October 2018
"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers," wrote Anne of Green Gables author, L.M. Montgomery.
Autumn is here!
School is definitely in season. Families are busy with work, life, activities,
and many other demands.
Are you finding the beauty of the season?
The Right from the Start team looks forward to sharing mental health inspiration with you.
How to help yourself
manage stress
It's a reality that many families experience stress. It's a normal part of life. Here is a link to some self-help techniques for dealing with stress.


Setting Boundaries with your Strong Willed Child : Nov 22nd 6:30-8:30pm - Elizabeth Rummel School Library: Join Melissa Katona, Child, Youth and Family Counsellor, and Right from the Start in a workshop to help parents learn the benefits of boundaries and how to deal with common childhood behaviour challenges such as not listening and how to respond when tempers flare. Please register your interest by Tuesday Nov 20th by emailing kate.rive@crps.ca. We hope you can join us! ALL families welcome!

Elizabeth Rummel School
Students have been learning about self-control and exploring the SILLY emotion. We have been talking about expected times for silly to be visiting and unexpected times/places silly may visit. We talked about how others may feel if we are being silly and it is not expected and/or if silly has gotten a bit too big. Students had a chance to think about the signs and signals people give if silly is unexpected and practiced taking deep breaths, and using their words to say ¨this is getting too silly, let´s play something different."
A picnic and dance party on a beautiful day. A sweet way to nurture the spirit!

Over the last month RFTS classes have been focused on using words to help solve problems. If no one is hurt, and nothing dangerous is happening, then students are encouraged to try to solve the problem on their own. If they are still having trouble, they can ask an adult for help. Helping children learn to use a brave voice to say ¨please stop¨ or ¨I feel _______ when you_______¨ helps build confidence and problem solving skills.

Parent Coaching
Want more ease and harmony in your home? Parent Coaching helps us to be open-hearted, vulnerable and honest in our relationships with others, with ourselves and especially with our children. Contact Elizabeth Rummel RFTS Success Coach, Kate Rive to take us up on this offer of four 1-1 Parent Coaching sessions. Things do not need to be rough in order to take advantage of this opportunity; we want to support you in enhancing the good! Get in touch to find out more and grab one of the remaining 2 spaces available: kate.rive@crps.ca

Lawrence Grassi School
MLA Cam Westhead showed up for a visit. Although he didn't qualify as a senior, he loved the program, and planned to talk about it when he returned to Edmonton.
Mr. D. (Deren Alward) participated in a Grandpals Recruiting Fair with grade 6 students. Booths with games and treats were designed to attract Bow Valley Seniors to the Grandpals program, which connects the generations. Experienced Grandpals gave testimonials which prompted signups on the spot, including Canmore Mayor John Borrowman.
Alpenglow School

Alpenglow's K - 4 classes have been introduced to the personal space tool. This tool teaches that, "I have the right to my own space, and so do you." Personal space addresses the need for clear defined physical boundaries. Often children are expected to just sort out what personal space means as well as sort out the undefined but assumed social agreements.The toolbox tool allows for discussion, role playing and awareness that we all have different rules and comfort levels with our own personal space. Using the language and asking for personal space reduces conflict and supports different needs.

Alpenglow Grade 5 / 6 were introduced to the Mental Health Wellness Wheel. They created their own Mental Health wheels and then decided on their own ways of supporting their Mind, Body, Spirit and Feelings. Wellness Wheel Bingo is coming soon! 

This year Alpenglow assemblies are built around the Toolbox. At our October assembly grade 5 and 6 students MC'ed and performed personal space skits (check it out below!). Stay tuned for our next assembly: December 20 at 11:15. Families welcome.

Banff Elementary School

We have been celebrating October at BES with Walks of Wonder -- What makes you go Wow?!!
RFTS created and shared a short presentation with BES staff to help them understand and engage appropriately with the teenagers who are new to our elementary school. Tips include using humour to engage teenagers, speaking to them privately when we need to discipline them, staying calm with they over-react, and speaking to them when they/we are calm. And remembering that they are a lot like toddlers in adult bodies.
At BES students can practice volunteerism and service. Helping with recycling and composting are ways students contribute regularly.
To teach to PRIDE week, Allyson Van Impe and Kat Wiebe asked grade 8 students to reflect on gender stereotypes, how labeling others can be limiting, and how to be more accepting and tolerant of each other.
Allyson, Deren, Kate, Kat and Mary get together regularly with other MHCB teams in the Calgary Zone. In October we met in Canmore to put our heads together for more great ideas of how we can support students, families and our communities to appreciate and nurture our mental health.
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