Volume II | October 2020
Reopening Update and News
Hello all! Welcome to the second of our Monthly newsletters! This is to keep you all updated on the Parish Happenings including important reopening info. This edition includes information on Mass, Faith Formation & Youth Ministry, RCIA, and some great resources to support our families.

Know that we are working hard to continue to serve our parish community even if it looks different at this point. You can contact us with questions or concerns via email or phone, find the information on our website. We are continuing to pray for all of our parish community and an end to this virus.

Your SJB Staff
Faith Formation & Youth Ministry
We have kicked off our programs but if you have not yet registered there is still time. Click the buttons below for more info and registration.
Faith Formation (Grades K-6th)
We are excited to start off this new year. Our new curriculum is Pflaum Gospel Weeklies, a lectionary based program. We just had a drive thru event and are hosting Zoom meetings to introduce the materials to families. Registration is still open so please sign up so we can help your family grow in their faith.
Youth Ministry (Grades 7th-12th)
We had our kick off event this past Sunday and will be meeting again this Sunday if your student would like to participate please be sure to fill out the registration form and release form both available on our website. These gatherings are a great opportunity to connect with other youth, learn more about our faith, and pray!
Questions about Faith Formation and Youth Ministry? Email Cassie at cassiedenning@stjbosco.org
Finding Calm in the Storm
Stressful current events and unforeseen setbacks can sometimes make life at home feel downright chaotic. Fortunately, families can look to our Catholic faith for ways to create calm and stability in the home.

Join the Office of Marriage and Family life for their Webinar:

Finding Calm in the Storm:
Practical Ways to Find Peace at Home
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
7-8 PM PDT
How do you deal with the challenges of technology and screen time?

How do you help your kids make good decisions?

How do you talk to them about faith and God?

Learn more with the Great Conversations video and cheat sheet available from the Office of Marriage and Family Life.
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults RCIA
Are you or someone you know who… has expressed interest in becoming a Catholic? Has a child over 7 who has not been Baptized? Was Baptized Catholic as a child, but has not celebrated the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist? Is a Baptized Catholic but would like to return to the Church after a long time away? St. John Bosco Parish community offers an opportunity to come together (electronically, for now) in a small group to learn about our beliefs and explore our journey of faith to God. Sessions focus on our Christian roots revealed in the Bible and the teachings and experience of the Church. For those who choose, we also prepare individuals to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist during the Easter season. You are welcome to participate in this process with your questions, your insights, and your faith story in a warm accepting setting.

For information, please contact Mary Lou Colasurdo.
Email: marylou.colasurdo@gmail.com Phone: (206) 387-5025 Website: stjbosco.org/rcia
Annual Catholic Appeal
Thank You to all who have responded to the needs of our Church in Western Washington through the 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal. Our SJB/IC community have reached and exceeded our ACA goal of $77,405.00.
For more information visit our Website.
Bulletins Available Online
We are still putting together bulletins. They are available on our website weekly.