October Newsletter
"Have you heard?
Fall is here!"
Sweet Alyssum
To Our Customers
  • Masks are required indoors at Tom's Thumb Nursery.

  • Please follow the Social Distancing Guidelines of 6' separation when both indoors and outside in the garden.

Thank you for your cooperation.

October Special
It's time to plant a tree sale!
40% off
All 15 to 45 gallon
Shade Trees and Palm Trees
for the entire month of October
Live Oak, Loguat, Chinese Fringe, Eve's Necklace, Weeping Redbud, Sea Hibiscus, Nellie Stevens Holly, Queen Palm, Pygmy Date Palm, Sago Palm and
Crape Myrtle
Muskogee and Natchez
Little Gem Magnolia
Mexican Fan Palms
Cold Hardy
Welcome to our Garden!
  • Fall Vegetables & Herbs are arriving daily. Don't forget to shop our seed rack too!
  • Perennials & Annuals - Add fall color to your garden. Violas, Alyssum, Dianthus, Petunias, Marigolds, Snapdragons, and Mums to name a few!
Be sure to deadhead flower heads - this encourages the plant to produce more blooms.
Petunias for Fall Color
  • Trees, Shrubs, and Vines - Fall is the time to plant.
Tropical Bird of Paradise
Passion Vine
Protect your plants
After planting your new fall flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, and trees, don't forget to add a layer of fresh mulch. Some benefits of adding mulch.
  • Insulates the soil to maintain optimal temperature.
  • Retains water to keep plant roots moist.
  • Keeps weeds out.
  • Prevents soil compaction & soil erosion.
  • Gives you that professional finished look!
“Leaves contain a wonderful blend of nutrients that a tree needed to grow those leaves in your yard in the first place,” said Skip Richter, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service horticulture agent.
Three tips to recycle fall leaves
  1. Mow the leaves into the lawn to recycle their nutrients.
  2. Collect and mulch the fallen leaves.
  3. Use the leaves as compost.

Texas A&M Agrilife is helping Texans explore beekeeping anytime through an online course – Beekeeping 101.
Participants will learn how to raise bees in their backyard and how much it costs to start beekeeping. 

Hummingbird Fall Migration
Hummingbird feeding on Hamelia
Journey North Tracking Migrations
Hummingbirds must find blooming flowers all along the migration pathway. To gather enough nectar to meet their high energy needs, hummingbirds must visit hundreds of flowers every day. One hummer can visit as many as two hundred flowers in fifteen minutes!

It's easy to attract hummingbirds to your garden by planting some of their favorite nectar plants.
Bottlebrush, Duranta, Salvia, Hamelia, Lantana, Rudbeckia, Rusellia/Firecracker
Red Salvia
Product Feature: MicroLife Brown Patch 5-1-3 and
MicroGro Bio Inoculant
Look for Plants, Fountains, Statuary
and more in our Greenhouse
Prayer Plants
Bottom: Rose Painted Calathea Dottie
Top right: Compact Star / Fishbone
Top left: Rose Painted Calathea Illustrus
The Starfish Plant
A leafless, succulent perennial that produces star-shaped flowers like the one here. It has a very unique odor.
Persian Shield
Strobilanthes dyerianus
The bright leaves provide stunning color year-round.
Donkey Ears
Kalanchoe Gastonis-bonnieri
They grow fast and can tolerate almost any growing condition.
Let us help you create a Fall Color Pot for sun or shade.
Christmas Cacti
have arrived early.
New! Pineapple Pots
Coco- lined Hayracks and Hanging Baskets.
Plant one for sun and one for shade!
Halloween Decor
Witches & Pumpkins
Pillows & Towels
Custom Wreaths by Judy
Doormats and Garden Flags
Calling in all Tree Stands!
Christmas Tree Stand Shortage!
Please return the Christmas tree stand to us as soon as possible or by the end of the month.
Thanks for your help.
Christmas Tree Call List
Our trees are ordered and we are looking forward to a wonderful holiday season!

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Christmas Tree
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