray or magazines or towels.
b)       That clear plastic shoe bag made to hang on the back of doors  - can hold small items in your pantry,  in storage areas or your bathroom.
c)       Soda can tabs or shower rings - can be placed on a clothes hanger and then you can double up on storage. (Buzzfeed  gets the credit for soda can tabs)
d)       Tall dogs might enjoy their food at their height.  Take some old chairs, cut or have cut a hole the diameter of a dog food bowl, place a rimmed bowl in the hole and watch the appreciation.  (see photo below)
e)       Take those old toilet rolls and place all those highly disorganized computer cables or chords inside.

Since it is October - and the weather is getting cooler:
a)       Begin to move your lighter fabric clothes to storage
b)       Locate winter gear - boots (inspect the heels and leather taking to repair shop if necessary), scarves, hats, gloves or items stored with a cleaners
c)       Start planning your Holiday or New Year's travel
d)       Gather your Halloween ticks and treats items and decide what needs to be replaced, updated, purchased. Think of buying healthy treats such as dried fruit snack packs, trails mix, fruit or veggie or cheese snack packs, popcorn; non-food alternatives (pencils, pens, temporary tattoos, note pads) 
e)       Think about how you want to change decorations, in your house, for the fall season - where you will store summer items and where you might want to contribute items you no longer use or need. 

* At a recent informational, networking group, Metropolitan Breakfast Club, I heard a introductory presentation by Don Hobbs on the book, 'The One Thing' by Gary Keller. 

That book provides pointers in both finding and doing that 
'One Thing' 
that will help you and your business.  

I took the 'One Thing' seminar!   
YOU CAN TOO  -for more information use the link: 

"Wherever there is a 'glass ceiling' 
there is an Iron Woman right behind it"!! 
-Elizabeth Holmes-

What challenge are you going to shatter this month? 

Reaching for the Top with Everyday Tools

Give your pet a TREAT 
in October.

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